Weekend Check-In: What’s On Your Mind?

Time for another edition of Weekend Check-In. It consists of random thoughts, left over at the end of the week, about style and more. The fun part is you playing along in the comments.

I’ll start an open sentence about fashion, or life, the universe and
everything, and complete the sentence with whatever I’m thinking about. Then you finish the sentence with your own random thoughts.

So, the (non) rules are:

  1. I start a sentence.
  2. I finish the sentence with my thoughts du jour, subject to change at any moment.
  3. You finish the sentence with your own response, in the comments, if you like.

This week’s check-in: 

  • I’m currently fascinated with . . . The White Album. I’ve been listening to it on my iPod while I do housework. What an amazing mix of music. One of my personal favorites: Dear Prudence. John wrote it for Prudence Farrow (Mia’s sister) when they were all studying with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She was very flattered. What are you fascinated with?

  • If I stumbled on an extra $100, and had to spend it, this week I’d buy . . . this great swimsuit with sleeves! It would save me from having to wear my surf-shirt on top.
Available at Nordie‘s for $91.
  • Best meal of the week was . . . Corn casserole, baked beans and vinegar cole slaw at the barbeque joint. Vegetarian delight!
It was better than dessert. Delicious, full-fat recipe here.

Have a sun and fun weekend, and see you at Visible Monday,

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  1. Mmm! That corn casserole looks delicious!
    I'm currently fascinated with reading biographies of The Founding Fathers. Washington and Franklin are now completed (Benjamin Franklin was an amazing human being!) – John Adams or Alexander Hamilton will be next.
    If I had an extra $100, I'd treat myself to an hour and a half massage!
    Best meal of the week was boiled new potatoes and corn on the cob – both from my garden.
    & I love pretty much everything the Beatles ever did!

  2. I really like that swimsuit!
    Currently fascinated with shopping ethically (been to a focus group today where we talked about it, which has confirmed my commitment to avoiding fast fashion.)
    £100? I'd restock the wine rack, it's looking sadly depleted…
    Best meal this week will hopefully be the one I am about to have – Chinese takeaway! xxx

  3. I'm currently fascinated with learning how to install base shoe moulding. LOL NOT. But I have to learn how to do it as we are putting down new flooring this weekend in my husband's office.

    If I stumbled on an extra $100 I would buy the two necklaces at Anthro I saw on sale and walked away from.

    Best meal homemade crab cakes the hubby and I made earlier in the week.


  4. I usually skip this because I haven't been fascinated with anything lately! I love all the old Beatles work – it never gets old, does it? But this week I've been fascinated with my hair because I'm trying to grow the bangs out and they're at that in-between stage. Do I comb them back, do I sweep them to the side, do I have them long in my eyes? Do I go back to my usual cut?

    If I had an extra $100 I'd put it towards a new pair of glasses.

    Best meal was probably home-made nachos with Trader Joe's Gruyere-Cheddar cheese and home-made salsa.

  5. I'm not exactly facinated, but I'm committed to getting back on My Fitness Pal and focussing on diet and exercise. If I found $100 I'd buy myself a bunch of CDs – I need to refresh my music collection. Best meal of the week was out at Yo Sushi last night with my husband – I treated myself to a small glass of prosecco and ate healthily but satisfyingly.

  6. I like that swimsuit very much. I have a front-zip suit that extends down like shorts to mid-thigh level, my all-time favourite suit, no riding-up worries when I wear it. I'm trying not to buy more clothes – it's very difficult! If I had $100 I'd buy a cheap guitar amplifier(!).

  7. I am currently fascinated with the Jenny Craig diet and how it is really changing my eating. Rich foods no longer sound good and my stomach cannot handle it when I give in. It is amazing how my eating is changing in just six weeks. My favorite Beatles album is Rubber Soul and finally, maybe if I stay true to this diet I could wear a swimsuit once again!!! Have a good weekend, Patti!

  8. Currently fascinated with: cherries because they are still in season where I am AND how diet influences our health (duh!). If I had $100…..hmmm…..I'd probably go to one of my local, spendy vintage shops and buy a cocktail dress (and then convince my husband to take me out. Not that that would be too much work.) Best meal: zucchini/ground beef burgers (no really), grilled peaches w/ goat cheese, green beans roasted in garlic oil.

  9. I absolutely LOVE that swimsuit! If I actually swam, I'd so be all over that!

    I'm currently fascinated with "Summer Hits of the 90s" on my Pandora. I thought I was an 80s pop queen but realized my formative music years were from when I was in college and beyond and this station just makes me so happy!

    If I stumbled on an extra $100, and had to spend it, this week I'd buy a pair of TARDIS blue Chucks and the rest on a shopping spree at thredUp. Oh, wait – I already did that! 😀

    Best meal of the week was a roast that I'm currently cooking and it smells heavenly but it's the first time I'm using this recipe so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Otherwise, the best meal would be Yaki soft tacos from Island's.

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