What I Wore: The Mirror Does Not Lie . . . Does It?

Today was a self-tutorial. My beloved photographer was out surfing (!) so I had to do my own pictures if I wanted to record the daily look. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t mastered the camera’s timer yet so I was forced to do the mirror thing. The results are not laughably bad (Hope!) but there were some lessons learned:

  • Remove the wrist strap from the camera, lady. Doh.
  • Loosen up a little. I was concentrating on getting my whole self in the picture, and my poses are pretty stiff.
  • Smile, even if your face is covered up. It shows in the eyes. You should see the pics I discarded; the scowls were scary. No head shots were blog-worthy today.
  • Keep the flash off. Enough said.
  • Learn the timer thing, really soon.
  • Fashion note: even on a fairly slim frame, a poofy skirt belted tight at the waist adds the illusion of weight.

On the plus side: I love my Banana Republic ruffled top with this graphic skirt. I felt so feminine all day. And I adore my new bunny necklace, the Ballerina. It’s from Forever21 and inspired directly by Debbie from Thrifty Girl Vintage (she has two, I think). Thanks, Deb! The two bracelets are from F21 too.

Please tell me I’m not alone: was there a time when you struggled with mirror-shots too?

Visible Monday Reminder:  Monday August 22nd is Visible Monday, a group posting for anyone who’d like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and link to it via my Monday post. Easy and fun.

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  1. I take my own pics 99% of the time. I use my cel phone.
    So trust me, your pictures, no matter what will always be better than mine 🙂
    Now, I have to say I LOVE how that skirt looks with that shirt. I don't think that I would have paired them together because of the ruffle – but that ruffle is what makes all the difference and makes this outfit stand out. 
    I also like how you cuffed both wrists, I have only done it once and was not totally convinced, but you totally pulled it off.

  2. This outfit is so nice, you look so good in these pictures, I love your skirt and the blouse is awesome and that necklace is so cool! Your have a lovely blog and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  3. Self-Timer is easier than mirror shots. I have never taken a good mirror shot. I am getting decent at the "arm outstretched picture with friends," but I think I'll stick with my tripod!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. the top is beautiful and even though you are self-conscious about "added weight", it is mostly invisible to my eye.  The outfit looks wonderful.

  5. Your picture is very nice. It's hard to use camera own photos. It's difficult to use mirror things.

  6. The pictures look very good! Yes, it is indeed hard to find the camera timer! I have difficulties with it too. Love your style and the necklesses are so cute! 

  7. Hi Ginger – thanks for coming by! I did wear a close-fitted black linen jacket for part of the day and it looked pretty good. But I think a short cardigan would be very nice too – maybe in a color like yellow or coral for accent?

  8. I love the top with the skirt.
    What kind of jacket/sweater would you put with it?

  9. Hi Patti, as a matter of fact i did yesterday mirror shots at the Y where i volunteer once a week in the thrift shop, it was for fun, i was experimenting and it turned out quite cool, you will see soon. You should get a remote for your timer, i have one, i take my shots with a tripod and remote control.

    I love your top and skirt very feminine – take care – Ariane xxxx

  10. I have learned to work with my tripod and I bought a little remote (very cheap) that you can just click. It's always a little work but I find that I'm getting better with it all the time…

  11. I cannot take mirror shots. I've seriously tried and tried, just can't do it. Unfortunately I have no photographer & no fancy tripod so I'm forced to use the timer. Trust me when I tell you that isn't all that easy either (especially without a tripod). My pictures pretty much are terrible but oh well. Anyway, I LOVE your outfit. That skirt and shirt really do look amazing together.

  12. I struggle with mirror shots every time!  But they almost always come out better than the timed ones…

  13. I love the skirt and jewellery so much! Just gorgeous:)).  I used to be paranoid about my hips if I wore a poufy skirt but if I feel wonderful and swishy, it makes me smile, so I forget the hips! Love your tips, they made me giggle … eBay for tripods;) xo

  14. My mirror photos were such disasters that they could not be published.
    You do not look like you have an illusion of weight! Believe me, I know about that (lol) and for me it is no illusion.
    Don't you just love F21 jewelry. How can they make it so inexpensively?

  15. I just love my triipod!  At first, I had my camera propped up against a window on a book, etc.  Then I tried the mirror thing, but I always look confused.  Have you tried a tripod?  My husband will take an occassional photo, but he leaves at 5 am and I am not ready then!

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