Visible Monday #97: 70’s Hippie Skirt, All Grown Up

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All of a sudden I have a renewed craving for these 70’s wrap skirts. I had a great collection about ten years ago, then sold them off, for some strange closet-clearing reason. I did save a couple (and I plan to add back a couple more, like this, this, and this.).

This graphic pink and black wrap skirt is one of my favorites; I love the vertical black design in front. I can wear it dressed down with a tee for running around town. Here, for work, it’s more polished with a black button-down (thrifted) by Lafayette 148.

The vintage bracelet has pink stones (matchy!) and the nude sandals step up from my Saturday  Birkenstocks. I think the skirt handles the transition well. To stay in true aging hippie form, though, I skipped makeup except for some pink lip gloss. I wish I still had my Yardley Slickers!

I think these skirts have become a classic now, for a certain subset of
women, and not subject to trend. That’s my story!
Sassy old hippie has sass.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Love that skirt! Thanks for hosting and amazing blog hop 🙂 New follower!

    xo, Ainslee

  2. Patti ….. cute, cute, cute skirt!!!! It looks great with the black blouse and your blonde hair! pippa

  3. I love the pink wrap skirt on you Patti! Great pattern and timeless!

  4. Fantastic skirt and what a great top. It's a great combination. By the way you look absolutely gorgeous with a bare face, as I think most of us do. I hope to be able to link up again next week. My camera is having a senior moment. 😉

  5. Honestly Patti, I think the long sleeve button front shirt was MADE for you! You manage to make every single one you wear look amazing!!!

  6. I love how you've styled that beautiful pink skirt so that it looks perfectly sleek and dramatic against the black shirt. Timeless style that is so very you!

  7. Oh, I love a hippie skirt (and give me some suitable weather, and I will be wearing them again) and yours is a total cracker. So pretty!

  8. I love your grown up hippie style, your outfit from tip to toe! Unfortunately I have not kept my hippie skirts. When I see your's I regret it.

  9. I love this skirt! Definitely fun, i really like those kind of skirts, but haven't found a nice version for myself.

  10. I remember this patterned skirt. It's cool, comfy and chic. You look great. I believe it's called Batik pattern. You pull it off very nicely.

  11. I am loving your skirt. And seeing as pattern is so big at the moment I can't help but think you are right en trend! Love the classic shirt and heels with it. Takes it to another dimension. Thanks again for hosting!

  12. Hi Patti. I'm Melissa from and I'm a new "over 40" blogger. I just found your linky party and, although I don't have a post that I can link today, now that I know you're here, I'll be sure to have one ready next time! 😉

    I love everything about this look! I love wraps, and I think you look fantastic in this outfit!

    I would love for you and your fellow "fabulous over 40" followers to link up with me for my Monday Mingle at

    Have a wonderful week and I hope to see you there!

  13. Sass with a lot of class, I say! I have only had this style of skirt in rayon batik-like prints, and I wear them as wraps at the beach. I find them very comfortable. I am now seeing them in a 'fashion' light, thank you! You have elevated the look, and look gorgeous in this pink and black number.

    Thank you for hosting Visible Monday!

    Sue xo

  14. I love love love this skirt on you. It should be one of your classics that you incorporate often into your looks.

  15. Hey there Patti, Really like the hippie skirt and the popped up collar. Looking good.

  16. I'm noticing the resurgence of the "midi" length skirt, which can be difficult to wear – but, of course, you wear it well! I love the color scheme and the fact that you always, always look very feminine!

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  17. Patti, you look gorgeous! I have a sometimes thing for wrap skirts as well. I had a denim one back in the day that I SO wish I had kept. If nothing else, I could sure alter that baby into something fabulous!! Thanks also for the link-up! It's always fun to see what everyone's wearing!

  18. Oh patti, you even make an old hippy wraparound look elegant! I wish i could see your bracelet up close,it looks really pretty. xx

  19. Hi Patti- this skirt is gorgeous, it's made me think I'd love one for summer now. I had one but sold it at a vintage fair last year!! The colour of yours is perfect for summer and I love how this style of skirt can be dressed up or down, have a great week! xxx Sharon

  20. I absolutely love this look! What a gorg skirt, Patti, and the black button-down with it is perfect. I don't know what a Yardley Slicker is (was) – was it like a Bonnie Bell Lip Smacker? Xo

  21. You look fab, Patti – a hippy chick with an elegant twist.
    They still manufacture and sell those skirts in every tourist hotspot in India for a few quid, identical in every way to the ones you bought in the 1970s! In the past I've shipped them over by the kilo and sold them to workmates to pay for my trip back. xxx

  22. Oh my gosh, Patti! This is my favorite look on you of all time! I absolutely adore it. The black button down gives it just the right amount of modern edginess. Well done!

  23. Too funny, I just found one of my wrap skirts that for some strange reason I had decided to keep. You have so inspired me to put it back in use. Thank you, thank you! Can't say I will be sporting it near as well as you, escpecially if I skipped the makeup. You are looking lovely, as always.

  24. Thanks to you, Monday has become my favorite bloggy day. It's like a party and I am so stoked to see such a marvelous bunch of style here!

  25. Oh that skirt is fabulous! I have one wrap skirt, but it's a sneaky-wrap skirt because it doesn't actually look like one. I love the design of your skirt. May I also add that I love it when you pop your collar.

  26. The skirt is amazing. I really love that you teamed it up with black shirt and turned the collar up…it makes it somehow sexy yet tough.

    Kiki from Kikisparlour

  27. I am not a skirt person AT ALL, and I would wear this. So cute! The lines are very clean and slimming too –

  28. This is one of the *two* I kept, sigh. But I will add some – and would love to see your creations.

  29. I, regrettably, did the same thing. I really like the pink skirt. I had one in blue. I keep thinking I want to be a minimalist, but maybe there's some merit to amplifying one's wardrobe! Debbie @

  30. This: Never. Get. Rid. Of. Anything. Gorgeous skirt. I have so much give-away regret I could cry. You look fantastic. Love the shoes as well as the dress/blouse.

  31. Oh, I love that skirt! So was that one you kept, or reclaimed? I shall have to make one if I can find that type of wonderful fabric. Just fabulous, you sassy thang, you.

  32. The pink and black pattern is great, and of course looks good with a black top. I bet you could mix it with another color, too, for a summery look. So many things I would have kept if I only knew I would want them again someday!

  33. It's a gorgeous skirt, Patti, I can see why you like the style so much, it really suits you! Teamed with the blouse, it definitely looks dressier, but I would love to see you being a sassy hippy in a casual version too. You look beautiful. xxxx

  34. Hands down my favorite outfit of yours. The combination of the 2 pieces is simply stunning but above all that button down is to die for, the structure is perfect and I've been looking for this kind of shirt with this structure for so long.. you don't suppose they still have this piece selling somewhere?



  35. what a fabulous wrap skirt Patti, and i love tghe black shirt with the popped collar! You look gorgeous xx

  36. That's a fabulous skirt, Patti! I love the colours on you, and I totally agree: classic, not subject to trend.

  37. Love the skirt! This one is a keeper, liked them in the 70's and still do.

    blue hue wonderland

  38. That shape is indeed a classic. By coincidence, I was just searching for this exact wrap skirt shape in a sewing pattern on Etsy a few minutes ago. This shape is also forgiving for weight fluctuations! The skirt is hippie/boho, but it looks fresh and modern with the black shirt.

  39. You're really speaking my language today with your darling vintage skirts…I love how you can dress them up and down for different occasions! I've gotten rid of a few of them along the way, as well…we should be more patient!

  40. I love the look of a wrap, and yours looks fantastic! I got rid of mine too–I hate the way they flap open. If I really like a wrap, I will sew the flap shut! ;~>

  41. This is a beautiful skirt, Patti…love it! Thanks for hosting as always!!

  42. This has got to be one of favourite looks so far from you – you wear it so perfectly and I love how you style it for work! I love most styles from the 70's, I think it must be my style reference point 🙂

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