Dreamy Clothes for Spring

My practical self will soon be listing the key wardrobe pieces I want to add for Spring/Summer. They’ll no doubt include a full ivory skirt, floral blouse, open-toe mid-heels and a new scarf or two. Pieces that will work with the rest of my closet, extend my wardrobe, and not break the budget.

And here are a few Spring items that make my fashion heart sing. Tim Gunn talks about “soul-stirring” pieces that every woman should have, and here are a couple that stir me, from the current Anthropologie catalog:

The necklace is too big for me, but I love, love this ruffled striped
tee and embroidered skirt ($148). Could it also be her magnificent curly
hair drawing me in??
A theme emerges! Breton tee and fabulous paisley skirt ($128)
OK, I get it now: tee, gorgeous embellished skirt ($148) and denim jacket ($128)
How lovely is this emerald skirt ($118) and drapey checked top ($68)? Again,
the gorgeous antique tiles could be part of the charm . . .
Love the soft colors and patterns on this tunic ($148).

While I’d love to own these, I wouldn’t normally spend these amounts for single pieces (although the drapey checked top might have to come to my house). I have to bulk up my NYC travel fund, and I am committed to buying more ethically this year. And I realize these skirts, especially, are so memorable I wouldn’t want to wear them twice a week. So the cost-per-wear would get ridiculous. And etc.

I will use these images as my inspiration board when thrifting, and browsing eBay and Etsy. I’ll  have fun with colorful scarves and jewelry. I might pop for a truly fun, soul-stirring pair of shoes like these, ’cause a woman has got to have a great shoe:

Liquid by Cydwoq, my new favorite shoe brand. I could wear these every day.

See anything here you like? Too fussy/romantic for your style? Got a dreamy piece for Spring that you’re hoping to invite home? Love to hear what you think!

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  1. THX Anne for the stripedshirt shout out!  Can I get you a shirt to try?  Laura at stripedshirt dot com

  2. LOVE your post and looks, and thanks for the stripedshirt shout out.  Love you to check out our shirts!

  3. A gorgeous selection Patti! My favourite has to be the tunic because it's so easy to wear. I got one last year and was so pleasantly surprised how often I wore it. Nothing for me for this Spring, my shopping ban continues so only replacements.

  4. The skirt with the bird print and pom pom trim is beautiful, and the colours of the second skirt have my heart stirring a little! Beautiful clothes, and I can definitely see you rocking the striped top/print skirt look, Patti! xxx

  5. I'm into your picks, Patti! My striped obsession is out of hand and I now can wear a striped top every day of the week, lol. Off to window shop your new favorite shoe brand. Cute!

  6. Shoes are definitely worth spending the money on.  Especially when they're comfortable.  And especially when you are thrifting most of your clothes, which I do.  I do love the stripes with patterns. I want to try that this Spring.  I've been unplugged for a long time, but I've just started a new blog so I wanted to get back in touch with the bloggers I knew before.  Nice "seeing" you!

  7. I like the second skirt/t-shirt the best.  

    I have absolutely no doubt you can put that together without spending so much.  Anthropologie, more than nearly any other store I check out, does an excellent job of merchandising. 

  8. The skirt selection here is gorgeous – it's hard not to get swept up into a desire to shop by fab locations and models on ad campaigns – good thing it is just to cold over here to even contemplate wearing a skirt let alone buy one!

  9. I love all the skirts on these photos, especially the first one! But yeah, a bit too expensive.

  10. Oooh Cydwoqs! I'm pretty sure I couldn't turn my nose up at a single pair of them. I ooh and ahh over every shoe on their site. I only wish snow wasn't threatening right now. My toesies are cold!

  11. My skirt collection is already huge, and you're dead right about memorable skirts having a high per-wear-cost. Thank goodness I've either thrifted or found on clearance most of mine. These are all fantastic, and I can hardly wait until stuff like this is seasonally-appropriate again.

  12. Beautiful patterns, but I'm like you – I don't usually spend that much on one piece, except shoes or a coat. Speaking of which, I think I could use some new summer shoes – soon, very soon.

  13. I'll have those shoes, thank you very much! I'm glad to see straight, embellished skirts making a comeback, but the horizontal stripes you can keep LOL

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  14. Dreamy indeed. 

    Stripe tops you have already, right? Bella, the Citizen Rosebud, mentioned a site http://stripedshirt.com/women in her latest post. I envision you getting into LOTS OF TROUBLE there!Now, those dingle balls on the hem of the pencil skirt? — you could do this to a solid skirt and they'd be less "novelty" (maybe).And the gorgeous tunic? Get 2 large scarves and sew at shoulders and sides, leaving holes for your head + arms.

    Anyhow, thanks for the mini mind vacation.

  15. I love that skirt in emerald green, but a would style with a white shirt, like the man's one you were wearing some posts ago…

  16.  I know! We can do the striped tee plus fab print skirt thing, for less  : >

  17. I love all these looks!!  I can so see you wearing these, don't you already have the striped tees??  The shoes are very cute and they look like they could go with absolutely everything!

  18. The paisley skirt and the embellished one and the Breton stripes and denim look gorgeous together, I'm inspired! x

  19. Well, I didn't realize I needed a pretty patterned skirt with striped Tee until just now.  Uh, isn't that a coincidence.  🙂   I absolutely love the top three looks.  I look the long skirt also, but I think it would be too voluminous for my height.

  20. These skirts are so lovely.  I actually looked in my closet yesterday and decided I had too much stuff.  I think for 2013 I'm going to try to make do with the items I currently have.

  21. Those shoes are ADORABLE!!  I'm seeing print skirts with striped t's-this i can do!!
    That emerald skirt is stunning!!

  22. Love the paisley skirt &  I am coveting a pair of red & white striped sandals from the the Chanel Spring 2013 collection but I will use it as an inspiration when I am haunting my fave boutiques for something similar!

  23. I do love all of those Anthro skirts you picked out. Anthro always inspires me, and lightens my wallet.


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