What I Wore: I’m Neutral About This

I like this new/old skirt, thrifted from Goodwill. It’s lightweight, the perfect length, and has cool details like a drawstring waist and an under-skirt that peeks out at the hem. It’s washable and the price was right, about $4. I do not love this whole look though because I think the top is too bland, too neutral, for the skirt.

I did adjust the belt to hide the drawstring . . . after I saw this picture!
Linen shirt: Tracy M; Skirt: Old Navy, thrifted; Belt: Guess, thrifted,
Shoes: White Mountain

Yes, it “matches”, but it doesn’t sing. I liked it better in my mind the night before! Even the addition of an arm party didn’t make it interesting enough. Next time I will try a cool black blouse, with details, like this:

Blouse from Bloomie’s

Or a simple black tee, with a fun top layer (vest or cardi):

Leifsdottir lace vest

Or . . . a color? I could try my new best friend yellow or go crazy with coral, and tie it together with some special jewelry.

Blouse via Nordstroms

The skirt has a lot of potential, and it will have a spot in my closet for fall. I’m sure to love it with tights and flat boots.

What do you do to add life to neutral outfits?

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  1. I like the skirt – especially at that price!  I would choose an even lighter top, myself.  I the 'problem' is that it takes all the attention away from your face.  You have great legs and so can get away with that, but I'm wondering if a piece of sparkly jewelry or a metallic scarf wouldn't balance the skirt and bring attention back to your face?  Just a thought…I'm new here…

  2. Girlfriend, you are not argumentative – I love hearing your opinion! And you're right, I could definitely see this skirt on you!

  3. I love that skirt. While the shirt might not POP!!! to your liking, I think it looks nice. I agree with Meagan. The neutral shirts makes the skirt the focal point, as a skirt like that should be. It would look great with the lace or the coral top, as well. It's a great piece and you wear it well. Those shoes are adorable.


    Twinstyles.blog.com – Check us out if you get the chance! 🙂

  4. Patty, not to be argumentative, but I think you made a stellar choice with this top! The skirt is a statement piece (and I am LOVING all OVER it!!! I love shiny!!!) and so I think the top should be left neutral so as not to take away from the skirt. Now, if you're going out for the evening a gold top and stilettos would look AMAZING! You look beautiful!! ~Serene

  5. The skirt is adorable. I think the top you choose makes the outfit classy. The black tank with the lace vest makes it trendy. What a versatile piece.
    Those 30/30 ladies would love it!

  6. First, the skirt is great! I don't have any problems with the grey blouse, but maybe the black would give more contrast.
    And definitely, try a bright colored top. I think it'd look awesome, since the colors in the skirt are neutral!

  7. I think the grey shirt is ok but I think you're on the right track with the black blouse or bright colour with accessories to bring them together 🙂

    I don't wear neutrals very often… I look like a dead zombie with my skintone…. *insert drooling growling noise…… uhhhhhhh

  8. I think any of your ideas will work nicely. I think a neutral top could work as well, but maybe with a less classic cut? (Maybe a simple tunic or tee, without collar and buttons? And then jewelry to pump it up).

    LOVE the skirt!!!!

  9. I like the top, but maybe you needed a punch of color in the jewelry or maybe a tank under the top?

    Or in the shoes!!

  10. Reva – thanks! I loved your double-maxis today.

    Paula – Thank you. I *know* you love the color! And you always wear it so well.

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