What Five Items Would You Buy If You Had Unlimited Cash?

You know I thrive on hypotheticals, analysis, lists, and staring at my navel, right? I went into exactly the right profession when I became a psychotherapist at age 40. Even one of my Psych professors told me I didn’t have to analyze everything.

So, agreed. But I have been devouring a wardrobe series by London blogger Anuschka Rees, from her blog Into Mind. Her personal style is more minimalistic than my own, but I love her articles on revamping and refining one’s wardrobe.

I’m working my way through Anuschka’s Ten Step Wardrobe Revamp now, reading and jotting down ideas. I’m not a de-cluttering rookie, nor a toss-it-out fanatic. I do enjoy picking up tips here and there and this young woman’s got some great strategies.

I found the following thought exercise and I’m having fun with it. (Her suggested exercises are meant to help us define our style signature/s). Here’s the question, wish I’d thought of it:

What five items would you buy if you had unlimited funds? I pared it down to four for this post, but hey, pick six or eight, go crazy. The idea is to choose “dream” pieces we think would enhance our style. Our picks tell us what we’d like to see in our real-life closets, and how we like to see ourselves. It doesn’t mean we’d actually buy all these pieces even if we were flush, because money is for lots of things more important than wardrobes. This is for imagining.

Here are my money-is-no-object choices, and what they say about my style:

  • A tuxedo, YSL if I can find the right one. I’d want looser trousers and a slim jacket, Le Smoking would be best. I’m not an androgynous dresser but I love this look, made feminine with a ruffled blouse and red lipstick. This expresses the part of me that wants to stand out, bend the rules, and be visible, in elegance.
  • A personalized necklace by Wendy Brandes. I have been watching this Boleyn necklace by Wendy for two years (I have to get the silver version in real life, still fabulous). It represents what I love in jewelry. The initial “G” will make it mine, it’s bold and artistic, and I could wear it any day, with anything. It’s the part of me that loves unique jewelry, not Mall stuff.
Wendy Brandes necklace. I’d get the “G”, of course.
  • A Cartier tank watch. The classic, with the leather strap. This piece has the masculine vibe again (a pattern emerges!). I like a simple watch, and I’m perfectly happy with my Seiko. But with cash to burn, I’d wear this one every day. Beauty in simplicity. Masculine (this watch) plus feminine (Wendy’s necklace).
The classic.
  • Diane von Furstenburg wrap dresses, many (multiples count as one item ☺). The real ones. In fabulous prints. Say no more.

Over to you, stylish readers. What dream items would you add to your closet? Do they reflect some aspect of your personal style?

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  1. Cartier Tank Anglaise Medium in yellow gold
    Hermes Birkin in medium blue ostrich
    One exquisite custom made fur, farm raised
    One 3 carat pillow cut diamond solitaire in platinum
    Patricia Wexler as my dermatologist
    And, can't limit myself to 5: to be able to afford a winter vacation in a warm climate every year, a vacation to explore a new country or region at least every couple of years and a week in London and another in Paris every year.

  2. A small cottage (3 bedrooms and a library) in the country with land for a horse, some angora goats, an alpaca or two, a golden lab or golden retriever, a birman and a bengal cat. Is that more than 5? Also, a cleaner, gardener and not to have to work.


  3. A smallish cottage (3 bedrooms and a library) in the country with land for a horse, some white angora goats, a retired guide dog (golden lab or retriever cross) a birman and a bengal cat.

  4. A pair of nude Louboutin leather or patent pumps, 100cm. A Herve Leger/Herve Leroux bandage dress. A set of Marlies Dekkers lingerie (bra, panties, garter. Does this count as three items? If so, I am cheating and counting the 'set' as one item). A high-end pair of glossy black equestrian boots. And that's really it. I don't have a fifth item – I'm going to save that slot for something I haven't dreamed of yet.

  5. First, a Chanel suit in a soft color, a pair of viewable diamond studs, a Carolina Herrara evening gown, some Repetto flats, and a body that is 35 pounds lighter…..

  6. Four pairs of bespoke gorgeous shoes to fit my problematic feet exactly, and like you, a Cartier tank watch! OK, maybe three pairs, and one Hermes scarf.

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  8. omg!!! Great picks! I don't know! Something to fantasize about…
    Becky 🙂

  9. 1. Wendy Brandes Empress Wu something
    2. Emerald cut emerald solitaire
    3. Custom made Manolos kitten heel tan booties
    4. Hermes Kelly 28 Retourne in natural Chamonix or Box
    5. Utlimate round the world trip (may bump into Vix along the way!)

  10. chanel lil black jacket

    cartier tank francaise watch

    birkin in bluch leather

    huge dove gray cachmere wrap

    diamond pave bangle set

    or I can spend this unlimited cash for travel with my dogs)

  11. A great pair of low heel leather Frye boots – or cowboy boots

    A turquoise squash blossom necklace
    A huge silver cuff
    A tailored gray suit – pants, of course!

    A pair of the best, most comfy black patent driving moccasins I could find
    And I think if I had the fabulous boots, I'd have to have von Furstenburg wrap dress(es)!

  12. I don't know if I'd actually end up buying a DVF dress, but I'd sure give it a good go!

  13. I can def see the McQueen dresses on you, that's so Megan.

  14. What a great question! I'd pick a Chanel quilted handbag, a pair of Aquatalia by Marvin K. boots or booties, a Valentino bow clutch, and a Diane von Furstenburg wrap dress, and since I have five, maybe a pair of Temple St. Clair earrings or a pendant necklace.

  15. i am terrible at decluttering and clearing the closet. i think i would choose a fancy handbag, an expensive pair of boots, a leather jacket, a nice watch… though honestly, i love being a thrifty shopper so i might just keep buying cheapies and lots of them!


  16. Tough question, Patti, as I feel I have everything I really want or need. My quest for material things has decreased significantly as I've aged. If I had a ton of cash, I'd find a way to help others with it.

    But, hmmm, just for grins, perhaps a couple more pairs of Lucchese 1893 line cowgirl boots and maybe a few really cool, old Navajo silver and turquoise pieces.

    I'm also with Vix; unlimited travel.

  17. I'd buy some antique fabrics to use for making me some non antique outfits.

  18. a pair of james frye wingtips in a lovely color
    a pair of great fitting blue jeans, dark wash
    an autumn cashmere sweater
    a leather jacket
    a tailored silk blouse

    although I do hunger for a von Furstenburg.

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