Not for a trip to France, either! We are moving house – the actual big guy movers are coming Monday. So we’re selling stuff and packing stuff, and wishing we’d never acquired some stuff  : >

My regular readers know I have a touch of OCD, so the mess created by moving is not easy for me. I am doing a lot of meditating, deep breathing, and soothing self-talk (“soon this will be done”). Luckily, my husband is the cool, reasoned type, and has a strong back too!

Here’s a glimpse of my previously meticulous world this morning:

The cat high-rise is not for sale! says the kitteh
Anybody need slightly used cookware?

The Moving Sale brings hordes of lookers and some buyers, which also elevates my stress (breathe). And I haven’t gotten to the clothing closets and dressers yet – I feel sure the Humane Society Thrift will be getting a box of treasures later today.

If there’s a lesson to this rambling post, dear readers, it’s this: never buy anything!! Live in a stainless steel and glass box and when it’s time to leave, just leave!! Take your cats, laptops and go. Well, take your favorite boots. And that great Frye hobo bag. And maybe one or two cashmere cardigans. . . .

Have a wonderful, well-organized Saturday, and don’t forget: Monday, November 19th is Visible Monday. Everyone is welcome to participate!

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  1. Oh, I'm the same.  I find packing of any sort stress inducing. The thought of one day moving house puts the fear of God in me!! x

  2. My dear  I can so hear your anguish…being on the obsessive side myself!  Good luck and look forward to the upcoming organized neatness!

  3. You are so funny Patti, and I feel your pain. I just experienced some moving of furniture myself recently. I totally GET IT. And I am not OCD at all (that I know of…) 🙂

  4. I always love moving into new places, but I do hate packing my stuff, and actually picking it up and carrying it to and from the car – awful! All  the times I've moved in and out of places  have been way more messy than your photos. Somehow I always end up having the flue while I'm working hard to get everything in place!

  5. Oh, I feel you Patti.  Great words of wisdom.
    We are contemplating a move for possibly 6 mon. to a year down the road and I am just overwhelmed when I look at the mostly unused STUFF piled up in our basement and upstairs sort of attic bedroom.  LOADS OF STUFF.  I keep telling myself I need to start now to go through it and prepare to sell things, etc.
    Good luck to you.  You will feel so good when you get to the end of this process and will feel a sense of freedom from "things".  I think I will too.  But I know it's overwhelming in the midst of the transition.  Keep up your soothing mantra.

  6. Good luck dear Patti!
    I hear your pain, dear Patti. Movings are an ordeal (still remembering our move from France to the US some ten years ago). I think you gave the best advice ever:  don't buy too much. I have the same philosophy and our house now is pretty zen and minimalist. It helps when you have to move. It is also very peaceful for the eyes to live in a quiet environment.
    Good luck!!!!!!!!
    Anne (Playing with Scarves) 

  7. oh, my dear i hope your move is over soon! i wish you and your cats sereneness (ommm!) and your husband a healthy back. have a good arrival in your new home!

  8. Stuff? Don't get me started… I clean something out and before I know it, there's clutter again. Is this magic? Your new abode will be spectacular!! So worth the agony. So hang in there. If kitteh can do it, so can you! 

  9. Oh Patti! I feel for you! We just did that last year and I know it's a pain in the tushie! Hang in ypthere girly! You got this!!! Hugs! Serene

  10. Oh my Patti–your post brings back memories!! When we we packing to move to our current house after living 20 years in the same tiny house–I was amazed at the CRAP we had accumulated!!!

  11. I've moved house so many times and always say the same thing to myself – never buy anything ever again! Good luck with the move!

  12. Dear Patti,
    Well, we did move trans-Atlantic three times so we know how it feels. Getting rid of things and than packing it (we always did that ourselves!) to make sure nothing gets broken. The furniture got wrapped by the moving company. Cars stripped empty; nothing was allowed to be inside… Two 40-foot containers, one for the cars, brought our things across the ocean. What a job to unpack and discover everything. You are right, life would be simpler if we had only the bare minimum! But could we function that way? Wishing you good luck, both of you. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well; wherever that will find you.

  13. wow blogging AND packing??? Gutta give you credit!
    when i saw you last Feb. this was in the works–hope you all the best~

  14. Oh how I hate to move. Luckily I haven't had to do it too often.  As someone else said, Two Men and a Truck are great.

  15. Aww, good luck with your move. The last time I moved, I tossed everything I wanted into the car and just up and moved. Probably don't recommend it as I'm still missing stuff almost 5 years later. Label everything!

  16.  thanks for asking — they fear change!! but we've got lots of familiar things for them, and lots of toys and treats.

  17. Dear, dear Patti … I'd rather cut my head off with rusty spoon than move again.  I've told Huz Dan that I'll take it all out in the pasture and burn it rather than pack it and move it again.  So you have my sympathy, empathy and wishes for a speedy and disaster-free move.  However, please also know that you are clearly the tidiest woman alive and I am jealous.  Moving is the only time when my house gets really clean (!)  Make sure to have a bottle of wine (or three) ready to celebrate the housewarming!

  18. I hate moving too, Patti. But at least the hassle of moving boxes of nothing-much last time has forced me to keep more on top of clutter. I hope it is all over soon and you can unpack quickly! How are the kitties about moving?

  19. It'll be wonderful when you're done!  I had a house re-do last year and packed one floor up. I got rid of almost as much stuff on the un-pack as I did on the first pack.

  20. You have my sympathy! Every time I do it, I say NEVER AGAIN! I won't even tell you to look on the bright side, since you've been telling yourself all the good things while you were in the process.
    Keep up the deep breathing and the sense of humor. You can do it!

  21. I have moved more times than I even like to think about! And we are actually house hunting so another move is in the future. YOU HAVE MY SYMPATHY! I send you lots of calm organized vibes and a recommendation of a Happy Hour at the end of every day. GOOD LUCK!

  22. I can sympathize – I've moved so many times! There is nothing that will make it easier (hire moving men!), so you just have to let go and accept that life is not normal for at least a week. Or two. But it is stimulating and will open up new ideas of how you want to arrange your life. Good luck!

  23. Aww, Patti! Hope everything goes as smoothly as possible – I find moving incredibly stressful myself! Wishing you good self-care and the excitement of settling in to a new home. 

    Also, those are about the most "meticulous" packing photos I've ever seen. 🙂 For a brain break, I offer "Things Organized Neatly" –

    Ahh! That's better! 

  24. You can do it, you can do it!  We used Two Men and a Truck the last time we moved.  SO GLAD we did…it took so much stress and fatigue out of the physical move.  

  25. I wish I knew something to say Patti that would make moving easier…except to say to just remember how wonderful your new place will be after you purge the stuff.  My husband and I have been amazed since our children grew at how much stuff we are ready to get rid of.  I am more into purging than ever before…may you be blessed with a "fresh" start!

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