Visible Monday #134: I’m In A Festival Mood

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I’ve been having a yen for these 90’s dresses – long, floral and simply made. They were called “Granny Dresses” for a while, now they’re “Festival,” “Hippie,” or “Grunge” dresses, according to my eBay searches. I found this pretty dress at Bella’s Etsy shop, and it’s my favorite.

I prefer dark floral prints like this one. I love the sweetheart neckline and ankle length. I don’t need to accessorize it much, because it has personality. I added just a vintage locket and old GAP belt, and my Kenneth Cole wedge sandals. Bring on the festival, I’ll have a spiked lemonade.

Nothing better than a swingy, easy floral frock, especially from Citizen Rosebud’s.
Close up of the locket and the neckline detail.
Bella gave the dress her smoldering vibe.

Now, show us what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Wonderful dress Patti! I love the vintage boho feel, it suits you so well! Gorgeous πŸ™‚ Beata xxx

  2. I,m really happy to be able to take part of Visible Monday! My blog hasn,t shown my passion for granny and granny chic garments yet, but it,s true!!! It is so much fun to reinterpret them, and to give them a new meaning!!! kim

  3. It's funny but I have on a dress today that is almost just like the one you have on. I wish now I had done a post about it! That would have been cool. I love yours! I need to check out Bella's shop. My post is about the recent Ringo Starr show I attended so it's kind of festivaly. Although so much better because a Beatle was there! lol I had a few cold brews and such a good time :o)

  4. You both rock the dress and I share the same love with you for 90s dresses. And They can be found by the tones!!!

  5. Thazza schwell party Patti. Love the, hiccup, lemonade. Hiccup. An' I have'ta tell ya, you're such a schwell ho-, hiccup, hose…hostess. Can't wait till nex time.
    Seriously, I love your dress. I didn't know they were called grunge or hippie or festival now. I used to call them Laura Ashleys. Thanks for the linkup!

  6. oh wow, love that mille fleur dress. I remember that my mom had one similar to yours and I am still sad she gave it away! Love your look and hope to find one for myself still!

  7. You look great in the dress!!! Perfect styling and I love your hair!

  8. What a lovely dress Patti, I do love dainty floral prints – I had a couple of dresses like that in the 90s too which I wore incessantly.

  9. Darling dress, Patti. I remember having one similar many years ago. I love the addition of the cognac belt. Thanks for hosting!

  10. Those Kenneth Cole sandals are perfect with that dress. I love the 90s dresses too…have been searching for just the right one.

  11. Lovely on you – I like that hemline, and the sweetheart neckline is perfect for you. The belt is just right! Thanks so much for hosting.

  12. Love the floral dress and with the belt it's a boho chic dress.Thanks for hosting, Patti
    PS love Michael Kors blue wedges

    Joly Look

  13. I just saw an article in August People Stylwatch that said dark florals are in for Fall, so add a jacket and there you go…

  14. I love floral print. Your dark floral dress is pretty and I really like the cognac belt paired with it. Thanks for hosting the link up, Patti.


  15. You and Bella both look wonderful in that dress, the pendant is gorgeous, too. xxx

  16. I always like to see dresses from another decade still being worn and used in this one! I like your leather belt with this dress!

  17. Wonderful dress and fabulous YOU every time, dear patti, thank you sooooooooo much for this fabulous gathering of inspiration and friendship.

  18. I remember wearing dresses very similar to that one in the 1990s! The print and the neckline are so pretty, you look gorgeous (as always!) xxx

  19. Lovely flower dress. It suits both of you, Bella and you. It is not for me, but I can certainly appreciate it on others. Glad being able to link up with you again.

  20. Patti I think it's funny how granny dresses have been renamed – for the better I think! Yours is perfect, the neckline is really pretty (so is your locket)!! Thank you for hosting as always – have a great week πŸ™‚

    Catherine x

  21. You look fab! I wish I could see your sandals a little clearer – have they got fluffy bits at the front? I think I bought a pair very similar this week while thrifting and am looking forward to wearing them – although they are heels rather than wedges. Thanks so much for hosting once again – have a great week!

  22. It looks great on you – I like dark florals too. Thanks for hosting! P x

  23. I loved those granny dresses in the 90s – you look gorgeous, Patti! I'll be by tomorrow to link up! Thank you as always for hosting!

  24. Very pretty! I like this kind of dresses.
    Have a great new week πŸ™‚

  25. Patti, the dress is so feminine and fun! Love the flower print! Looks wonderful on you.

  26. What a beautiful dress! I simply love its elegant floral print. The locket is amazing and suits here perfectly.

  27. I loved granny dresses back in the day! Bring 'em on! SO pretty!
    Dawn Lucy
    Fashion Should Be Fun

  28. The dress looks great on you! Bella has a wonderfully curated shop. I'm digging the 90s look too. Just wish I'd kept my dresses from that era.

  29. I LOVE these dresses! It's wonderful to see how the dress suits both of you in entirely different ways. I think we need to start a linkup of sorts with that theme in mind!


  30. You and Bella bring your own unique style to the dress! And yes these "granny dresses" are the dresses you were at Coachella these days!

    Thank you for hosting the link-up Patti! I'm hosting an eShakti $50 Gift Card Giveaway, hope you can join!

  31. Hi Patti, I love floral anything. You have such a nice, easy-breezy style. Love the saddle colored belt with it! Thank you for hosting!

  32. I absolutely adore granny dresses. They're so proper and lady like. I'm always on the hunt for a cute one, like the one you're wearing. Love it.

  33. Hi Patti, That dress from Bella's easy shop looks so cool, boho chic. Pretty locket too. I linked up. Thanks.

  34. Love the neckline, too! And to think I had tons of these in the 90's! Nice job of accessorizing. The leather belt is just the right touch. Debbie @

  35. Great dress, and that locket with the detailed chain is just beautiful.

  36. Hi Patti,
    thanks for another Visible Monday! Love the floral, good find.

  37. Great dress! that's the type of Maxi I'd like! Hurrah for hippy dresses!x

  38. You add your own kind of sultry to that dress – you look great in it! What a gorgeous locket, too. I remember when they used to be called granny dresses. I think using the term "festival" is kind of funny, but I guess it sounds very cool and happenin.

  39. Hey Patti,
    last Tuesday we visited the Tollwood Festaval in Munich, an enjoyed a great Fogerty concert.
    Have a good time

  40. Hi Patti, you look lovely in this maxi floral dress, it's super adorable and I love the shoes you chose for it ! Thanks for hosting Visible Monday, always a pleasure to join in πŸ™‚ Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  41. Patti, I love the simple brown belt with your fun floral dress. Gives it a really earthy vibe.

  42. I used to wear those long floral dresses, too! So Generation X… your locket is beautiful. Thanks for hosting!

  43. Hey Patti! Yes, I would call them "granny" dresses! so cute on you~ I tend to stay away from the longer hemlines–as you know…..
    I'm linking up–hope to do more of it in the future. xoxo Paula

  44. Hi Patti, Thanks for hosting! You and Bella moth look lovely in your florals!

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