Visible Monday #94: I’m Easy, In a Wholesome Way

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Feeling Springy today in the World’s Easiest Dress. This dress has no buttons, zippers, Velcro or snaps. If you have a sewing machine you could probably whip one up in half an hour.

I had to buy it though, b/c I have no machine and anyway it was 50% off at Modcloth (similar in simplicity), and so cute. My delayed gratification skills, they are lacking. The dress is a little short for my style, hence the tights. I might wear it over another skirt later in the season or even over jeans, with a low slung belt.

Hello again, and farewell, Dr. Marten boots. I guess you’ll be hibernating for the rest of the warm season. A couple of neutral bangles and my double-charm necklace finish the look. I felt so free and easy (not that kind of easy) all day.

I think I’d like more simple dresses like this for summer.
  . . . but I don’t care to show off my knees.
The heart is very old, the “G” is new. Nice together, yeah?

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. You look like the hostess with the mostest again, dear Patti. Thanks for hosting and giving us all a place to show out. You do look like Spring herself! So pretty in your print dress … simple can be astonishing!

  2. Thanks for hosting Visible Monday Patti.
    As for your outfit: I think it looks lovely but I am curious to know how you combine warm feet in boots with a sleeveless summerdress. Isn't it either too hot or too cold? I am always puzzled by such combinations.

  3. Patti, I love your title. I have been in the mood for easy lately also. I love the print on that dress.


  4. You're easy like a MONDAY morning! That song is in my head now.. That dress is lovely on you & sounds like it was a bargain too. I am tempted to run up something a bit like it on my machine. The print makes it special. Shame if your Docs have to hibernate now, they look so good with the dress?

  5. Love the dress, right up my alley. And you could knock it up easily, if you wanted to. And style it up to – as you have. You could even wear pantaloons with it Patti!

  6. I love your post title, and I can absolutely apply it to my title today, too (mine is "Birthday Suit" but also in a totally wholesome way πŸ˜‰

    I am loving the easy, flowy style of this dress. After you mentioned anyone with a sewing machine could make one, I became inspired to try to make one! Though, my sewing machine and I don't understand each other very well, so I'm not sure how it'll turn out.

    Also, I think the dress will also look beautiful sans tights. I don't know why you wouldn't want your knees to show. I can't imagine that there's a damn thing wrong with them, woman!

    OASAP giveaway

  7. Thanks for this awesome "Visible Monday" This is my first go at it. What wonderful company to share with. Fantastic look for you and not too short, in my opinion.

  8. A very nice spring dress and the colours a ''mine'' too. Have a good time. Sunny

  9. Thanks for hosting Visible Monday Patti! I love the print on this dress, and I hope you show us an outfit wearing it as a tunic over white jeans. Aw, the booties are going to hibernation. At least something to look forward to in the fall.

  10. Lovely you are Patti
    Too bad that you have to put away to amazing boots
    Have a wonderful Visible Monday
    Hugs and love!

  11. hi patti . what a lovely dress you are wearing. i love easy style. love lucyx

  12. Wow, such a pretty dress! The colour and print is just gorgeous, and suits your colouring beautifully. Hope you've got a great week ahead, and thanks, as always!

  13. Hi Patti- I agree, this is such a casual chic look, the print is lovely on your dress and I'm sure this will be a real versatile item in your wardrobe. Have a great week! Sharon-MyStyle

  14. The dress is not only simple and easy but also has a fabulous pattern. I love it! It's the kind of dress I would prefer to wear on a warm day. You think it can be sewes in 1/2 hour. Perhaps I will try it, when I find a cute pattern like yours.

  15. This is a perfect way to wear 1 dress in 2 ways! While this ensemble is casual and chic, sans leggings and with colored heels would be a stunner! Not too short at all!

  16. Patti, what a fun, fun dress. This would make a perfect one to wear over capri's or longer shorts with sandals. I would even use it as a swim suit coverup. In fact, I think I just might need to do some modcloth shopping. And, I agree with you, so much easier to shop than sew.

  17. Oh I am SO with you on this one Patti, I absolutely cannot bear too many nipped in waists and tightness when it comes to summer frocks. Floaty, floaty, floaty is the word for our humid summers πŸ™‚

  18. Love the dress. I realized today that I might be saying farewell to all of my closed toed shoes for the season as well. Spring took a while to start, but I think it is pretty much in full bloom now.

  19. I love your dress! I feel much the same way about short dresses. I'd much rather wear tights or leggings underneath. Your dress would look great with jeans too! Thanks for hosting Vis Monday!

  20. Love the dress and think you could wear it with leggings and ballet flats for another version…

  21. Great print, Patti. And that dress looks very comfortable and lightweight!

  22. I love a good jammie dress and this one looks awesome on you!

  23. Thought I'd make one last Visible Monday before I disappear for a while. That is such a cute dress and such a lovely pattern. I have one of those pull on dresses in a patterned print and I love it precisely because it is so easy to wear. Those Doc Martens boots have served you very well indeed!

  24. Easy styling! My favorite kind of dress. Toss it on, and it's perfect. I also love it with those boots. I've never actually purchased from Modcloth before.

  25. Patti, this is a perfect, simple summer dress! It doesn't look too short, but you could prob. wear a pretty slip underneath if you wanted longer look? "Peek a boo" slip is what I call it. πŸ™‚

  26. The print on that dress is fabulous! I'm glad we don't have to put our boots away quite yet…

  27. This is a great dress Patti…love it with colored tights. I think the length is perfect and you are right it is so nice to have easy fashionable options. Thanks for hosting!!

  28. I can't believe you got that dress through Mod Cloth. I'm addicted to their fit and flare dresses myself.

    I love the blues on you.


  29. You're speaking my language with that cute little tunic dress! Looks great
    on you…I usually go for tights or leggings, too. It's sort of sad putting
    away the boots, but warmth and sandals here we come!

  30. Patti, blue is definitely your color and you look like a delicate beauty in that dress! I envy you for being able to wear something so simple – and making it look like a million bucks! πŸ˜‰

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  31. This is a gorgeous dress and so simple to throw on! My kind of dress – you look great, blues with a rich brown accent is one of my favs too.

  32. I love easy dresses or skirt/top combinations during warm weather. This blue dress is perfect for summer. Maybe you COULD wear another skirt under it. Or capri leggings either. Debbie @

  33. You're speaking my language with that cute little tunic dress! Looks great on you…I usually go for tights or leggings, too. It's sort of sad putting away the boots, but warmth and sandals here we come!

  34. What a pretty dress – I love that print! And I can imagine it will be so comfy in hot weather, very loose (in a good way). I also like the charms together. It took me a while to realize I could mix and match necklace charms and chains, so I can get a better length on some things now. Duh!

    Happy Monday Eve!

  35. That is a super cute dress Patti! I think blue is a great color for you.

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