Secrets Revealed! A Liebster Award From Maricel

Talented blogger Maricel of My Closet Catalogue graciously bestowed on me a Liebster (means “dearest” in German) Award. Here‘s the earliest reference I found to the Liebster award online.

As a recipient, I am to answer whatever questions Maricel dreams up. Rather than asking specific questions, however, Maricel requested a sentence completion exercise. She’s a teacher, you know, and skilled at giving homework.  ☺

Here’s Maricel. She’s a babe, and a smarty too.

Since these sentences are so open, I decided to answer them within the domain of aging, beauty and style. You’re not ready for my full autobiography, are you?

As a 59 year-old woman, professional, wife, and lover of style:

  • I see … myself physically aging, and I don’t care for it, because inside I feel ageless and full of dreams. This numbering of years seems so arbitrary.
  • I find … life easier than it was in my 20’s and 30’s, even though my body is not as resilient. I worry less, hope more, and have learned the art of relaxation.
Who relaxes better than a cat? I love this little girl.
  • I have … more wisdom, more confidence and more attitude than I used to.
  • I wish … I’d had these qualities in abundance, sooner!
  • I miss … my Dad, gone too soon, and my biggest fan. We need all the fans we can get.
Dad and me at my wedding in October 2001.
  • I crave … experience, and beauty, and novelty, even though the familiar has become so dear. It’s one of the paradoxes of aging.
  • I wonder … what other women of A Certain Age are thinking about? That’s one of the reasons I started my blog.
This is the gorgeous Judith of Style Crone. We met in 2012, what a delight.
I’ve met up with the delightful Paula of Fashion Over Fifty twice!
And just had the pleasure of meeting wonderful Anne of Spy Girl.
  • I regret … not much. I wish I’d met Sandy, my best friend and husband, earlier in my life, but perhaps I wasn’t ready for him yet?
Sandy and me a few years ago, at our old cottage.

I’d love to hear from all of you, how you’d respond to these questions. Please consider yourselves awarded a Liebster, as you are indeed Dear to me.

Have the very best day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I loved reading your thoughts, and your sleeping black beauty is so sweet, I too have a black cat, her name's Millie and I love her 🙂

  2. Lovely to learn these things about you! You are someone who radiates joy and that makes you so beautiful! You share your life's lessons and never preach. We are different in many ways but at the same time I so often find myself relating to you and that has happened with many of your reflections here for this Liebster Award.

  3. Great post which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Lovely photos too. How nice to have met with some friend from the blogosphere. xo

  4. I agree with you, I too feel allot more relaxed with myself at my older age ! I think that is one of the great things about aging, . I do keep up with my skin care at the derm ofc as I feel for me it helps me with my self esteem. You have some beautiful pictures with your friends and family and I am very happy you started this blog. Thank you.

  5. I loved all you have said
    You are such a wise and balanced human being
    I wish i could meet you!



  6. I am very interested in our age group, also, encouraging us and helping us to feel more beautiful. I've always loved your Visible Mondays, such a great idea! Love your style! We have your cat's twin at our house…don't black cats have the sweetest personalities? Debbie @

  7. Lovely to learn a bit more about your thoughts and motivations. You may not be super-young, but you're surely stunning!

    Also, I miss my mum. She died 3 years ago today. I don't think we ever really get over the loss of such central people in our lives, but we're lucky to have other excellent people around us (hooray for lovely husbands!).

  8. I've learned so much from you with these statements.

    Wonderful reflections on a life well lived, with much more to come.

    When I think of someone aging extremely well with grace, humour and vitality I think of you.


  9. What wonderful, thoughtful, insightful responses, Patti – but then that's exactly what I would expect from you. You're a smarty too! The photos with your dad and Sandy are just lovely. Hope, wisdom, confidence, attitude, relaxation, love, experience – such excellent things to have in life, whatever age we can gather them. More, more! xxxx

  10. Lovely post and I enjoyed reading your responses. You are so full of positivity and an inspiration!

  11. Thank you for sharing these personal insights and get to know you more Patti. I also often think what if I met my husband when we were much younger. But realize that reason why we fell in love is we're both older (and much wiser I would hope). We would probably not hit it off in our 20s.

    P.S. love all the photos you included here especially the one with your father. The two of you look so much alike!

  12. What a fab read. Those pictures of you with Sandy and your Dad are just lovely. ou look so happy in both. I love that you crave experience. One of the most ageing things is to trot off the tired old statement…I'm too old…its instantly ageing. xxx

  13. Maricel is such a smart girl. She nominted YOU!!! I love learning more about you. I, too, am curious about the mindset of us older girls. You are certainly doing your best to bring this whole subject to the forefront. I find it so much more difficult to grow older than I ever even imagined. When I see some younger girl and by younger I mean, 40's and early 50's, getting all philosophical about aging I get a little steamed. It's tough. There are so many prejudices in society against older women. Patti, you giving attention to so amy gorgeous wonderful women. You are a STAR!!!!!

  14. I love all the pictures – you are glowing, especially with your dad and Sandy! And your comments are insightful. It's funny, though, how I feel exactly opposite to your second comment. I worry more and hope less as I get older. At least that's the way I feel today, but it's been a tough month!

  15. I agree on feeling ageless. I don't feel my age, never have since about the age of 20. Lovely picture of you and your dad, and you and your hubby.

  16. I see…beautiful women everywhere! I wish the could see themselves as I do.
    I find…women are too tough on themselves. We need to cut ourselves some slack.
    I have…everything I need in life, and I'm so grateful for that.
    I wish…my life would stay the same, but I know it won't. Live in the moment!
    I miss…my dad too. I am not sure what he would think of me now, I but I hope he would be proud of me.
    I crave…more time to do the things I want, with the people I love, with my wonderful husband.
    I wonder…what I'll be like in 5 years? 10? 30?
    I regret…not taking the part of Oliver Twist in the school play when I was 12. I was so shy, but I loved to sing. It could have changed my life…but I like my life! So really, I regret…not much.

  17. A+, m'dear! This was truly pleasure to read and you have humbled me by taking my rather cheeky Liebster prompts and turning them into something wise and worthy. Thank you for sharing. I miss my dad too.

  18. This was fun, Patti! You look gorgeous in the last picture with Sandy and so happy. Love the smile!

  19. Thanks for sharing all these personal details. I find all good stuff that comes with aging and try not to focus on the negative.

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