What I Wore: More Hippie Treasures

As I wrote earlier this week, I’ve been cleaning out dresser drawers, getting ready for moving house. I came upon not just one but three vintage 1970’s wrap skirts as I worked. Yay! I’ve always liked a wrap skirt, for the silhouette and probably for the nostalgia, truth be told. I wore them like crazy back in college days.

This one is going to be donated, because the wrap doesn’t quite cover all the interesting bits without pinning and fussing. I did want to share it though, because of the striking print and colors. I paired the skirt with a simple black tee, leaf pendant, and various bangles. Had to wear comfortable White Mountain sandals with this look — no ex-hippie would don fancy heels with her funky wrap skirt  : >

Groovy print, eh?
The hair has got something to say today too!

Did you wear this style in the way-back, or younger readers: would you wear it now? Or is it too crunchy for modern dressing?

Have a terrific Thursday, with harmony and understanding.

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  1. I would wear this now!!  I think this skirt is super cool!  I just now saw it…I have been out of the loop this week..but I am glad I checked old posts…this was worth it!

  2. Cleaning out your drawers looks way more fun than cleaning mine 🙂 I had a ton of those skirts in college, too. I love how you've styled yours. They're not too crunchy. They're boho chic 🙂

  3. Hey Pretty!  I used to wear wrap skirts, and really loved them.  I recently found a vintage-y (80?) wrap skirt from Limited that I have enjoyed wearing.  If I don't stop eating ice cream every day, however, I won't be able to wrap much of anything around me.  Other than that little problems, I love wrap skirts.  I, too, love the silhouette. 

    Lynn 🙂 

  4. I think that is a fabulous skirt – such an interesting print.  My mom made me a wrap skirt when I was in school and I wish I had it today.

  5. I think you should keep and wear it.  I have seen new (sewing) patterns for wrap skirts, so they are 'in' again.  The fabric in yours and the length is perfect.  When I bought my first sewing machine…waaay back in the day…the first thing i made was a red plaid red skirt.  I had never sewn, didn't know anything about matching plaid, etc, but I followed the pattern directions…it turned out fine…at least to me, and I wore it proudly.

  6. I KNEW I liked you!!  I love that fabric and would turn it into something!!!  Maybe a clutch at the very least?!  I never did wear many wrap arounds, but give me bohemian attire with a modern edge, please, to this day.  I think you put this together perfectly.  Maybe there's a way to refashion the skirt so you can continue to wear it?  I love this look on you.

  7. Not to crunchy – boho chic is more like it! Is there a way you can have it altered to be less fussy? It really looks stunning on you. I love the rich colors. 

  8. beautiful print 🙂 I'm following you now 🙂

  9. I did have a wrap skirt or two, but not in patterns as bold as this.  Someone is going to get very lucky to find this one in a thrift.  Have you ever posted a photo o you in your "hippie" days?  I'd love to see one.

  10. Too crunchy? I think it's lovely. Now if you had on socks with those sandals and an acrylic sweater you've owned since the 80s – that might be too crunchy, but I think you dressed the skirt very modern and it looks great. I think you hit the nail on the head with my dislike of wrap skirts/dresses. They never stay in place!

  11. I love the green color of your skirt and the expressive pattern and of course how you have your hair today. i had a maxi wrap skirt in blue with batik printing and i liked it, but more i appreciated my maxi dresses made by myself with the help of my grandmother. when i was 16  I only wore maxi skirts or maxi dresses. no mini skirts and only sometimes jeans.

  12. That is a very pretty print – and I think the way you've paired it with a simple black tee brings bang it up to date so you could wear it now.

  13. It's gorgeous.  And I'd absolutely wear this skirt.  My only issue with wrap skirts is that my thighs treat them like the skirt is giant cake and my thighs are the birthday stripper.  It's not good.

  14. I would totally wear that skirt. It doesn't even read particularly vintage to me since maxi skirts are a current trend.

  15. I remember my mom having loads of these – she made them herself. I can't remember if I wore them too, I think I wore jeans all the time. I certainly don't recall wearing any dresses during my teenage years! Your skirt is so beautiful, but if it doesn't fit properly it has to go – leaving room for another find!

  16. This outfit is so lovely! The skirt works because the top and shoes are so understated. I wouldn't wear this skirt with a ruffled, polka-dotted, tangerine orange-and-purple top, but then I wouldn't be caught dead in that anyway. 😉

    This is perfectly in-style today.

  17. It's a look which I find wonderfully reminiscent, but not dated – I can't think of a vintage decade / era that is "out" right now – seems unusual (but a very good thing – the versatility! the options!) that they're finally all cool. 

    I've been hunting unsuccessfully for comfortable sandals for years – being rural limits my access to IRL shopping (good thing, too!) and between my feet's size & proportion issues I can't order sandals online. Yours look great! 

  18. what a GORGEOUS skirt!! It's a shame it needs all that fussing or it would be a keeper!
    Oh yes, I'm of the age where we wore the wrap skirts with outr peasant tops and  sandals. I loved them!!

  19. What a fun skirt! Back in my college days I had a floral wrap skirt (made it myself) that I wore almost daily for a year. 

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