Spurge/Save: Neutral Bags for Summer

I was inspired today by this collection of purses in the New York Times “Shopping” slideshow (how’s that for a title that sucks me right in?). I just love these rich (no pun intended) neutrals and classic shapes for the warm seasons.

The prices are completely cra-cra (credit to Melanie of Bag and a Beret). The cost of these five gorgeous bags adds up to just under $3,500. The leather is exquisite and the designs are wow, but these beauties will not be entering chez NDYStyle.

I am not quitting the idea, though, of a fab neutral purse. Here are a few that don’t make my wallet gasp. This first one is a little plain, but I like the front pop-out and choice of handles:

BCBGeneration, $70 via Zappos

This patent bag by Aldo is more structured and has a nifty 60’s feel. I really like the stone color; it’s a little cooler than the bag above. And I love outside pockets:

Aldo Noronen, $60 via Zappos

My current favorite is this satchel by ASOS. I love the structured shape and the orange accents. Great price too:

ASOS Front Tab Lock Bag, $54

Or I might find just the right purse at the thrift store, on eBay or Etsy. Do you like a neutral bag for the warm seasons? Too much maintenance? Might you spring $500 – $1,000 for one of the beauties in the New York Times?

Happy Thursday to all,

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  1. Cute bags! I love looking at handbags, but I only carry the same one day to day as I totally can't be bothered switching my stuff around. My current one is jade green leather with chocolate brown accents. It's medium sized and can be worn cross body which is helpful for walking to work.

    I am thinking I might need more of a tote sized thing for my new job to carry my lunch, a spare pair of shoes etc. We'll see.

    The only problem with light coloured bags is that they get grubby and stained more easily.

  2. Great choices…they are all very pretty and chic. But I vote for shopping second-hand first to see what you may find…especially on Etsy or Ebay. I don't own a neutral colored bag–a fact that does surprise even moi–but I love carrying red, orange and vintage straw bags in summer. Aaaaaugh! I lied. I have neutral but not that light in color. I have a metallic pewter bag that is great for Spring/Summer. Time to drag it out!

  3. All gorgeous neutral bags….but yep, out of my price range too.
    I do love a well made bag and will pay a bit more for one that meets all of my stringent requirements…but not many do!
    I did splurge on a beautiful buckskin colored Coach Willis…but it was during Carson's Goodwill sale so I did get a 25% discount! Its an enduring classic, so I know it will be worth the splurge and pay off over the years.

  4. Those are cool, but very neutral!! There is only one in the pricey section that even sort of peaks my interest, so PASS! Have you tried Ebay or Etsy just to 'see'? If I had to pick a fav, though, it would be the BCBG or bottom right corner of the pricey ones. Good luck finding the perfect one!
    (I actually have a giraffe print bag that I consider my 'neutral')
    Becky πŸ™‚

  5. I like neutral bags but I hesitate to buy one because mine would get dirty in two seconds flat. I have one that is a darker clay color that I like but haven't used yet. I think it will stand up to stains better than a light nude color.

  6. Gack! Wow, that's a lot of money for a bag. They are all quite beautiful, but I'll keep carrying my $2 black leather purse for now.

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