Stay-Put Lipstick – It’s Not Just a Dream!

If I had three beauty wishes, I guess I wouldn’t spend one on long-wearing lipstick. But it’s in the top one hundred for sure, ahead of permanent eyelash-curling but behind facelift-in-a-jar. Luckily, I have found some cheap-and-legal lip solutions:

Blogger friend and talented jewelry designer Wendy Brandes has been using MAC Pro Longwear Lipcolor. And have you seen Wendy’s smile? She’s got the most amazing red lips. Wendy’s endorsement inspired me to try the MAC Longwear in Stuck on You, a neutral bronzey-rose.

Results: Love. It’s glossy but not too shiny. A bit drying, but I solve that with a touch of lip balm about an hour in. It really truly lasts an eight hour day, then gradually disappears during dinner. I don’t need to use any special removers with it. At $23, it’s a little spendy for a lipstick, but it delivers. Small but nice selection of colors too.


Thus emboldened, I looked for a more affordable version of long-lasting lipstick.  I wanted one comparable to the goodness of the MAC, but for under $10. I found two keepers:

  • Maybelline SuperStay 10 Hour Stain Gloss. This doesn’t last anywhere close to ten hours, but it’s good for four. It’s glossy, not waxy. I have to let it dry on my lips completely before adding a balm, or else it will slip right off. Even when the bright color fades, though, it leaves a hint of “stain” that looks nice and natural. I bought Cool Coral, and it’s a pretty orangey-red. There are only ten shades, though, and a couple of them, like “Lilac” look horrifying. Still, a good value at $8.99 retail, and often on sale for $7.
  • Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hour Lipstick. This one is more like a traditional lipstick, not a gloss. It goes on a bit dry, but I smoosh it around with a bit of balm, and this stuff does last! I have to take it off at night or it leaves its mark on my toothbrush (TMI?). There are 20 shades, most of them soft and wearble-looking. I chose Ravishing Rouge because I am all about the Bold Lip lately. Same low price as the 10 Hour Stain; I think I paid $8.
Ravishing Rouge. Who comes up with these names?

Have you tried a long-wear lipstick? Like or loathe? Or are you strictly a balm woman?

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  1. I found the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain works extremely well. It's a fairly sheer color (for those of us who can't commit to a really bold lip) but stays on. Honey is a nice neutral for everyday, Cherish looks bright in the tube but is a good pink. Crush is my favorite for date night – a nice berryish red that wears well. All about $9 at Walgreens or $5 at Walmart.

  2. L'Oreal Infallible Lip Duo Compact is my hands down winner. I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day.  It comes with two tubes: color and balm.  I put the color on and let it dry. Then I put the balm on.  I carry lip gloss with me and refresh with that later in the day. It's maybe $9-10.

  3. I'm interested in the recommendations, thanks Patti. Usually when I try longwear lipsticks they are just too drying, even if I add balm (I think my lips must get very dry). But it is such a pain touching up lipolour again and again!

  4. Thanks Patti for your birthday wishes!
    Have you tried yves st-laurent's lip stain?
    It's the best i think

    Ariane xxxxx

  5. I'm a MAC girl also and love this product.  I have found if I put on a lip balm before the application of the MAC Pro, the drying isn't as bad.  Thanks for the tip on the Maybelline.

  6. I love red lips and right now I am using Clinique Vintage Wine (I think) which is a deep kind of purple red but looks kind of true red once I put it on.  It's matte and I like it because even though it doesn't stay forever it doesn't seem to stain my lips in any weird way and/or look gruesome when it does come off.  I've been really considering splurging on the MAC lipsticks one day, but I would have to double check them because I am not a fan of glossy lipsticks on me at all.

  7. Oh i love a good long lasting lipstick as well, always on the hunt for a new fun color! 🙂 Thanks for the reviews!!

  8. Oh, man, I was at MAC in Harvey Nichols today, buying more of my eyebrow goop, and I saw these, and wondered. All my previous experiences with stay-put lipstick have been kind of nasty, with the dryness and the flakiness, plus something about my skin tone turns almost everything in the pink-to-red range to fuchsia eventually, but I may go ahead and try one of your less spendy alternatives; I'm about due another go 'round with a red lipstick, because I quite desperately want one!

  9. Might try the Maybelline, they are more in my price bracket. I use any old stuff that's on offer, lip stick, gloss and/or balm – I am a Lip Tart!
    Btw, you must be Fashion, Patti, you are using the Fashion Singular – the Bold Lip! xxxx

  10. I've got some Revlon Superlustrous colors that I like. The creme ones are less drying than matte. The darkest is mauve, which is really more dark pink than mauve, but it is dark enough that it stains my lips. I'll have to try some of these recommendations, though, especially if you found a nice coral color – love that!

  11. I tried Revlon. The plusses: it really, really stays on. The minuses: it really, really stays on! 
    It's quite a commitment to wear it. Not easy at all to get off. And a bit drying. 
    I also have Jane Iredale which is much nicer. Stays on well but doesn't stain. And it more moisturizing. 

  12. hi Patti, Where did you buy the MAC one??  I also am looking for one which does not dry out our lips.  Good subject to discuss!!

  13. I used the same kind as the MAC ones when they first came out in the 90s and found them very drying – I'll have to give my local MAC shop a visit! I use a combination of a cheap lip stain (NYC, a drug store one) with a longlasting lippy (I like Rimmell's) over that, blot, then a touch of gloss over it. Nothing takes that off!

  14. Recently, I've loaded up on all those gorgeous shades of CoverGirl Color Sensation but they don't last.  I've been thinking of retrying some of the long lasting lipsticks.  I used to use Revlon Colorstay and I have to say those last well, but a little drying as you said.  I think I'll try the Maybelline Superstay.  I am looking for one that lasts ALL day so thanks for sharing.  I will add that I have found a foundation that lasts until I remove it at night – through exercise and everything.  I've been using Estee Lauder Double Wear, but it was also pricey.  I've ordered the long wearing Avon foundation and I'm hoping it will last as well as the Estee Lauder.  Have a great week!  Debbie

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