What I Wore: Tweaking , Remixing and Posing Funny

I posted about this skirt two weeks ago, and I wasn’t completely happy with the overall look. Some of you liked the neutral top, and said it let the skirt shine (thank you!). But I still felt a little blah in that combo.

Today’s remix makes me feel a little zingier : A dark tee, with some detail to make it interesting, provides contrast for the skirt. And please, check out these new (to me) shoes: I picked them up the same day as the Bandolino flats, at Goodwill! These are by Euro Soft and they are so comfortable. And cool-looking, if I may toot my own shoe-horn. Don’t you love finding shoes that make your fashion goddess smile, and keep your fussy feet happy?

I’m still practicing my poses, and feeling silly. I saved a catalog from Urban Outfitters to inspire me, but I am struggling with some of the shots.

I am linking up with Thursdays are for Thrifting over at Spunky Chateau. Please go take a look at all the wonderful thrifted creations.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. That top looks great with the skirt and those shoes look amazing too! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I'm definitely in on the floor pose! Oh my, that would be fun! haha .. hysterical! I like this top with the skirt so much better! great job. Looking forward to seeing you in real life.

  3. Hi Ally – sorry for the commenting problems; it could be the Disqus program on my end. And thanks for coming by, please come again!

  4. Thank you Jess, you are a great fashion commenter and I appreciate you.

  5. I'm sorry (to you too, Jess) for writing this comment as a "reply"! For some reason, my comp won't let me write comments on your blog unless it's this way (it keeps saying "Please wait"…and I do, at least for a few min). I've been following your blog for a while now, but haven't been able to comment yet- I'm glad I figured this out! Those shoes are AWESOME. I like any brand with the word "soft" in it 🙂 You have such lovely style. Ally @ Fever Thrift

  6. I still love that skirt! It so versatile. I thought I wouldn't like it as much with a black top cause I adored it with neutral, but it looks great. That is a staple piece.
    Those are fabulous by the way, so cute and they just go so well with the whole thing.

    Jess. 🙂

  7. Hey, I do that wineglass pose all the time.  Silly me, though; I always forget to take the photo.  Great outfit, Patti!  I do like how the darker top sort of "grounds" everything, if that makes sense.

  8. Love how the shoes pull everything together with interesting detail.  Your post made me laugh, which I really appreciate.

  9. I tried to comment on this when I first saw it yesterday, but was having trouble.

    YES!!!  The skirt needs that top and those shoes. It's a beautifully coordinated and balanced look.

  10. Wendy, thanks so much! I thought the girl lying on the floor was just tired. : >

  11. Come on Terri, let's do a linked up horizontal pose day, like Debbie suggested! : >   I think I love Soft shoes.

  12. I'm in if you are  : >   But my interpretation of her pose (I'm middle aged) was that she's exhausted  : >

  13. Yes, pre-owned shoes can be "iffy"! I did luck out with these. Thanks for coming by, Debbi.

  14. You look 'fine' Patti … real real fine.

    Love the shoes, my daughter bought similar ones when she was home in January. 

    Now – about those poses … the floor one could be interesting and suggestive – do try it and let us know … lol … maybe then I'd dare to give it a try 🙂

    Have a stunning day.

  15. you always look so classy and elegant. The skirt looks glamorous with the gold trimmings, and the detailing on the top is beautiful. The belt is gorgeous too. 


  16. U look amazing!! love love that skirt!! and i know posing infront of camera takes a lil time!! i tackle with the same problem whenever i hab to take outfit pictures!!

  17. I absolutely love this outfit. It is just all perfect together. Those shoes are so cool. I have yet to see shoes at Goodwill that I would even consider putting my foot in! They are just used up and nasty for the most part. I keep looking and hoping because I see there have to be some out there!
    Again, I really like this outfit!

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