Are You Trendy? How To Deal With Trends

I’m not trendy. I buy a lot – at least half – of my wardrobe from thrift and consignment stores. My style is not of-the-moment like some fabulous bloggers, but it’s friendly, feminine, and it suits me.

I do pay attention to trends, though. For one, it gives me a good idea of what will be showing up in my favorite thrift shops next year.

And especially with accessories, I like to update my look from time to time. For example, I thrifted aΒ  fab pair of pointy-toe black flats (similar), and they look more modern than my round toe pair. Hardly worthy of the cover of Vogue, but it’s my little effort.

Another example is the midi skirt. I’ve been wearing them for decades, and never grew tired of them. What’s so cool about them “trending” is they’re easy to find, and in lots of prints, shapes, and fabrics.

Pretty floral midi from Nordie‘s, only $40.

Here are a couple other trends I’m enjoying this summer:

  • Manicures with personality. There’s never been more variety for nail art. I usually go clear, but wouldn’t mind one of these:

  • Hats, especially straw fedoras. I see so many in the shops now, and they’re stylish at any age.
Classic and lightweight, at Macy‘s.
  • Green, lots of green in the department stores. I love olive, avocado, and pale lime mixed with neutrals.
Love this color, year round. This open cardigan is from Nordie‘s.
  • Ankle trousers. Great in Florida thunderstorms (that is, every afternoon) for preventing soggy hems.
I like this simple look, not too many bells and whistles with these ankle pants. From Kohl‘s.

Trends I’m skipping altogether: bare midriffs, short-shorts, rompers, any kind of nose piercing. Would scare the children. Over to you: what do you like that’s trending? Or do you pay no attention, and dress as the spirit moves?

Have a roaring good day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I'm not too trend focused because of my shape. I have become very particular about what flatters me, so if something new is out but it makes me look weird, I won't even try it. I actually tried a bunch of midi skirts and ankle pants, but they didn't work for me. That and my limited budget usually steer me toward things I'll be willing to wear for years on end.

  2. I do incorporate trends into my personal style which I describe as classy, elegant and feminine. That means I skip a lot of trends which don't match my style – including those mentioned by you, Patti. And I'd never wear Birkenstocks with my outfits no matter how popular they are amongst fashion bloggers! I cannot believe any stylish Parisienne would wear them with a dress πŸ˜‰
    I love the ankle trousers and I am yet looking for a midi skirt.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  3. I"m so excited that midi length skirts are back in vogue. They're the most flattering length on me, I think. I like to try out all the trends, but some don't make it out of the dressing room … like soft, printed pants. I might find the perfect pair one day, but until then … unflattering on me! I will also skip shorts, crop tops, and rompers!


    Dawn Lucy

  4. I think I do a nice blend of adding some trends while staying true to my own style descriptors of colorful, casual, feminine,maximal and boho..

  5. I am really lead more by my personal taste and body type more than fashion trends. I still have held out on the overalls even though I felt I wanted some.


  6. Great fedora! I admire the nail polish color, but usually stick to my traditional favorites with a twist. Trends are fun to follow from a distance, but I mostly shop my closet with a few recycled purchases along the way.

  7. I'm with Val – I wouldn't know what they are! Def not a trend follower. Though my penchant for specific vintage pieces – 1970s tassel necklaces by defunct brand Cadoro; a vintage 1980s kimono-inspired jacket – correspond to things I've seen rather consistently in shops and in blog land, respectively. I'm as mystified as Curtise. Does that mean I'm trendy? I sure don't feel it.

  8. I'm not at all trendy, I have my own style which is a mix of classic, beachy, aswell as casual – sounds an impossible mix but it is mine !!!
    I subscribe to a glossy magazine each month and I like to see what's current but I definitely do not follow it and have never done. I don't like following the herd, much preferring to be an individual.
    I know about the Florida thunderstorms too, Patti πŸ˜€
    About 20 years ago I lived with a guy in Cocoa, who worked on the Cape air base (EOD) and those thunderstorms are still in my mind to this day !!!

  9. Definitely not into trends. I love cutting edge street style but when it filters down on to the high street a couple of years later then its all over. I've been rocking the nose piercings, playsuits and crop tops for years and it certainly doesn't frighten the kids, the little sods never give me any peace! x

  10. I am clearly not a trend follower, since I had no idea the items you mention are this season's thing! Well, apart from midis, and that's only because you've mentioned it before! Hats? Green? Surely these are always around, how can they be a trend? I just don't get this, do I?! Wearing vintage is a great way to side-step all the nonsense and dress with some uniqueness, irrespective of what's available on the high street. xxxx

  11. Like you, I pay attention to trends but don't buy them very often. I did get a fedora this year and I really like it! Trying to decide if I want a kimono or not.

  12. I'm definitely on board with midi skirts, but I have been for years. I think the difference is that full midi skirts are trending now but I've been wearing those almost exclusively so I'm actually looking for slimmer silhouettes.

  13. I like to know what the cool kids are wearing, then I also thrift for it, and put my own spin on it. I'm definitely not a slave to trends! If I love it, I'm going to wear it. I've been wearing midis for years – I've had readers in the last few years tell me they'd like my skirts better shorter or above the knee – who's the cool kid now? Ha!

  14. Trends? I used to know what they were, but I have no idea right now. I do know that green was last year's color, so why are they doing it again now? Maybe the fashion designers don't like Pantone telling them what to do.

  15. Where do you find midi skirts? They are impossible to find! Especially with decent prints and fabric quality. But even not being picky, I can't find any anywhere….please share your favorite sources!

  16. The advantage of my being on this blogger journey for a year now is that I've learned who to follow and who to avoid. And the people I follow are not trendy but are unique, quirky personalities. I rarely know what's trending anymore. I think the last time I succumbed was during the statement necklace craze.

    I did flirt with the crop top thing briefly when that came around but realized it was not for me. Now I just dress based on Anne's 52 Pick-me-up challenges and on what suits me that week. πŸ˜€

  17. Don't do trends myself as I try to stick to more classic style. I just saw a ton of the military green color and could not resist a cute vest to update some of my things for fall. I'm a sucker for fall colors especially that green because it brings out the green in my eyes.

  18. As someone with an albeit small nose piercing who worked with children and with many other colleagues who also had nose piercings, I think you could quite safely get one without fear if you are dying to . πŸ˜‰

    I am like you and I like to know what the trends are but that doesn't mean I will follow them or like them. I wrote a post, not yet published, on the same topic and said some similar things so I guess I won't post it for awhile. LOL

    You are definitely on trend with a pointier toe. I like the almond shape best but will continue wearing round toed shoes because I like them too and I don't feel comfortable in pointy toes. Because I buy many things second hand, I realise that I am buying things others may have cast off due to their not being current but that doesn't really bother me.

  19. I love the ankle pants, especially in bright colors. Also, a colorful scarf to jazz up an outfit! I wish I could do the super high heels like Sophia Vergara wears, but my feet can't take them, so I stick to a low comfortable wedge. πŸ™‚

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