What I Wore: Little Floral Frock From The Cat Store

There’s nothing better than a little floral dress on a 90 degree day, unless it’s an ice cube down your back. We’re ready for the heat at Not Dead Yet headquarters. That means we mostly stay indoors until the sun goes down.

I did venture out this weekend in a lightweight dress I picked up at Molly Mutt, the Humane Society Thrift Shop. I call it the Cat Store for short, and it’s my favorite place to shop in downtown Melbourne. The dress, from Nine West (similar), was $5, in perfect condition, and washable. Love all that.

Please excuse the drywall repair behind me – we’re redecorating and making a mess.
I could belt it too. That’s a shadow on my arm, not a bizarre suntan.

Have a groovy day, and stay cool and fabulous,

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this week, so we can recharge, refresh, and enjoy a cool beverage.Β ☺Β  We’ll be back on Monday, July 14th (actually, the Sunday evening before)!


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  1. Hi Patti!

    Tks for the comment, it's nice to know that you are not forgotten!
    Nothing beats a nice floral dress and plus at $5, what a deal
    Love that you are showing your ballerina legs!
    Hot here as well, isn't nice?



  2. Lovable floral dress and so nice on you! I totally agree:there is nothing better in hot temperatures than an airy dress…

  3. I love this dress – the price was right, it's great flowy or belted, and it looks faaabulous. I tend to be vampirish when it's hot outside, preferring to emerge later in the day.

  4. Absolutely love this dress, Patti. It seems like it would work really well in cooler months with a blazer or pullover/oversized sweater, tights, booties… A great and versatile piece for $5!

  5. Whether or not that's a strange tan on your arm, at least you don't have a guitar hat this time. Very cute photo with your sly look to the side, and such a lovely summer dress! We're staying indoors all day, too – very hot here already, and the beach isn't on our doorstep.

  6. This is my kind of dressing for the summer. Love the simplicity of this cute dress but the floral print is absolutely fantastic. Are you sure you're really 57ish?

  7. I like the tiny florals on your dress, pretty! I think you should show more leg! πŸ™‚ It is hot here as well. I have to comment on the bang fringe, when you said you got one, I am glad I read further and you put ( in blond) otherwise it was going to be a unique look. I would love to see it on, as I saw a red( ginger ) one on another site and it is just curious how one might look in bangs ( for me kindergarten)

    from the link up, jess

    please stop by


  8. LOL glad you mentioned about the shadow. I was worried you might be turning into Michael Jackson in reverse.

    That is some hot weather. We're hovering right around that when you include the humidex. That is Toronto for you…freezing cold in winter and burning hot in summer.

    This looks like a fun easy dress to wear. I really like small patterns like this and the colours are perfect for summer.


  9. You look absolutely gorgeous in that ditsy, flirty little number! xxx

  10. Your dress is so pretty and flirty. Your facial expression reflects the fun that you have wearing it. A perfect ode to summer!

  11. That's really cute dress and it sure suits you. It must be quite a challenge to drywall around the guitar! πŸ˜‰

  12. Patti! What a sweet dress! That's a lot of look for $5 and I can see that transitioning beautifully into fall with your ankle boots …..I love it! Hugs to you!! Serene

  13. You look adorable in that dress! It is so pretty and I love the ditsy floral print!

  14. You are right, Patti…this is perfect for summer weather and I love that it is also for a great cause. I wish our Humane Society had a thrift shop!

  15. What a gorgeous dress, Patti – lovely print, great colours, cool, floaty and feminine! And love your cheeky smile too – was Sandy being saucy and making you laugh?! xxx

  16. Love cute, casual summer dresses to knock around in and this one was a great find! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  17. What a cute dress, Patti! I wish we all had lovely warm summer weather. You are facing extremely high temperatures, here the forecast is going down to trousers+jacket weather… πŸ™

    Have a lovely week though!
    Annette | Lady of Style

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