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These Etsy shops are featured in the current Australian Vogue magazine. The unusual offerings caught my eye and made me linger. Perhaps there’s an inspiration here for gifting to special someone, or a treat for your own hard-working self?

Love Obsessed: Vintage Jewelry Re-Imagined. This talented designer, Stacy Dill, fashions one-of-a-kind pieces from old jewels. She has dozens of pretty offerings, including these:

I love this vintage ring, with re-painted rhinestones, $25
And this pretty hand-painted 50’s bracelet, $65

Hollie Point offers fabulous vintage dresses, shoes and hats. As a former buyer and seller of vintage clothing, I have a pretty good feel for prices, and some of these are very attractive. For example:

I’m grooving on this 60’s Nehru jacket in heavy cotton, $24
And I may have to own this 60’s color-blocked suede purse, $44

Happy shopping and happy Thursday!

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  1. WOW that ring, bracelet & especially purse are divine. What rich colors and great color-blocking that retro purse has. The price is great, too. =)

  2. Oooo! Want, want, want. You have such a good eye.
    I could be happy with all the great vintage goodies in the world – not a single new item ever needs to be manufactured again. Except maybe underwear. 😉

  3. The handbag and jacket are really cute! I saw a 4 coloured 50's beret in those same shades in a Vintage shop recently and really wish I'd bought it!

  4. These picks are all beautiful.  My favs lare the jacket and colorblocking of the purse.

  5. Gorgeous ring!  Thanks for sharing the Etsy sites.  I have always resisted Etsy, knowing that it could become one giant estate sale for me.  And then I would really be in trouble.

  6. i'm amazed by the beautiful dresses i found at holliepoints shop!
    the ring reminds me a bit of those we found in jewing gum machines when i was a child – but only a bit, it is marvelous.

  7. Love that nehru jackets…the print is fabulous.  Good selections…have a great Thursday, Patti!!

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