In Search Of: Tuxedo Pants

I’m craving a pair of tuxedo trousers that I can wear to work as well as weekends, so not truly tuxedo-tuxedo trousers. More like an homage to tuxedo pants. They have to have that awesome black stripe down the outside of the leg. Even dark jeans would be cool.

But I haven’t found the just-right pair yet. There’s plenty of yoga-type pants with tuxedo stripes, like this:

Cute, but much more sporty than what I’m looking for.

And when I come across a good-looking denim pair, they’re very size-limited:

I’d wear these, with a bit more breathing room. ☺ But they’re not available in my size.

I’ve seen some great-looking dressy versions, in the higher $$$ departments:

Oooh, very nice! But $275 is out of my comfort zone.

And fun casual versions that won’t pass muster for the office:

I like these J Brands, but I’m not sure I love the white stripe.

So the search goes on. I love a good search. What do you think about the tuxedo trouser?

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Have a fantastic weekend,

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  1. I adore them!!! Lucky and JCrew both have a pair I'm craving right now. But I still haven't bought a pair, don't know what's holding me back except that I think they are a little trendy and like you, prefer the uber-expensive ones. I do still have a tuxedo suit from the 80's that I probably should just pull out, haha!!!

    XO ~Kim @

  2. Love tuxedo trousers, and have contemplated doing a DIY pair at some point!

  3. Years ago, I had the best pair- lightweight light grey pinstriped flared leg, with a pink grosgrain ribbon as the tux striped. They were fully lined and great looking. I wore them with converse. Then I outgrew them. Pity.

    I get frustrated with you crave a certain type of garment or color or cut and you can't find the right pair anywhere.

  4. I'm not really loving the black/white thing, it does seem a bit tracksuit-y to me. A soft drapey fabric, black-stripe-on-black, would look very elegant, and could be dressed up or down. I think a wide-leg version of this style is something I could wear – and you know how I struggle with trousers! xxxx

  5. I love the white trousers with the black stripe! The white stripe on the JBrands isn't doing it for me either.

  6. I like tuxedo trousers, but I don't like the white stripe ones either.

  7. I'm with the looser fit too. Tuxedos are classy -Katherine Hepburn, not J.Lo. I have had workout pants with a side stripe and it can be slimming, but it's an entirely different thing.

  8. I am like you, Patti…I prefer the chic black on black…the black and white ones look too much like athletic wear to me…hope you find what you are looking for!! Have a happy Saturday!!

  9. I prefer them with a loose fit and a soft, silky material – that is a classy style.

    Love the J Brand skinnies but without the stripe only. Unless you are super slim I don't think the stripe does enhance your figure.

    Lady of Style

  10. Patti – This is a tough one. I finally found looser silk pants from J. Crew with a tuxedo stripe BUT they are grass green with a blue stripe. I guess we have to just keep looking!

  11. Oh Patti….I've been searching for the perfect 'lady tux' for a very long time….hard to find!

  12. Love tux pants. The white ones are super fly, but besides the price, i am waaaaay too messy for white.
    Becky πŸ™‚

  13. I think that is one style I made a big mistake on once. I found a gorgeous pair of silk tuxedo trousers at the thrift store for $4. I put them back because I would have had to hem them. DUMBASS-me put them back. They were gone. D:

    Ah well, It's a style I adore, but have yet to actually wear. I can't get those pants out of my head anyway, so maybe it's better? It's a bit dressy for my day to day style anyway.

    Hope you find the perfect pair.

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