The Skin You’re In

This just made me smile. Dr. E. did not use sunscreen . . . .

One of my age-twin friends, Joni, is as gorgeous as she is kind and smart. I am not making this up – she is traffic-stopping beautiful, with swingy blond hair, blue eyes and more than a passing resemblance to Christie Brinkley.

Among thousands of other topics, Joni and I like to discuss beauty and style. I was flattered when she asked my about my skin care regimen, because as I said, girlfriend has it going on. It made me remember that I do have really nice skin – not too many age spots, good texture and slight rosy glow. (I am not counting the “dysplastic mole” I just had removed from my back and the resulting “Who stole my kidney?” scar).

So here’s my routine, simple but with two non-secret “secrets”: Retin-A and sunscreen. The rest is probably window dressing. And I exercise, and don’t drink too much alcohol, and the usual take-care of-oneself stuff.

Morning regimen: Rinse face well with warm water while in shower, no soap needed. I use Olay Regenerist Serum or Olay Microsculpting Serum, and let in dry while I do other things. Then I use a good 20+ sunscreen every day, all year round. My current is Elta MD UV Physical SPF 41. It’s got a light tint so it takes the place of foundation, too. The tint prevents it from being my chest and hand sunscreen, so I use a good Neutrogena there.

I chose Olay Regenerist as my base because its reviews and ingredients list suggest it may have some small benefit in skin repair. My reasoning is: if I’m going to rub something on my face, it might as well have a shot at improving my skin, not just keep it from drying out.

Hope, I has it.

Evening regimen: I’m not fussy about soap. I’ll use any gentle liquid to wash my face. Baby wash is fine with me, and it’s $2 at the discount store. I use Retin-A .05% every night, all over my face, up to my eyes, hairline, and ears. I rub some on the back of my hands and my upper neck. Done.

If my skin were dryer, or if I lived in a cold climate, I’d add some simple moisture over the Retin-A, about 20 minutes later. I usually don’t need it here is Florida.

This stuff – I am a true believer.

It’s not a lot, but it is a routine, as in: I stick to it. That’s one of the plusses of being mid-life; we have the know-how and discipline to take care of ourselves a bit better than when we were 20. Ah, but, falling asleep at 2AM with a face full of makeup was its own bliss, yeah?

Care to share any secrets of your own?

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  1. I've been using nighttime Roc Retin-A for years, it moisturizes and seems to have good amount of the Retin-A ingredient. During the day, I use daytime Roc Retin-A with sunscreen, I'm going to be 70 this summer, but frankly, even skin doctors tell me I have the skin of someone 20 years younger … this despite being an outdoor loving resident of SE Florida for 25 years. Yes, it may be partly genetics, but product helps. My skin is rather sensitive, but I've never had a bad reaction to Roc. A Nivea formula, however, turned my skin an angry red. Needless to say, I threw it out.
    I would not dream of being out in the sun without sunscreen. if I don't have my Roc along with me, I reapply a "baby safe" sunscreen wand I keep in my purse and biking bag. Yes, I bike a lot… 26 miles every saturday, shorter trips during the week.

  2. I've recently started using Estée Lauder's Adavanced Night Repair serum and I love it!

  3. I agree with the Retin A. It has made a big difference since I have been using it and the sunscreen I use Skinceuticals SPF 50 everyday Plus a mineral powder to touch up during the day.

  4. yes, I remember that sunscreen gives you lots of skin problems. Your skin does look wonderful, so you must do a great job of shading it.

  5. Great post Patti, and you said it best, Routine is the key! I too, use a retin-A and sunscreen but in this dry climate, lots of moisturizer both morning and night. I also use only olive oil to remove eye make-up, its gentle and keeps my eyelashes healthy and strong.

  6. I pretty much wear no make-up, wash my face with water unless I'm feeling particularly funky and then I'll use St. Ive's or something else gentle. Then I use an SPF-free natural moisturizer in the morning. The more stuff I use, the more I break out. I'll deal with a few zits a month versus full face break-out I get when trying to "treat" my skin. I also stay out of the sun as much as possible because Spf also causes – break outs. Adult acne sucks, but everyone in my family has it. =[

  7. A simple regime's best. I stick with the own brand, cruelty-free drugstore products I've used for years. I never wear foundation, use a cheap facial wash and a equally cheap radiance boosting moisturiser with factor 20 and always take my eye make-up off no matter what I state I roll home in! xxx

  8. I'm proud to say that I've never fallen asleep in my makeup. That said, I do get lazy because my mum and my gran both have excellent skin and I hope some of that is genetics.

  9. It's simple, but it's obviously working! I admit I am still a bit lazy about my skin routine. Time to tighten up. I think Einstein might have been through a few rough patches to end up with those wrinkles— but wouldn't it be amazing to have that mind??
    Becky 🙂

  10. I can't do any retina-A because I have super sensitive skin with roseacea but I do use a sunscreen all the time. Now if only I'd done that when I was younger…sigh.

  11. I have roscea and oily skin but i've found Garnier BB cream-oily/combo formula is FABULOUS for day wear!! Sunscreen, foundation, moisturizer all in one! At night I wash with good old noxema and I vary my skin creams. now i'm using Regenrist stuuf.

  12. I use some Olay products as well. Great that I can just get them at the supermarket and not have to spend $$$ on them. Oh, and don't forget to drink plenty of water, ladies! It's key too good skin.

  13. Where do you purchase your Retin-A cream, Patti? I agree with you it is so important to have a routine. I have met many ladies lately (mostly in their 40s) who go to bed at night with make up on…every person I have interviewed in the beauty industry says that is a major NO!

  14. I'm a believer in sunscreen and Retin-A too. But in our dry climate, moisturizer, both day and night, is a must!

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