Florals and an Unexpected Sparkle

Florals are huge again, and I like mixing them into my wardrobe. Five years ago, B.B. (before blogs), I would have worn this khaki skirt and cropped floral blazer with a nice, matching top in ivory or soft pink. Nothing illegal about that.

But since I am now a ladylike woman with a Tiger inside, I shook things up with a black sequined tank instead. A little odd, but it somehow feels great. I went back to basics with my nude sandals and simple yellow cuff.

Floral blazer: thrifted; Skirt: Ideeli; Tank: eBay; Platform sandals: Anne Klein
Look-smart reading glasses, c/o Scojo New York

The retro reading glasses are courtesy of Scojo New York. These are from their Birthstone Collection; I chose Emerald for my May birthday. Scojo offers hundreds of modern/retro designs and a great search engine, so check them out when you have a moment.

Visible Monday starts tomorrow! Be there, be seen. All are welcome. ☺

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  1. Nice and unexpected and the unexpected is often far more interesting. Like what you do, Patty.

  2. I love the black sequins under the floral jacket. So unexpected. And the glasses look wonderful on you.

  3. Hi Patti! I am a lurker who loves your blog. I hail from Uruguay, South America, and my name is Maria. I enjoy your blog and love your Visible Monday series. When I saw this outfit, my immediate thought was how good the cropped jacket looks on you! Would you be willing to try it with the top tucked in? I have a feeling it would be a really good look for you! Of course, I may be living vicariously through you, because as a very hippy 52 year old, though I love cropped jackets, they are not my best look! Anyhow, just wanted to stop by and say HEY! and thanks for a great blog and a weekly reading gift. 🙂 María

  4. You look gorgeous with those curls! Love the glasses!
    Becky 🙂

  5. The sparkle of the tank and the laid back style of the blazer and skirt surprisingly work well together. I would never have thought to combine the 2 opposite looks. The glasses are darling. I've checked out their website and I am considering my options. June, my birth month, is a clear frame, but I really love the ruby red frame for July. Thanks for sharing.

    Barbara @ allmylivesnow.blogspot.com

  6. I love the mixture of this outfit – unexpected yet it seems to work. But those glasses Miss Patti – oh my oh my I'd so love a pair of them.
    Hope your week has been wonderful

  7. Very sweet and a hint of sparkle is always fun. I love, love your glasses and am desperately on the hunt. I will check them out an hope they deliver to Australia.

  8. There goes Patti…she's so fierce!! Have fun roaring this weekend!

  9. I like seeing florals on other ladies and always think how nice they look. BUT, I rarely wear them and find that when I buy them they generally end up in the back of my closet for some reason. You look smashing in yours!

  10. I love this, Patti! I love the nude sandals and sequined tank! Enjoy your weekend!

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