Visible Monday #47: The Boots Return

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I said I had put my boots away, but I brought the bronze cowboys back for a Spring encore. They just felt good with this otherwise light-hearted look.
I am mixing two families of green today, warm olive green and cool spring green. I didn’t dare do this a decade ago; it was always warm-with-warm and cool-with-cool. But this looks fresh to me, and nobody laughed, so — a victory for rule breaking  : >
The blouse is by Ann Taylor Loft and the silk skirt is by Talbots. Boots were thrifted for under $10, and they’re by BCBGirls. The beaded necklace was made by a friend.
Boots in the Spring, and color mixing – such a rebel I have become.
I wish I could find more of these silk skirts. This one feels so great.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Ooo, those boots are drool-worthy. They look perfect with what you're wearing. The silk skirt must feel divine when you walk – no – glide, down the street. 

  2. Love those boots! Thanks for creating a style blog for ladies over 40 and having a link up. It gives me an opportunity to visit sites of other like minded ladies!

  3.  It's amazing how well different shades of green mix so well together, that doesn't always seem to be the case with other colors espcially red.
    Boots are always a go anytime of year. I like the toughness they add to cutesy outfits.

  4. I love all your greens here, Patti! You've inspired me to go "all green" tomorrow!

  5. Green on Green, right up my alley. I've yet to try it but now i have to. Thanks for hosting, I've been having a grab time seeing other styles.

  6. Bring out the boots!  They look great with your rebel greens.  I wore mine on Saturday as it was raining and chilly.  

  7. Patti i wanted to thank you again for hosting Visible Monday…what a wonderful community of like minded woman you have created!  I also want to thank you so very much for your weekly comments…I do so look forward to each and every one!  What you do each week is a good thing…a really good thing…thank you!!

  8. Oh, Patti, those bronze boots are so fabulous! I adore them with the green. So gorgeous, so visible!

  9. I love your green combo, you look very pretty!  I know what you mean about silk skirts!  They're so soft and sumptuous, aren't they!  I always get excited when I manage to find one in a charity shop!

  10. You look good, Patti and I like your skirt and those boots as well. 🙂 

  11. People not laughing at your outfit is always a good sign in my book.  lol
    It never even would have occurred to me that you mixed a warm with a cool.  You rebel!  🙂

  12. Patti, you are definitely a rebel! You go girl! Love the look, green is my favorite color. Looks great on you. Check ebay for skirts, they have it all. That's where I got my red purse in my pic :o) Hope you are having a great day in your pretty boots

  13. Love love love these boots Patti! I never grow tired of boots. Did you mention the brand? I need to go back and check. I'm looking for some western inspired boots to go with a western shirt I bought on vacation in Arizona.

    Thanks for hosting this fun cyber-party!

  14. Bronze cowboy boots – how cool is that?!!  How did you know they would go so well with the outfit…and the jewelry just ties it all together so simply and effectively.  cool.

  15. I like your monochrome outfit! Green really suits your skin tone very well. The print of the blouse is adorable too. The boots are a super chic find, can't believe it's only $10! 


  16. Have we seen the bronze boots before?  If so, they are a stand out now!  Paula introduced me to silk skirts.  They are so light and dangerous feeling when I wear them.  I appreciate the weekly opportunity to link up.

  17. Very nice… but I don't think I could wear boots in the heat–they would drive me crazy.

  18. Patti, you are in my favorite color scheme!  I really like the Talbot's skirt!  Thank you for hosting Visible Monday…you are always so faithful!!

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