Visible Women Over 40: We Break The Rules

Visible Women over 40, 50, and 60 are breaking old style “rules” left, right, and center. We sometimes break the rules just for the sheer fun of it, and also to express our artistic and authentic selves.

The fabulous women of Visible Monday are inspirational in their originality. And even if we don’t have the desire to go all-out rule-breaking, how about a shot of bright color, a funky new hairstyle, a shoe or bag with personality?

As always, the first tip is: dress and break the rules as you will, and own your look. Confidence is all.

We wear our own art: Anne of Spy Girl is wearing a dress and print of her own creation, and adds a jacket with her own design as well. We can’t all be Anne, but she does provide motivation to shake it up:

break the rules anne


We wear a vintage Valentino whenever the mood strikes: Judith of Style Crone is wearing a Valentino dress and scarf she found for one dollar (yes) at a yard sale. You don’t have to wait for a special event to bring out your fabulous vintage finds – wear them any day, and if you have a magnificent hat like Judith’s, all the better.

break the rules judith
We mix our prints: Debbie of of Fashion Fairy Dust mixes two friendly prints in this summer outfit, and she looks fabulous! If you’re not ready for full pattern mixing, try adding a print scarf or bandana to a different print blouse.

break the rules debbie
We dress up for any day, and have cool hair: Sacramento of Mis Papelicos is gorgeous as ever in this satin blouse and super-swooshy midi skirt. Her signature hairstyle tells you this is a woman who dresses her truth.

break the rules sacramento
We mix fancy and casual and look terrific: Nicole of High Latitude Style combines a tiered, pleated dress with a funky denim jacket (see her post for a back view!). Combine dressy with casual for an unexpected look. Sneakers with dresses is one fun version. I love Nicole’s short cropped hair too – bold and beautiful.

blackskirtshirt (1)
How do you break the rules?

Stay fabulous, and stay you,



Here’s more fab and affordable pieces for any age, inspired by the Visible women:

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  1. Yes! This is why I visit over 40 fashion blogs. In a world that’s increasingly “dressing down” it is so refreshing to see all these fashion confident ladies. They are shining examples of how much fun dressing up and dressing creatively can be!


  2. These women are what we need in our lives – a shot of real-life style inspiration. Thanks so much for rounding them up and giving us all some food for thought Patti.
    Wishing you a fab week!
    Anna x

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