Visible Monday #86: Docs With Everything!

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I wrote about buying my first pair of Doc Martens at age 57. Now I can’t get enough of them (similar here). I’ll wear them to the beach if I don’t stop myself.

Here my new favorite shoes are paired with a simple knit dress from Lands End in the color of the (past) season, Merlot. I added a soft and fuzzy long cardigan (with pockets!) from the 15DollarStore, and a thrifted leather belt. No haute couture, but happy, Visible, and functional for Florida winter, i.e. 68 degrees.

She smiles the smile of a Doc-wearing woman.
Here you can see the color of the dress. And there’s kick-cat!

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  1. Florida!! So THAT's where you live! I always wonder these things when I read along, but I don't think you had ever revealed that in previous posts. Lucky dog! You've got me inspired to play around with belts more. You wear them a lot and they look so good on you!

  2. Patti, this is just the kind of outfit I love for winter in California! Short boots, tights, and a comfy dress with long sweater has been my go to style – just as easy as slipping into favorite jeans, but oh so much more visible and fun!

  3. Okay, I've linked up.  I meant to yesterday, but, well, technical difficulties.  😉

  4. I just found your blog last night and I'M IN LOVE!  I've been doing a folk art blog for a couple of years now, but just launched my AlterEgoFashionista page for wise-women…those of us with a little age under our belts!  I am so excited to find you and to participate in Visable Monday…such a great idea!  (Oooops…I just realized I'll be in Tucson next Monday!)  Anyway, I can't wait to read more…I'm so delighted to meet you!  Dawn @

  5. Loving the Doc Martens Lady. So cool and you cannot go wrong with a Cognac color – it goes with everything.

    After a long while, I am glad to link back up, after having the baby. =)

  6. Not usually a fan of Doc Martins, but these are great!  On you, of course!  Thanks again for hosting everyone!

  7. I can see why you love your Docs.  Comfortable and stylish!  The belted sweater creates a very nice silhouette, layered over your richly colored merlot knit dress. 

  8. Love that you paired brown with the darker tights and dress
    Such a great look you have going here

  9. I missed it this week!
    I love the first pic of you so beautiful
    And yes Docs! I had mine all day so confortable!
    Lovely bunch of Ladies you have there this week
    I will check them out!

    Ariane xxx

  10. I think this is quite haute couture, and to be happy, visible and functional is just a bonus.   You look fabulous and extremely happy. I love how you can make a pair of Doc Martin boots look so feminine.

  11. I lik how your wear the cardigan belted, very nice. Thanks for the party Patti, Have a great week.

  12. You are glowing today, Patti, and looking wonderful! (Also, Doc Martens are the best; so comfortable and cool-looking!)

  13. Yay for Docs! Takes me back to jr high/high school in Seattle in the early '90s. I am seeing these babies come back in a big way and they're such a great balance to an uber femme outfit, like you've paired so expertly here. Loving the look, Patti! Thanks for hostessing today!!! ~Sarah

  14. I'm having serious shoe envy over your docs- they are the perfect shade, height and style of boots I have been looking for, for a couple of months.  Hmmmmm, where can I buy them I wonder!????  I had the traditional grungy yellow label, black leather docs as a teenager.  I shocked most of my school by turning up to school in then, aged 12, as I was 'good girl' the type who wouldn't wear DMs apparently!  I say who are they to put us in a box!?!?!

    Anyway, another lovely, stylish, yet practical and gorgeous outfit Patti!

    I hope you are well!

  15. Ack I am coveting your Docs!  Was eyeing a pair at Nordstrom yesterday (mirror metallic oxfords) and looking at your outfit I am now so regretting not nabbing them!

  16. Hi Patti, your docs are really great-very stylish and versatile and seem like they will go with any look! have a great week ahead1 x

  17. I had a pair of Doc Martins probably about 20 years ago and loved them – they are so durable & comfy! A great example of how you don't need to spend a lot of $$$ to look like a million bucks Patti!

  18. Of course you want to wear your docs everywhere!  Who wouldn't?  One, they're Docs, Two, they're new.  When I got my Minnetonkas a few weeks ago, they were the last thing I took off before bed, seriously.  

    Now, you look so cozy and sweet in your outfit warding off the Florida chill.  Thanks for hosting Visible Monday.  It looks to be a very fun round up of outfits this week!

    Sue xo

  19. Cute! I actually have a very similar outfit planned for Wednesday, however our temps are more like 20 degrees.

  20. I really love that outfit Patti, it's so simple and classy.  Lovely colours as well.  I don't blame you wearing those boots with everything, they are fab! xx

  21. The merlot is a great colour. And yes, there is not a single thing Docs don't go with. I must remember to wear mine one Monday to get into the Doc flow. Thanks for hosting. My post is a little silly today. I was channelling Zoolander I think!

  22. Patti, I love your Docs! They're beautiful! I've had a pair of pink patent leather ones for years, and I just ordered 2 more (purple leather with tiny flowers and purple and blue patent leather).  They're a fun boot, so comfortable and very well-made.  I'm glad that you like yours!

  23. LOVE your outift Patti! The colour of the pale cardigan really gives you an extra glow and the lines are clean and classic. Love the Docs too!

  24. LOVE those boots, Patti!  I think you'll get lots of wear from those. Your hair looks so pretty in that top pic too.

  25. I can see why you love these boots so much. They give every outfit your special unique style. I love how you paired your knitted dress with these boots. 

  26. Those boots are fab fab fab! I can see why you love them.

    You really look great in these photos. bisousSuzanne

  27. Oh my lord I cannot WAIT for autumn to arrive so I can dust off my Docs!!  And because you've made me so happy with your's today, I'm being really greedy and posting two VM posts;) xoxoxox

  28. Love love love the boots. I'm looking forward to more weather like we had today (60+) but everyone keeps saying it's going to get cold again. Boo! 

  29. Great look, Patti. I love a chunky boot. Just bought a pair of combat-style boots myself for an upcoming trip to somewhere rainy and cold. 
    I love the way you styled that look with the sweater and belt. 

  30. I don't blame you – those Docs are fab! I had a pair of oxblood docs when I was younger and now regret giving them away – they last for ages, even after years of use they were still in excellent condition. The belted cardigan and purple dress are very elegant!

  31. What a sweet outfit!  Simple & chic!  I thought the dress was black but it's purple??  My fav color!
    Love the boots!  Great neutral color that would go with just about anything. 🙂

  32. Love your Docs, Patti! That first photo of you is beautiful, you look so relaxed and happy. The purple really suits you – err, sorry, Merlot! Momentary lapse of fashion speak – too much Merlot been drunk over here, obviously… xxxxx

  33. Great outfit, Patti! That's the kind of long cardigan I need. I'll go back and look at the 15 dollar store again. I also have some short boots that I love to wear, probably similar to Docs. When mine (thrifted) wear out, I'll look for some Docs to replace them. And by the way, you look lovely – such a pretty smile.

    Looks like things are filling up quickly here on Visible "Monday"!

  34. Hi Patti!  Love your Docs!  I have to admit I am still a doc virgin–

    So I see you are finding your picture areas in your new abode.  Is that coral rocks in the background?

    We are usually in fl this time of year; we have had a snowstorm evrey weekend–it has been awful!

  35. You look great, Patti…very true to your style!  I also like your blog and the pictures are beautiful…very clean and stylish…just like you!!

  36. 68 degrees? In winter? Patti, you can seriously go off people. Our summers are rarely that warm! Love the Docs and how happy you look wearing them! x

  37. Aw heck, I decided to link up right away so I wouldn't get buried in the linky loos.  I can always update my post ~

  38. Doc martens are the best, i havent had a air for years but seriously want to invest again! these ones you have are lovely! xxx

  39. The boots are freakin' awesome! I love them – I need to replace my purple combat boots and have been thinking about a pair of Docs. I had a pair in the 90s and still miss them. Will hook up with Visible Monday soon!

  40. I haven't bought my first pair yet, but I love love love comfortable shoes.  I always spend my money there and on accessories since I thrift so many of my clothes.  I am jealous of your weather!  Maybe soon for us?  And thanks for pointing out that we are never too old to try something new in our clothes choices or style.  After all…I'm wearing anklets!

  41. Patti, you look fab in this outfit, and the top photo of you is stunning! And, I think you get a lot more bang for your bucks with these kind of outfits than haute couture! Have a great week Patti!

  42. Hi Patti – thank you for hosting!  I will link up in the a.m.  

    I had a pair of Doc Martens but I thought they were an awfully heavy shoe and were sent to the great Thrift Shop Beyond ~

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