What Are You Saying With Your Clothes?

I’ve written about this topic before, and just read another style book that brought the question to mind: “What am I saying with my clothes?” (The book, a good old classic with lots of cool photography and some still-current advice, is Women’s Wardrobe, by Kim Johnson Gross and Jeff Stone, copyright 1995.) My previous post on the subject was titled There Goes (You); (You’re) So . . . .  I like the old blog post title better, but I didn’t want to plagiarize myself.

From the book Women’s Wardrobe:

Clothes talk, even when we don’t. they speak volumes about us. . . . Why do we choose what we choose? What decisions do we make when choosing to put two disparate pieces of clothing together? Make sure that you and your clothes speak the same language.

The elements of choice in our clothing speaking for us are: color, texture, fabric and mixing. Those are universal ingredients across age and time, although I believe we do really require a few decades on the planet to pull it all together. Probably no coincidence that all my examples are over 40. You can see all of those style aspects in play in the gorgeous women below.

My blogger friends have wonderful, diverse style voices. Here are just three of them, there are dozens more:
1. Suzanne has a style that’s artistic, creative, colorful, and compelling. You want to look at her and absorb it all. She pulls from vintage, self-created, fine art and modern influences and it’s all glorious. I want to dress like her, but I don’t have the talent, and it wouldn’t be me, just a copy of Suzanne.



2. Susan always looks confident, polished, and pulled together. She chooses quality pieces and makes them her own with statement jewelry, shoes, sunglasses, and bags. Susan favors neutrals and may have a curated closet – I don’t know, but she always looks like someone who can go anywhere and represent.



3. Judith, a dear friend and the first blogger I ever met in person, is always refined, ladylike (and strong) and vintage-elegant. Her appearance matches her spirit perfectly; she can touch your soul like an angel walking the earth. Her clothing looks like it was created just for her, but mostly she discovers it, uncovers it, and gives it life.



As for me, I think my clothing says I am: modern, lively, feminine but not utterly so, confident, and humorous.



So what is your clothing saying about you?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. LOVE your blog this week and the visual messages that back up the text!

    My favorite example is Suzanne for this blog. Such creativity!! Each picture clearly send a message as to her style personality; a perfect example of both style personality and unspoken messages..

  2. Yes, our clothes say so much about us. Great examples!

    I hope my clothes say about me that I like to be casual yet put together and that details are important to me.

  3. Thank you so much for the inclusion Patti! So, so honored to be featured along with Susan and Suzanne, who I admire. And you, of course. With your glorious style and beautiful windblown hair.

  4. What a lovely post!, it’s not only inspiring watching all those ladies looking fabulous, it also encourages us to reflect on style and self expression!
    You’ve described them pretty wisely, great job. And you nailed it describing your own fabulous style (and sense of humour, that’s a favorite of mine!!)

  5. A fab post and some super examples (including you!)
    I agree, it’s rare to find a younger person who owns their style. We get past a certain age and stop giving a damn about fitting in and following silly fashion. xxx

  6. Great post Patti! You totally nailed it with your description of Suzanne, she truly is a creative and compelling lady. I also love how you described Susan and Judith as well. Now, that I’ve met you, I would agree with Suzanne, your way of dressing does make you very approachable and yet it says I’m a fun and confident woman who is very happy with herself, at least that’s the impression you gave me.
    What my clothes say about me . . . I would hope they somewhat say, this woman is confident, put together and living a joyful life.

  7. I’m not sure my clothes say any one thing about me because, like my intetrsts, my style changes on a daily basis. A colleague described my style this week as flighty, I think that’s about right.

  8. Your friend Suzanne looks so Diane Keaton-y in that first picture! I saw a woman at the market on Saturday with Diane-style round glasses (one of the styles she wears), a hat pulled down to her eyebrows, a big shawl/scarf wrapped around her. When she stood up, I saw she was wearing a black and grey vertically striped skirt, black and grey horizontally striped tights and oxfords. Very daring.
    They all are lovely, but I would love to dress like Judith!

  9. Thanks for the shout-out lady!

    I love the sentences you wrote to describe each of us and yourself. We’ve all managed to communicate well with unspoken language of our clothing choices, which is brilliant given that interpretation of said clothing choices is personal and subjective.

    I would add to yours that your clothing makes you look very approachable and open.

    Great post!


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