Visible Monday #67: Hippie Revival, Last One

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Here is the last of the three cotton wrap skirts I found at the back of one of my dressers. (See the other two here and here.) This one is has a gorgeous cream design on a cocoa background. And pockets! Love pockets. I think I can style this all year round, even though it’s cotton, with boots and tights and a chunkier top.

The tee here is a simple one by Coldwater Creek, thrifted for a few dollars. I’m wearing my White Mountain studded sandals (still plenty hot here in Florida), faux pearls and assorted bracelets. In the last pic, I’m showing the bright scarf/wrap I added for the office, where the air conditioning is set on Arctic. Visible yes, and must also remain defrosted at work  : >

I don’t resemble the hippie of my youth anymore, but I do still love these
funky wrap skirts.
Colorful scarf was picked up at the street fair.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Your pearls are a unexpected and delicious touch to this hippy-style wraparound skirt. I just looove wraparounds too. And the scarf in that shade adds such great zest. You really have a great eye. Why, oh why, are offices so cold?! 

  2. You have to be the most stylish hippie I've seen! The skirt is lovely, and very versatile. I love your sandals, and know it'll look great with your boots too.

  3. Beautiful skirt! I'd be delighted to find that crammed, forgotten, in a drawer somewhere! The colour combination you're working is gorgeous, too.

    Happy Monday, and thanks for hosting!

  4. Great skirt – I love the wrap style on you. My workplace also has fierce air con 🙁

  5. Love that skirt! Any skirt that has pockets is awesome! 😉
    And while I adore living in the South, I will never understand why we find it necessary to air condition the daylights out of every living thing. Really. 😉 Thankfully, we are actually into fall here, so the a/c's have been turned off. 🙂 

  6. You look lovely and summery, and the print on the skirt is just right for a wrap style. I'm jealous of your being able to wear sandals, it is chilly in the UK now 🙂

  7. Skirts with pockets are simply the best.  I've never seen a maxi skirt with pockets, though.  That sure is some great find from the depths of your dresser drawers 🙂


  8. I also love pockets, and as for the words, "still plenty hot here" well, that sounds WONDERFUL! (You can see what the weather is with me from the clothes that I'm wearing today!)

    The pattern on your skirt looks rather Japanese, like stylized chrysanthemums, and very nice with the simple top and necklace.

  9. Yes, I do love that skirt and the prints. 🙂 And that scarf as well. You always look lovely. And you can totally wear that this cold season with boots and tights to keep you warm. 🙂

  10. Patti, what a pretty skirt. It does look very versatile for both work and at home. I can see it with a denim jacket for a great casual look.

    Did the kitty desert you today? I looked for him!

  11. I love the wrap skirt, the print and pockets make it extra special!
    I am linking up today, Patti, first time, woo hoo! xx

  12. That skirt is a great transitional piece.  I can picture it with some riding boots and a sweater later in the season.  Well, maybe not in Florida! 

    So happy to have found you on Visible Monday.  I love what you stand for. 


  13. Fab hippy chick and the added pockets make it extra fabulous! How lovely to still be bare-legged in October  I'm wearing leggings and knee high socks under my maxi today! x

  14. This outfit is one of my fave of yours – love the red and white on you. That is a terrific skirt; anything with pockets gets extra points in my closet 🙂

    Thanks for hosting Visible Monday; I always enjoy seeing everyone together, and often discover new blogs to follow.

  15. You have the most beautiful collection of maxi dresses, Gorgeous Patti. Love the pattern on this one and great job pairing it with a set of pearls.

    As always a pleasure linking up with you. on Mondays. =)

    <3 Ada.

  16. This is the perfect skirt to transition to fall!!  I can see it with boots and a sweater, or tights and a jacket.  I know you'll style it flawlessly.  This is a great outfit already and there's more to come, right?!  Enjoy.

  17. patti, i love the color and the pattern of your maxi skirt! and i love how you mixed it with the colorful scarf. i remember in my youth a time i'm wearing only maxi skirts and maxi dresses, i thought my legs were too thin. these times passed long ago. you look fantastic in the hippie look!

  18. ooo, ooo, I love it with that scarf Patti.  You wild thang, you make my heart sing, you make everything…groovy!

  19. Beautiful skirt, I can see it being an all year round piece. It's quite cool in Missouri.

  20. Dear Patti, this look is the perfect mix of ethereal beauty and steely strength – gorgeous! I especially love the drop-drag batik pattern on the skirt, which reminds me of Lithuanian Easter eggs as my mother made:…19507.20183.0.20438.…0.0…1c.1.nyhjLTlMUe4&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=f51c65cda2bdf5a6&biw=1899&bih=857

    Thanks for having us all over for Visible Monday, and especially for your kind comment on my blog. xo

  21. Love the pattern on the skirt. The colorful scarf is quite beautiful too! I'm battling frigid temps in classes. I could get away with some sleeves and bare legs most of the time, but they leave the aircon on until it's time to switch to heat.

  22. I know you said the skirt is cocoa colored but it looks burgundy. Does it have some red in it? 
    You styled that skirt just right – it doesn't look hippie at all! 

  23. Cotton maxi skirts are one of my weaknesses as I learned last summer when I practically lived in them.  Your wrap skirt today is so beautiful, the print is so vibrant and it has pockets YAY!!  Thank you for putting together another Visible Monday Patti, it's addictive! xoxo

  24. Hello, Patti!  The skirt is beautiful for year round wear!  The scarf is spectacular!  -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures 

  25. I love the floral print on the wrap skirt Patti! It looks fabulously modern the way you've worn it!

  26. That's a great print, Patti! And pockets…yes! The orange scarf is so pretty too.

  27. A wrap skirt AND pockets. Does life get any better? Yep. I think you can work that baby all year round.  When do the boots usually make an appearance in Florida?

  28. Well, both of us are featuring Coldwater Creek items!!  I love the outfit with the scarf…but I am always a sucker for a gorgeous scarf!  Have a great Monday, Patti!

  29. Patti that's some gorgeous autumnal pattern mixing right there, even though I'm sure you've still got very warm weather 🙂

    Have a great week, sweetie!

    Catherine x

  30. oh i sure do love that wrap skirt, it looks perfect on you. it must be nice having warm weather in Florida still, its mostly rain here in the uk !as always lol!xx

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