Visible Monday #84: Purple in a Sea of Chaos!

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Remember the crazy curtains? They’re back! I gave them another go as a backdrop for a simple, solid sweater dress. I think you will not be seeing the curtains again. The kitties’ favorite play-rug is an extra dash of chaos.

The sweater dress, however, is soothing in its royal purple shade and simple lines. I purchased it on eBay from Terri of Rags Against the Machine (see her current listings here). It’s by JCrew and it’s soft and cuddly for a cool Florida day.

I added only small drop earrings and my emerald (Pantone color of the year!) bangle, and favorite Aldo boots. In picture #2 I added a colorful, lightweight scarf that also serves as a wrap in the chilly office.

My hair disappears into the curtains!
Skinny G: “Seriously, the scarf? I has pattern overload. Feed me.”

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. I love sweater dresses! They are such a staple for me all year but I wish I had one in such a beautiful colour – you look wonderful!

  2. Really?  How cool to get a dress from Terri's ebay.  I'll have to check it out.  You look great in those classic lines.  And that saturated color is gorgeous on you too.  I love it with that big colorful scarf, it looks fun regardless of what your cat thinks!

  3. Terri's sweater dress is all kinds of fabulous Patti!!  Pattern overload, no way!!  I miss Terri, waaaaaaaaah!!

  4. Patti, I wanted to thank you for making this format available each week. I know it must take quite a bit of time on your part. But, as I am starting over in blogland, it is such a wonderful way to meet some amazing women. So, thank you!

    By the way, I never take my dog's fashion opinions too seriously. His ideas for accessorizing his fur coat have included a leaf covering one of his eyes, red Georgia clay for a splash of color across his muzzle, and bits of tissue stuck to his nose (which are a dead giveaway that he's been in the trash again.) What do they know?

    I think you look beautiful! 

  5. I sometimes miss saying "hey" and "thank you for hosting" and "you look amazing in your ___(pick your favorite outfit and enter here)_____" because you're not in the Hollywood SQUARES boxes.  Glad I remembered this time, 
    'cause you look cute in your dress plus scarf!  Emeralds go with everything, always.  Forever.  Thanks again, for all.

  6. I love the simplicity of the dress. You can wear it so many different ways and seasons

  7. Beautiful colour, Patti! That shade of purple suits you wonderfully, and I love the pop of green with the bangle. Happy Monday!

  8. I think that emerald bangle is missing in my collection, and the dotted scarf too,  thank you! The whole outfit is lovely, and the purple is great for your hair colour, no to mention how great the shape is for your slender figure!

    If I didn't have a dog I'd love to have a skinny kitty like Skinny G! She's beautiful!

  9. Here in Central Fla, we have winters in the 60's and 70's. Not too tragic, eh?  : >

  10. What a great neckline on this dress, not to mention the color
    Love the scarf you chose to pair with it

  11. I love that shade of deep bluey purple on you, Patti! The dress is simple, elegant and looks very comfortable to wear.
    And oh what a perfect accessory – your darling cat! xxxx

  12. That blog title is BEGGING to be turned into a piece of music for orchestra! Love it! I referred to mine as symphony in turquoise today!  How lovely your purple dress is (and that turquoise bangle!) Рit looks gorgeous!  I'm intrigued,: just how cold does it get in Florida?  I always presume it it roasting hot there all the time!

  13. Patti, I love the purple, and the sweater dress style too. We are definitely style sisters as I can't seem to wear anything but sweater dresses these days – they're so chic yet cosy, and so effortless! xo

  14. That color certainly looks regal on you- so beautiful- I love the cut of the dress. And the fact it's from Terri's shop! She has got some great pieces up for auction!

  15. well, when we found this batch of kittens in our yard (8 years ago) there were two grays — one fluffy and one "normal". We called the normal one "Skinny Gray' and it stuck (obviously she stuck with us too). Now she's among the fattest cats we've ever had¬† : >¬† Irony.

  16. I usually side with the cats, but this time I say keep the scarf!  Seriously, I can't say enough about the richness of this colour.  I love it.  And you look beautiful in this outfit of simplicity.  Thank you for hosting Visible Monday.

  17. Beautiful dress and such a perfect color on you.  That scarf is so much fun, I'm really loving the pattern.

  18. Patti, I ADORE this dress and how you've styled it! Sometimes when looking at fashion blogs, I see an outfit I really want for myself.  This is one of them!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  19. Great in blue, dear Patti.
    So good to join you every Monday.

  20. That blue is wonderful on you Patti! So pretty! And I love all the crazy patterns too, not to mention the photo bombing kitty – mine's being doing the same to my photos too!

  21. This is the perfect color for you.  The emerald bangle compliments it so well too!

  22. Hi there! Your sweater dress looks stylish and cosy and I love how the scarf compliments your outfit! Hope you have a good week! xx

  23. You look gorgeous, Patti! That dress is such a lovely colour and fit, I love the turquoise cuff and the wild curtains, too. Skinny G is rendered helpless by your fabulousness. x

  24. On my PC the dress looks more like deep blue than purple. Even in this shade it looks great on you. And I really like the scarf, so pretty!

  25. Seriously, you look so pretty!!  That blue must be your colorРbecause I'm not even noticing the dress, just you!

  26. Great dress, gorgeous scarf, awesome pattern jam, and dear kitty – never mind the snarky cat-comments! Skinny G is clearly faint with hunger. ūüėČ Thanks, Patti for having us over!¬†

  27. Love this colour & with the green bangle…..beautiful! ¬†Hope you have a great start to your week!

  28. That dress is too fabulous to be overcome by curtains, rug or kitty.  Beautiful as always.

  29. The royal purple suits you!  I find the patterns in your photos festive, and love how your hair fades into the curtains.  Checked out Terri's site too, and will have to keep an eye out for something that I love.

  30. Hi Patti

    I do love that color on you and i adore your pattern overload!
    The cat is so cute!

  31.  I miss Terri's posts too Рher blog is one of the first I ever read, and one of the best!

  32. You look wonderfully radiant in that dress and that vibrant shade of purple is gorgeous! It really sets off your hair and your skin.

  33. I like the skirt, but then again, I don't have to live with Skinny G ūüėõ I only have a few thrifted J. Crew items but I love them all dearly. I miss Terri's blog posts desperately.

  34. Patti, that dress is a lovely color with a simple lovely cut. I really like you in bright color (Ahem, consider the source). The scarf is great too. I need a cat accessory!

  35. It's a beautiful dress which will brighten your cold days perfectly. The dotted scarf is a wonderful addition. You look amazing! 

  36. What a gorgeous scarf! It's always good to have a gorgeous scarf.

    Your dress looks blue on my computer, but it's a very rich shade. Looks like a comfy dress, and a perfect fit for you!

  37. You look radiant in that dress! I love it on its own Р minus the scarf best. I think the color is so rich and vibrant, it can stand alone and all you need is your big beautiful smile as an accessory. 

  38. Patti~I love that color blue too–that dress looks great on you! ¬†I have to check out Terri's spot; I'm actually wearing a sweater that we traded this week.

    Are you having fun decorating your new place?  the curtains are a similar print to your scarf! xoxo

  39. Wow!!  That blue is gorgeous on you!!  That slice of green is perfect, too.  Shelly at Forest City Fashionista also did a flash of green with blue and I loved it on her as well.  I think I'm going to have to try it. 

  40. I love purple and you look great in it, Patti!! ¬†Have a wonderful Monday…keep smiling!

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