Lucky, Lucky Woman/Tell Me What You See

If you ever catch me whining about this or that, some first-world problem like “my camera’s not a DSLR” or “my tea got cold” or “shaving my legs is such a drag”, feel free to give me a sharp smack with a wet fish.

Because this is my front yard. What a lucky woman I am. The beauty of the sea, always changing, is a balm to the spirit during difficult times. And a joy to wake up to every day. I know many of you live in equally beautiful settings.

As Bella of Citizen Rosebud often says, Bloom Where You’re Planted. And enjoy every scene, because we’re Not Dead Yet. ☺

I’d love to hear/see where you live and what’s in your neighborhood. Please let me know in the comments what you like to rest your eyes upon. And have a gorgeous Thursday!

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  1. Wow … Amazing to see that every day! The sea is so calming and helps to ease life's worries away!

  2. You are indeed a lucky woman! There's nothing like the ocean and sand beneath your feet. Instantly relaxing. I'm lucky enough to live at the foot of the mountains and open space. My suburb bumps right up against lovely red rock outcroppings, wildlife and hiking trails. Within 5 minutes, I can be surrounded in nature. Thanks for reminding me of my good fortune.

  3. That is just breathtakingly beautiful! You should feel so blessed, and not just the sight but the sounds you are able to hear, so calming. This photo is absolutely amazing, what an angel you are.
    I don't have the ocean to wake up to but I'm am blessed to have the sun rise above the 12,000 ft. Wasatch mountain tops and then set below the Oquirrh Mountains just off the Great Salt Lake.

  4. I am very jealous of your front yard. I would love to live near the sea and a beach – it is where I feel normal. In the meanwhile I will have to be grateful that most days I can catch a glimpse of the glorius St Paul's Cathedral from the office windows as I go about my day.

  5. Wow, Patti! Yup, you are one lucky woman! This is a dream to me and husband.. one day hopefully when we finally can say "Addios" and retire! Well, now I am not that bad actually, lived about 10 minutes walk from a nice clean beach but not close enough.. I want it on my front yard! Anyway, love this all white look.. 10 out of 10!



  6. My neighbourhood is scruffy, urban and decidedly non-picturesque… But it's home! I would love to live by the sea (one day, maybe); your beach is beautiful, you are fortunate indeed, Patti. xxxx

  7. Patti – that is such a beautiful beach. I'm also blessed to have some pretty spectacular scenery here in NZ. I try not to take my outfit pics at the beach too often as I don't want to make every around the world jealous xo

  8. What a lovely backyard! Right now I live on the rue Cherche-Midi in Paris next door to the Poilâne bakery. For most of the year, I live in a small fishing village in British Columbia.

  9. Wow, that's gorgeous! And I bet it's lovely all year 'round too. I love beaches in winter.

    About 20 yards from my door I've got the harbour, which really enjoy. It's a small locked harbour with long barges, a few small yachts, ferries and often people rowing or children learning to sail. There are swans, ducks and cormorants. I do love living near the water (We can only afford it 'cos we rent). Our house in New Zealand was set on a section with large trees all around it so that was quite nice too. I enjoyed watching grey warblers and fantails in the trees from our second floor deck. (Google the NZ birds I mentioned, they're adorable!)

  10. I would never ever ever leave home if that were MY front yard. You really are lucky. 🙂

  11. you look fabulous and love your picked background!
    I'm living in the north of Spain, in Logroño, a little town on a vine-producing valley (Rioja), surrounded by mountains where there's still some snow. But spring is blooming just now, even though it's suddenly cold today!
    besos & pretty landscapes

  12. What a beautiful view made all the more beautiful by YOU!!
    I love seeing the mountains (Appalachian ) around me. i cross over 2 every day while going to work. The veiw out over the valley at daybreak is gorgeous

  13. I live near the woods. Our forests are beautiful, but I prefer the sea when it comes to nature. I still choose to live there because friends and family are the most important.

  14. I live high in the Blue Ridge, so I'm greeted by my mountains as I step out my door each morning. When I think of the perfect vacation, it is the ocean. Do beach dwellers dream of the mountains?

  15. Ah, you are a breath of fresh air! Fresh Atlantic air! I'm over on the Pacific coast — thanks for reminding me to go dip my toes in the ocean — I'm a few miles away from it and forget how close I am.
    I rest my eyes on the skies above — no matter what is down below (horrible traffic, urban blight) the sky is limitless.

  16. I'd kill to live near the sea. I live a 5 minute walk from the town centre, most of the houses I see from my window were built in 1905, there's a sixteenth century windmill to my right and far too many trees, at the moment being lashed by gale force winds. x

  17. What a lovely setting Patti, I love loving by the sea too 🙂

  18. Mountains are my spirit balm, Patti. I used to live in Asheville, NC where I could view the beautiful Appalachians every where I went. Now I'm in suburban Maryland, but at least I get cherry blossoms!

  19. Oh–beautiful photo! This picture gives me context and content about you–your choices and life. Your lovely white dress makes sense on this gorgeous beach! In my photo for this week I'm still wearing boots because there's snow on the ground. I'm dyslexic so writing is a challenge and spellcheck is my best friend. My eyes see the world in pictures not language. This photo made me gasp in delight!

  20. Beautiful scenery!

    I live on the divide of the burbs and cow country. The trees around my development hide the views of the city from the south, but we can hear the sounds of traffic mixed in with chirping crickets and the croaks of frogs. If you look north you can see the beautiful mountains rising up. I feel lucky to be here.

  21. What a beautiful and wonderful post. It comes at a good time while I'm snarking about weather being right in the middle. I want to go somewhere with culture and uniqueness. I'm admittedly tired of sad, poverty laden towns. And living in them. When Jack-in-the-boxes turn into cash loan places – you know it's not great.

    My inlaws house is a very nice house for where we live. I'm grateful to have this safe place to come home to every night. I try to find the joy in mom'n'pop diners, small grocery stores, a thrifting goldmine. I only feel I'm outgrowing my pot – to extend your metaphor. I'm ready for replanting. 😉

  22. Love the white dress….love the view of the ocean even more.
    I live in suburbia…I walk out and see concrete sidewalks and unimaginative landscaping (mine)….oh and beautiful, blooming spring flowers.
    I would love to walk out and see a walking community….walking to the market, the fruit market, the deli….work.

  23. Oh indeed, you are a lucky woman. I love the sea so much (I wonder if there is someone who doesn't). But I live among mountains of Nepal, in the valley surrounded with green hills and with snowy peaks on background. I love such landscape too. So I suppose I am a lucky woman too 🙂

  24. If I could decide where to live it should be close to the sea or to a big lake. I love to walk along the beach and to look over the water. You are so a lucky girl, especially because you know to appreciate what you have.

    But I don't complain, I live in a very picturesque area, in a middle size city in Germany with many small lakes and rivers near by. Always a chance to walk along and some very nice places in the not so far surrounding.

  25. The full moon framed by palm trees from my living room is a favorite view of mine.

    Your beach is lovely.

  26. I live a block to the ocean…not right on the doorstep but close enough to be in the salt spray zone and need a window washer!
    You are a lucky gal to have the beach at your door step….

  27. Hello Patti~Swoon! The sea, so fabulous, so grounding….you are one lucky woman to be neighbors. No wet fish needed…you already know!
    xx, Heather @ Stylemindchic

  28. Ooooooh Patti….that is the best front yard ever! Fantastic beach for a fantastic lady! I don't see the ocean when I roll out of bed, but a short walk and I'm there. Of course, I frequently go there in my mind. Right now, my back yard has a blooming cherry tree, and the front yard is welcoming the blooms of rhododendrons. It's a great little beach community with a pub or two. Hope you visit one day!

  29. Dearest Patti,
    Very meaningful post! Love to wake up to the chirping of the birds in our huge garden; our piece of paradise that we created with hard work and lots of sweat. But it is so soothing to be surrounded by many evergreens that we purposely planted for enjoying them year round. Being alive and able to take it in is a big blessing!
    Hugs to you,

  30. My condo is surrounded by oak trees and maple trees – I love to watch the squirrels, crows and little chickadees that make their homes in there, and watch the trees open up their leaves as spring progresses.

    What a lovely beach, Patti! You're so lucky.

  31. Oh my goodness,Patti! I had no idea u were so close to the ocean! We used to get to vacation on Hilton Head Island, and am finally getting to go back this year after about 5-6 years. Our true love has always been the beach and I feel so connected to the ocean.

    We live on the Western side Of Cincinnati, an old, German Catholic community, and very conservative. We are in a small suburb beside a huge forest with lots of hiking trails. We are right near the Ohio river. I am grateful for the quiet atmosphere, but do crave city energy or beachy flip-floppy living…
    I suppose it's a Gemini thing – one or the other 🙂

    You are blessed!

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