Visible Monday #73: Crisp White (Man’s) Shirt

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I’ve discovered I really appreciate the slouch of a man’s shirt. I can’t wear my husbands’, as he’s 6’3″ and his shirts swim on me. But a men’s Medium or 15-ish neck is great. The thrifts seem to have plenty, in excellent condition (like the guy bought it for a wedding, and never actually put it on).

I paired this crisp shirt with a simple black pencil skirt by Laundry. For accent and a touch of color, I chose a vintage scarf as belt. My familiar friends, comfortable booties by Tsubo, took care of the feet. I like the final look: a feminine shape for the skirt and masculine construction up top.

Oh yeah, and I cut my hair. I prefer a little more length, but I
like the new bounce.
I think gray nail polish is sophisticated for Fall. Do you like?

I will do my best, but may not get to commenting on all your fabulous entries this week. I will read every one, and appreciate your participation with big thanks. Moving house is in process! Deliver the red wine first!  : >

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Believe me you are looking beautiful in this outfit, the combination of black and white always works and the belt you are wearing is adding more charm to your dress, simply amazing.

  2. You look so beautiful in this outfit, Patti! The scarf as belt is the perfect accessory to tie it all together while keeping things simply elegant. I hated missing Visible Monday this week – my first miss since starting blogging – but I'm cheering on the other wonderful contributors! 

    Great tip on the red wine, also. 🙂 

  3. Patti, this is "your" look. You look chic and so comfortable. You look totally at ease with yourself which is a hard thing to accomplish. Love the touch of color.
    Today I look at VM and think of how far it has come since the first one. I am so thankful for VM and being able to share it with everyone. Thank you for hosting it for us!

  4. Patti, I love your new shorter hair length.  One can never own enough crisp white shirts and thanks for reminding me to look for men's shirts in a smaller size when thrifting.  I am way smaller than my husband, or he would be sharing his 50 plus Joseph A Bank shirt collection that I get to iron.  🙂  This outfit is perfect!  And as for moving, at 51 (ten years ago, oh my) we moved from Orlando back home to Boise.  My conclusion is that moving is for young people.  Hope all goes well with your move.  

  5. Shades of Carolina Herrera … you wear a white shirt better than just about anyone.  Happy moving … and have a great Turkey-Day.  We're thankful for you and Visible Monday.

  6. Loving the grey nail polish, Patti.  Sophisticated!  And I also love your hair cut with the white shirt.  What can I say – the total look is amazing

  7. Patti!!!  I love your hair!!!  It's amazing how a trim can pull it together, plus the red lipstick/ white shirt looks so sophisticated and glam.  Wow.  Love it.

  8. I really like this outfit; the scarf belt is something I need to try.  I love classic white shirts and never wear them enough.

  9. Patti!  I've recently discovered the mens' shirt look and just LOVE it!  This looks great on you and I can't imagine any women's shirt looking quite this sexy!  Va va VOOM!  Hugs!  Serene

  10. Your new hair cut looks the coolest.  And so do you Patti, in the white and black basics with a snazzy scarf as belt.  Can't believe you're doing this while moving too.  I guess the show must go on!

  11. Sharon Stone, move over. There is a new style super star in town, workin' the menswear shirt and representing beautiful women of every age everywhere.

    Love the new do!

  12. Your hair looks gorgeous! I get what you mean about sacrificing length, but every time I finally do it, it's like my hair springs to life.

    I love this; I've had a hankering for getting more menswear into my current look, and I think the softening touches you've got with your crisp shirt really work so well.

    Good luck with the move, and thanks for hosting!

  13. Love this outfit! And your hair looks lovely! 😉
    I love a men's shirt with skinny jeans or leggings. I have stolen two from hubby's closet (they were left from his high school days and so are smaller). I'm keeping my eye out in the thrift stores for a pale yellow one. 😉

  14. I really like this together.  You are brave to try out a man's shirt…I have thought about it but had no idea where to start size wise…especially for the chest.  Hmmm…maybe next time I am in a thrift store I will get adventurous. 

  15. Love this outfit on you.  I used to love the slouch factor of men's shirts but then perhaps I lost confidence.  I think I felt I should use my spouse's but they are all too big.  I used to buy smaller one's just for myself.  You've made me think.

  16. Hi Patti,  Love your hair!  I don't notice so much a difference in length, as how much fuller and bouncier your hair looks.  I also love your outfit today.  I am so impressed that you look so chic during moving.  Bravo!  One thing I love about a man's shirt is the length in the sleeve guarantees being able to cuff them from beneath a blazer.  I like the new greige shades that are out right now.  Very on trend.  I just received a new Zoya that is similar but with a little more hint of violet or cornflower in it.  Best of luck during the move.  Take Care!  

  17. Such a cool classic look, love the belt as a scarf. Please let me know how the moving goes.

  18. Love the new cropped hair Patti. Also that crisp Man Shirt looks fantastic. Once again you are doing a great Skirt Ensemble for this Monday. Loving the sash belt.

  19. Hmm…I just submitted a comment and it disappeared! Sorry if this is redundant. 
    Love your hair, it's so healthy and bouncy looking! 
    And I like your mens shirt look. I have a mens shirt in my closet that I bought at Goodwill recently. I have yet to wear it. May try it with skinnies and riding boots. 
    Good luck with the move! 

  20. Great hair! It looks so healthy and bouncy. 
    I have a mens shirt I bought thrifted hanging in my closet waiting for me to give it a try. I am thinking about wearing it with skinnies. 
    Good luck with your move! 

  21. Hi Patti!
    I love the crispness of the shirt!
    I also love wearing my husbands clothes, he is 6'3 as nice and comfy and oversized!
    Have a great week!
    Sheree xxx

  22. Love your shorter and stylish hair, patti, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. You look lovely! I could never make a men's shirt look that good.. also, LOVE your hair, it looks fab 🙂 xx

  24. Patti your new hair is SMOKIN!!!!!! I can't believe what a perfect length it is for your curly locks… you look just stunning my dear! And I really like the crisp white shirt with the pencil skirt too – such a great look. Hope the move goes well 🙂

    Catherine x 

  25. Woo-woo! Love the new cut, Patti! I too am a big fan of a well-fitted men's shirt. I love your play on masculine and feminine here. The popped collar is perfect and I love the booties!!! ~Sarah

  26. Stunning outfit Patti – I too love mens shirts,  my only problem is that over the hip area they don't allow much 'give' so I have to do a little snip on them. 

    Thanks for hosting – I have been slack on joining in lately!

  27. Classic!  Nothing better than a crips white shirt to elevate an outfit.  You look gorgeous!  
    Good luck with your move!

  28. Hi  Patti!
    Hoping for your that the move goes well
    Not funny moving, i pretty organized when i move but i hate it
    I love your hair it is perfect, keep it like that!
    Adore your outfit! the white shirt adds light to your beautiful face
    The styling is impeccable!


  29. Sorry, I think gray nail polish just looks dead. But the haircut and white shirt are fabulous.

  30. Patti I love your haircut…you look so young an vibrant and gorgeously visible!  No one would even know you are in the throes of moving!!

  31. Patti ~ I just love everything about this outfit! The hair, the nails, ooh la la. If I spotted you in the street I would definitely stop you to tell you so!

  32. I love this look, Patti.  I've thrifted a few men's button down shirts for myself.
    I think your hair is gorgeous!!  

  33. I love the white shirt on you!  You look fab!  I'm not a white shirt person–I dunno; the collar bugs me!

    Yes, this is a busy week!  It'll be tough to cover all the blogs~
    but happy turkey day to you!

  34. You look so pretty Patti, love your hair!!  Wearing a men's white shirt is one of my favorite garments!

  35. A lovely look on you, Patti, the shirt and pencil skirt really suit you. As does your hair a little shorter. You are all set to move onwards and upwards! xxx

  36. Thank you for trying, dear Gabriala, and no worries, it's just the software gremlins  : >

  37. Patti, I have tried to link to your site numerous times and Squarespace keeps sending the link back to my site it is so annoying! Just wanted to let you know I was trying…

  38. WOW! I love that hair! It's the first thing I noticed. This length is awesome on you. And your man's shirt is fantastic. I think this is one of my favourite looks on you so far. You're moving all right – upwards and onwards…

  39. I totally LOVE this look! Sometimes, it really isn't fair that women can wear menswear as well, and look even BETTER in it than us guys. LOL


  40. Patti, you look really GOOD. You look so happy and vibrant and very much ALIVE. Your outfit is so fresh and sassy. You really look beautiful and I am enjoying that infamous smile. xo

  41. Love the outfit and new hair length is wonderful!  Good luck with the move…

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