Weekend Check-In #6: I Nearly Stole A Shirt

Time for another edition of Weekend Check-In! It consists
of random thoughts, left over at the end of the week, about style and
more. The fun part is you playing along in the comments.

start an open sentence about fashion, or life, the universe and
everything, and complete the sentence with whatever I’m thinking about.
Then you finish the sentence with your own random thoughts.

 So, the (non) rules are:

  1. I start a sentence.
  2. I finish the sentence with my thoughts du jour, subject to change at any moment.
  3. You finish the sentence with your own response, in the comments, if you like.

This week’s check-in: 

  • I am currently obsessed with . . . the kitchen renovations! We’re about 85% done, yay.
New cabinets, same old naughty cat behaviors. King looks like I’ve offended him.
  • Best bargain of the week . . . a 100% soft linen mens’ shirt, from Molly Mutt. On the fifty cent rack. I haven’t decided yet if it’s Sandy’s or mine. What was your bargain of the week?
Similar to my 50 cent deal.
  • Currently reading . . . Happy Homemade: Sew Chic, a Japanese sewing book (in English) with patterns included. I love the simple designs.
How pretty is this?

Have the most delightful of weekends, and stay fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and put a kitchen back together. ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, September 22nd (actually, the Sunday evening before)!

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  1. P.S. good luck on those naughty cat behaviors! If you find a solution, please pass it on! We have 4 cats (4!!!) and I cannot keep them off my kitchen table! I've tried lining the table with packing tape (sticky side up) and when they jumped up there, they'd get covered in tape that we would have to painfully remove. That worked for a couple weeks, they were afraid they would get taped so they'd stay down. Once they had been off the table for a couple weeks, and I assumed they had learned their lesson, I removed the tape. Well somehow they discovered that the tape was no longer up there and they were back at it. So my options have been to have cats on my table, or have tape on my table. :/ Darn cats! haha

  2. I am currently obsessed with: transitioning my wardrobe into fall. I always struggle with transitioning seasons so I've been very careful about getting pieces that can transition easily. I don't know why the concept of transitioning is so hard for me! It's just that all my summer pieces scream "summer" and all my fall pieces scream "fall", there's no middle of the road in my wardrobe!

    Best Bargain of the week: This isn't fashion related and it's a little bit silly (no pun intended) but we found cases of silly string for only a dollar and the kids and I had the BEST time this weekend…..although the backyard still has evidence of our good time that I will have to clean, it was so worth the good time and the bargain! πŸ˜‰

    I'm currently reading: (or REreading) The Help. I've read it a few times already but I just absolutely love it! It hits me right in the "feels" every time!!

    This is such a fun idea, Patti! I love it! Looking forward to next week's Visible Monday and another Weekend Check-in!! Good luck on the kitchen reno! πŸ™‚


  3. I love your Japanese book! I. Must. Have. One. The kitchen looks incredible as does the linen shirt. Looove linen.
    Currently obsessed with knitting a mini skirt (even though it's officially Spring).
    Best bargain was the secondhand lined linen bias embroidered dress from Table Eight for $12 which sell retail for over $100!
    Currently reading "Dodger" by Terry Pratchett about Charles Dickens…gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and may your kitchen woes be little, tiny, minute ones! Xo JJ

  4. I'm currently obsessed with nesting for autumn πŸ™‚
    My best bargain of the week was a vintage welsh blanket/throw from ebay and I'm currently reading "The Easy Yoga Workbook" by Tara Fraser…..this might count as my obsessed with too……it's brilliantly simple ….loving it. X

  5. I am currently obsessed with new eyeliners and just spent too much $$$ online shopping at Sephora.

  6. I don't have a current obsession, but I'm quite excited to see your newly finished kitchen. Haven't found any bargains that remotely compare to yours. At the moment I'm reading "The Boys in The Boat" by Daniel James Brown.

  7. Love that shirt! Not crazy about cats on kitchen counters, but you know they do it when you're gone anyway. :-/
    Currently obsessed with…wondering why people don't respond to messages, and invoices.
    Best bargain was our motel last weekend (seen in my last post) – $69 for a room with a king bed, fabulous view, wifi, breakfast! And there was a lovely pool, too, which we didn't use.
    Currently reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, which I got at our nearest Little Free Library. http://littlefreelibrary.org/

  8. Oh King! He does look a little put out, he won't be liking all the upheaval and noise in the kitchen, although it clearly hasn't deterred him from perching on the work tops! Our cats do the same, I have given up shoo-ing them off…
    Perhaps you and Sandy can share the shirt; now, what are you going to make, Patti?
    I think my best bargain must be that Missoni sweater for Β£1.49, and I have just re-read John Wyndham's The Chrysalids, after reading it many, many years ago. I have given it to Claudia to read now, I'll be interested to see what she makes of it. xxxx

  9. I am currently obsessed with all things autumn!! That shirt is amazing for 50 cents…seriously good shopping. I did not know you sewed, but I cannot wait to see you make garments from this book…it looks incredible! And your kitchen is looking incredible…we were just discussing ours this morning…i would love marble counters!!

  10. I am obsessed with Japanese Sewing Books! Have you ever tried to make something from one of these books????? I think it might be easier to learn to speak Japanese. Very confusing. But I am determined to persevere. I promise I'll show the results. However, don't hold your breath!

  11. I'm currently obsessed with pumpkin…any and all ways! Pumpkin spice latte today and pumpkin muffins planned for breakfast tomorrow.

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