Visible Monday #9: Found in Translation; More Silly Posing

Welcome to Visible Monday #9! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the simple how-to.

Part of the fun and challenge of being over 40 is translating current (and often very youthful) looks into more classic and age-appropriate versions. We still want to look modern and on-trend, but well, sequined short-shorts are not for public view any more (a girl can have her memories though . . .).  Can young styles and trends translate to my (very) over-40 self in a dignified way? We’ll see. Inspiration Monday at Two Birds blog got me started.

Here’s an interpretation of Inspiration Monday’s photo, adjusted for the woman-of-a-certain-age-who-does-not-wear-hot-pants. I went with knee-length cuffed capris and a simple black linen jacket over a white linen blouse. I do love the exuberant jacket shown in the inspiration photo, and I believe it can be worn at any age as well. I just don’t own one!

I feel great in this simple outfit, as it’s youthful without being “too young”. Legs from the knees down can be celebrated at any age, I think, and showing some decollete feels fresh.


In the following don’t-do-it example, I stayed with the sheer white linen blouse, but I am afraid I lost the youthful feel. The shirt is kind of shapeless, which is OK with the fitted shorts. But this long skirt is shapeless too, and the shoes, while pretty, are a bit mumsy. So while there’s nothing bad about this look, it’s not very fetching either. If I were not such a lazy blogger, and in such a hurry to get to lunch at the Pig and Whistle, I’d have re-photographed this with: a nice chunky leather belt and some strappy wedge sandals.

Looks like Mom is ready to go out to lunch now.

Last week, we had a good time gently mocking some of the more unusual model poses from a popular catalog. I could not rest until I tried the “sprawled” look so many of us enjoyed. Some of you thought it was “sexy” in the catalog shot; I thought it was “I’m exhausted”. On me, I’m going with exhausted:

Or: “She just looked at her mutual fund statement.”

Now I would love to see what you’re wearing. Have a wonderful day.

The guidelines to participate in Visible Monday are so simple!

  1. Any Monday, whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
  2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post.
  3. Go to the bottom of this post and click on this cute little link:

In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!

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  1. Thanks for coming by and for your kind words! Come back soon  : >

  2. Seems like every woman can relate to the "exhausted" pose . . . hmmmmm.

  3. I love your inspiration Monday look- great denim capris! The sheer blouse is also fabulous and I love the exhausted pose- that's me after a long day at work 🙂

  4. Patti,
    You and I are on the same wave length.  I wanted to  thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.  I've been rather absent lately but now I'm back.
    Of course I love the first outfit.  Something I would feel very comfortable in and it looks great on you.  I like the what not to wear part.  I sometimes think things like that give just as much or more inspiration!

  5. you can look absolutely fabulous with shorts, you've got nice slim legs! Nevertheless, you still look great in this outfit, very smart and chic. The "exhausted look" is so familiar, I'm in this pose almost everyday, sometimes more than twice a day..haha..


  6. Thanks, Pam, I can see you in this jacket, too, it's got your vibe. We need to start organizing something for an over-40 meetup. I am meeting Kari of Chronicles of Lady K tomorrow, very exciting.

    I travel to New York about three times a year, and Boston is reachable by Amtrak from NYC? Anyway, we should try to cook something up.

  7. Hi Susan – it's good to know I am not alone in my anguish. : )
    Thanks for your kind words.

  8. Thanks FPOW, for visiting and for your kind words. I must go look for your "bad outfit" post!

  9. love your inspiration monday interpretation with heels, shorts and a layered look on top

  10. Patti, Your shorts outfit is very chic; nice glammed up casual look.  I like the second outfit best in the "lying exhausted" pose!  You are definitely inspiring us to branch out more with our poses.  I did try the "angry face" and I may use it later this week.  Debbie

  11. Wow, do I LOVE the cut of that jacket!  Very sharp.  Blended with the more casual elements, it gives just the sort of creative contrast that I love, love, love.  And if our distances weren't so far, I would TOTALLY see an over-40 blogger gathering in our future — at one of the Pig Places, of course!

  12. That's exactly what I did when I saw my mutual fund statement!

    You look great in the don't do it outfit, not at all like Mom about to go out to lunch.

  13. i love the "exhausted" pose. the caption especially made me laugh. both outfits are great on you, but i am loving the shoes and blazer in the first look!

  14. Ha ha I love the 'exhausted pose'!! The shorts outfit looks great, I think you are so right about knee length shorts flattering everyone. I have so many bad outfits that I photo and they dont put on the blog. I actually did a whole bad outfit post once just to give everyone a laugh at the outtakes!!

  15. Hi Kiki, thanks for coming by and participating! I love your blog.

  16. Wish I could meet you at the Pig Stand! (There's a sentence I've never written before . . . ).  Thanks for participating, Pam.

  17. Debbi, thank you for your very kind and sincere compliments, and for participating in Visible Monday. You are appreciated.

  18. Paula – thanks for coming and participating! You're right about my lunch outfit (I did jazz it up before I went out) – it needs some fun!

  19. Kari – I feel your exhaustion. That is not an easy job at all. Thanks for coming by.

  20. Thanks for coming by, CH. The jacket comes off and on quite a bit – steamy outdoors and freezing indoors!

  21. Yes, my motto during the recent market tumble has been "I'm not looking!"

  22. Hi Patti! You look fantastic!  I went back into my post and added a link to your blog.  Thank you for hosting! xoxo Kiki

  23. I love the shorts outfit!  I might just have to use you as my inspiration to wear that next weekend…I have all of the pieces!!  One of San Antonio's most famous resturants is the PIG STAND….I wonder if their menus are similar!  Have a Marvelous Monday everyone!!

  24. I love your sprawled pose and the sheer blouse.  (psst–I like YOUR version of the  Two Birds inspiration better!)

  25. I see so many young fashion bloggers wearing shorts with jackets. It is such a cute look and I envy them being able to wear them.  You look wonderful in your interpretation. I really like your jacket.
    I like your pose, your captions are just too funny!
    On a serious note, you look great in everything you wear. You are so slender and lovely.

  26. Patti~Love your  Mutual fund pose!  And I love the first look–so cute.  I agree that altho your luncheon look is totally cool, I agree that there is some room for some fun.  I love your poses from last week too!

    so glad to be part of Visible Monday!

  27. see … Now, I don't think this is a mumsy look at all (my skirt was so shapeless in the back), and great interpretation of Olivia Palermo. I love the exhausted shot — that is me right now with taking care of my parents. 🙂

  28. Your exhausted mutual fund pose is too cute!  Your mumsy look is pretty much me……and I'm very tired of the old me.  Love your sense of whimsy in the first look.  How DO you stay comfortable in a jacket in Florida, in the summertime? 

  29. Your "mutual fund" caption cracked me up!  I love that top ensemble, very fresh.

  30. LOL  The Pig and Whistle!  Now that sounds like my kind of place to eat!!!  You look great by the way!  I know what you mean though…sometimes outfits just don't feel very blogworthy….so silly for us to think like that! Hugs!  ~Serene

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