Visible Monday #135: Mad For Summer Plaid

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These denim cropped trousers (thrifted/similar)) are probably down to under fifty cents per wear. They’re great for both work and play. The newly thrifted Talbot’s top, though, is a change of pace for me. I don’t think I own anything else plaid, not even socks.

I was won over by the cute but not over-done ruffled neck and lightweight poly fabric. I added just my stone Beleza bracelet (similar) and blue suede shoes (sandals by Sofft). This is how I like my plaid – feminine and cool. The whole outfit is simple, but the plaid makes it more appealing.

The tank watch is from Target, a great everyday piece.

Now, show us what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. You look so fresh and beautiful! Very hard to do in a Florida summer! I used to look a hot mess everyday from June to July!

  2. That is the cutest top, Patti. Who knew plaid could look so good?! I luv the way it's on the bias, and the neckline design, and the fact that it's sleeveless. Very cool.

  3. Hey, Patti!!! Killer denim trousers … really good looking, especially with your very sweet plaid top, you little grunge girl, you! Really good looking all the way. I wondered where you got that little tank. I have a mini collection of that shape ( no Cartier tanks for me, but inspired watches are right up my alley. )
    Late again, me … but with the greatest gratitude and affection. Have the most adorable kind of week!

  4. Love the tartan blouse and those cheery peep toe shoes. Fab summer outfit. xxx

  5. That's a really cute top Patti and it's nice to wear something different to ring the changes, I love the neckline. The whole outfit is lovely and you look very chic. Thanks for hosting xx

  6. I love the plaid top, the neckline and your look. It is just perfect for you.
    Thank you Patti for hosting.

    Joly Look

  7. What a great find on that plaid top! The cut and details are so pretty. Those really are your colours, they show off your sparkling eyes so well.

    I think you need more plaid in your closet.

    I forgot this week was linky party week. : )


  8. It's really lovely plaid. And it so nice to see in a summer time setting, taking plaid out of winter. Looks great with you blue suede shoes! Thanks so much for hosting, once again!

  9. Silly me, I always think of plaid for Fall/Winter…. A fabulous look for Summer!

  10. The shape (and print) of that blouse is perfect, Patti… it just looks so good on you – so do the trousers! Winning combo!!

    Have a faaabulous week, thanks for hosting as always πŸ™‚

    Catherine x

  11. It is always such a pleasure to visit and share post with you, dear Pati.
    Love your plaid and WANT your gorgeous sandals

  12. You look lovely in these shades of blue and green in the plaid and I love the neckline on the blouse.

  13. I can't do plaid (or as we say in UK tartan) it reminds me too much of my old school uniform! However, you manage to make it look good

  14. This is one of my favourites of yours!! I love it, it's simple but elegant, and the lovely blue shoes make it chic and not at all dull. Super! Thanks for hosting the linkup x

  15. I don't have much tartan in my wardrobe either, but it think I could make an exception for that top, it's lovely. You do this grown-up, chic, tailored-with-a-feminine-twist look just brilliantly, Patti! And the sandals are perfect.
    As always, you are the Hostess with the Mostest, so thank you. xxxx

  16. Ready for the summer, nice and uncomplicated!
    I can not imagine to wear plaid, but it looks very pretty in this combination. – I should have more courage, perhaps?
    Have a great new week πŸ™‚

  17. Great outfit, Patti. Love those pants! Thanks for hosting. It's been ages for me and it's lovely to see your sunny smile again!

  18. I never think of plaid in the summer, but this looks delightful. The blues are just gorgeous on you, Patti.


    Dawn Lucy

    Fashion Should Be Fun

  19. Hi Patti! Cute cropped pants and so very versatile. I love them in the winter with ankle boots too. Plus, pants are always too short for me so cropped is the name of the game. Thanks for the hook up!

  20. Hi Patti!

    I love the plaid, it's good to experiment especially when you look that fabulous
    I will be joining you Ladies tomorrow

    Until then hugs!


  21. Oh, I love plaid and this is wonderful! And the blue shoes are fabulous too!

  22. Hi Patti! You are adorable in that blouse. I see why you were attracted to it. And yes, you can be adorable in adulthood! I posted my Disco outfit because it's shiny and makes me feel quite visible πŸ™‚ hope you enjoy it, and have a lovely week. XO JJ

  23. I love that plaid top! It just proves that plaid isn't just for winter. The detail around the neck and the diagonal print are especially flattering on you!

  24. Don't you just love those thrifted items that actually end up costing pennies in "per wear" terms? Loving the cut and pattern on that plaid top. It's very Summery, especially with those trousers. I'm getting all kinds of ideas over here… πŸ˜‰


  25. This plaid top is adorable on you, Patti. I am a plaid fan, all through the year, so rock on ! Thanks for hosting Visible Monday once again, joined of course πŸ˜‰ Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  26. Plaid makes me think of wonderful kilts or those jazzy pantsuits some of us wore in the 1970's but this little top is cool and pretty and you look great in it.

  27. Wonderful look Patti, classy yet unique! Beautiful shoes! Lovely as always xxx

  28. Patti, I love everything about this look. Those cropped denim pants are the best! You're so right, you could easily wear those to work, to play and for a date night. Since I'm a plaid lover and don't own a one item of plaid I could wear during the summer months I'm in awe at this beautiful blouse. Great look!

  29. Ack! No plaid?! Heaven forfend! But at least your first foray into the wonderful world of my favorite color is a stunning choice. Gotta love blue!

  30. Wow Patti. That top is a great find. The neckline, the colour, the print. Perfect!

  31. those trousers are a great length, i've been looking for a pair just like that. And the checked top is so lovely especially with those blue heels! Beautiful! As always Thanks so much for hosting Patti xx

  32. Hi Patti! I have to say you've been looking tres chic lately! Enjoy the summer! Xoxo

  33. I love plaid! Especially in blue / green tones, and the top looks great on you. But how can you stand polyester in summer???

  34. I really like the plaid and that shade looks great on you! I love the lightweight feel of polyester tops these days. I remember, growing up, I wouldn't be caught in polyester, it had to be cotton all the way. Of course, now, the fabric has been modernized and it feels right. Debbie @

  35. The plaid shirt is so much fun, Patti…and of course, I love that big smile for an accessory!! Have a great week and thanks for hosting!

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