Weekend Check-In: Tell Us What You’re Thinking!

I’m continuing the new “Weekend Check-In” feature today, as we had fun with it last time out. It consists of random thoughts, left over at the end of the week, about style and more. The fun part is you playing along in the comments.

I’ll start an open sentence about fashion, or life, the universe and
everything, and complete the sentence with whatever I’m thinking about. Then you finish the sentence with your own random thought.

So, the (non) rules are:

  1. I start a sentence.
  2. I finish the sentence with my thoughts du jour, subject to change at any moment.
  3. You finish the sentence with your own response, in the comments, if you like.

This week’s check-in:

  • I’m currently fascinated with . . . Clip-in bangs. I just bought these (in blonde) from Fortune Wigs, and I’m playing with them today. I’ve always wanted silky bangs and could never have them, so wheeee. The company has the absolute best customer service I’ve encountered. What are you fascinated with right now?
It looks odd here, but clips in and blends with your own hair. Nice for a change.
  • Best fashion/beauty find of the week . . . Essie All-in-One 3-Way Glaze. I don’t often do color, but I need something on my nails to keep them from peeling and breaking. This is good stuff, a little pricey at $10, but worth it.
  • Best movie (TV or otherwise) of the week was . . . All Is Lost, starring Robert Redford. Almost no dialogue, but a gripping, moving story about a man’s determination. RR gives an amazing physical performance at age 77. What did you see that was watch-worthy?

Over to you: please finish the
sentences – one, all, or one of your own – with your own of-the-moment
thoughts. And I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and stay fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and fire off some rockets. ☺  We’ll be back on Monday, July 14th (actually, the Sunday evening before)!

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  1. Currently fascinated with my new Samsung Galaxy 3 phone (never had a smart phone before)
    Best beauty find: Neals Yard makeup range – free of the normal nasty chemicals
    No tv or movies to report on!

  2. I'm currently fascinated by Doug Coupland's brain, the writer/artist.
    But I love the clip-on bangs too.

  3. Totally agree with you two, All is Lost was brilliant. I finally saw 'Belle" this week, highly recommend this movie, very historical and entertaining as well.
    Best Beauty find this week has got to be The body shop's Body Butter. With summer in full swing and living in a desert climate you can't ever seem to get enough moisture on your skin. This body butter feels so silky smoth and lasts all day, (thank you to the cute gils who gave me a sample to try).
    I'm currently fascinated with old vinatage items I can use outdoors, it's also the hunt that is enjoyable.

  4. I am currently fascinated with the keratin treatment I just had done to my hair…it was expensive, but worth it. Frizz is gone…I cannot ever remember liking my hair every day of the week and not battling the humidity! It was $150, but lasts six months. I cannot believe I waited so long to do this. I am also fascinated with a book I am reading, LIFE REIMAGINED. It really has me thinking..off course I will write a review when I complete it! Have a great weekend, Patti!

  5. I would love to see you in your clip on bangs…I might be interested in trying them myself. My annoying cow lick prevents me from being able to wear my own bangs.
    I watched Le Divorce yesterday – in between July 4th festivities – and loved it! Very entertaining.
    This isn't quite a beauty find, but it might be after a month or so. I bought a bottle of Bio Sil to help improve my nails and hair. It also says it helps with wrinkles but I am not counting on that. Mostly I just want some healthier nails!
    Such a fun idea for a series. I hope you continue to do it!

  6. I am currently fascinated by Kerasal Foot Cream. Perhaps fascinated is too strong a word . . . I'm more smitten than fascinated. I depend on Kerasal to keep my heels soft and smooth during sandal season and beyond. It works!

  7. Completely finished both Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco is so compelling!) and Orange is the New Black this week. Loved the conclusion of OITNB. Rewatching Weeds, XFiles and Twin Peaks. Netflix is the perfect summer distraction. Bought a classic "mid-weight" navy blazer from Madewell on sale…hope it fits as there are no local stores to return it if it doesn't. I have been trying to purchase only items that are usable 75% of the year instead of separate "summer"/"winter" clothes. Enthusiastically encouraging my daughter to cull her closet as there are no hangers left because teenage girls with a part-time job love to $hop. New beauty product: I recently bought Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (with SPF 20) and I am surprised with how much I like it. A little goes a LONG way. Also, `her "Lip Glace" in Violet has turned out to be perfect and it smells like vanilla cupcakes –for reals.

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