The Real Difference Between Men And Women

. . . is  shopping. How I know: this past weekend my husband said “All my shorts are worn out, let’s get some new ones.” (Note difference #1 – “let’s get some.”  I have never, ever said to him, “I need some new open-toe wedge sandals, let’s go get some.”)

So we went to Target, one of his best spots for casual wear. And almost everything he wears is casual because 1) we live in Florida, and 2) he works from home. Target has a great selection of cotton, knee-length cargo shorts in the colors and sizes my DH likes. I like them too, and his tall, rangy frame looks great in long loose shorts.

A handful of these, and he’s good for a year. That’s my guy!

No exaggeration, ladies, we were in and out of there, groceries included, in 20 minutes. My man had four new pairs of good-looking shorts and a pair of surf trunks. He was really happy. In fact, his quote upon exiting the store was, “Well, that’ll do me for another year.” In case you didn’t notice, that quote exemplifies differences #2 through infinity between him and me with regard to shopping.

I don’t consider myself a shopping addict, nor a super-shopper, nor even a leisure-shopper. But I do enjoy the activity, and I like to add and subtract from my wardrobe regularly to create new looks. I’ll wager most of you reading this share similar tastes.

What about the men in your lives? Can they shop for a year in twenty minutes?  Do you shop for, or with them? Or do they venture out and style themselves on a regular basis?

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  1. Here's a surprise for you – my guy can outlast me shopping any day. He has amazing endurance… let him loose in a good thrift and he finds treasure, if it's to be found. He GETS EXCITED when I ask him to go shopping with me. He also LIKES to grocery shop. I am very lucky!

  2. Your hubby sounds like mine, and in fact we had a similar situation last week, when Mr needed a new sweater, a quick visit to Target and within 10mins, done! He was so happy with his $20 purchase, he keeps talking about it!!

  3. My Mr. D shops in about 20 minutes as well and always goes to the same store for jeans and shirts – But it is easy to conviced him to go somewhere else –
    He does not like shopping at all – except for shoes he will spend a little more time in the shop

    Ariane xxxxx

  4. My husband and children would happily go shopping with your husband…once a year =)

  5. My hubby is a perpetual shopper. It is me who is waiting outside the fitting room for him. And helping him to choose his clothes. 20 mins is not enough for sure. Your hubby is fantastic


  6. My husband is exactly the same! After hearing too many of my complaints and realising that he REALLY needed to get some new clothes, we made an appointment to go shopping. Now I know that I usually have about 2 hours Max to get stuff for him, so it's actually wise to do some pre-shopping, so I know where to go and make sure I get some good stuf, because I will have to look at it for next 2 years! We usually end up buying a lot of stuff in those 2 hours though…

  7. I think you pretty much summed it up.  The only difference is that my husband wears Big and Tall clothes, so shopping is harder.   But he's definitely a point and shoot kind of shopper.  I'll occasionally find things for him, but most of my shopping is in thrift stores, so there isn't a whole lot.  

  8. My husband is not a happy shopper.  It makes him prone to buying multiples of items on his infrequent trips.  If something doesn't work out then he's got not just one, but several of the not-working-out items.  I can buy him shirts but he's got to try pants on.  Twenty minutes is about his limit for shopping.

    My son, who got dragged around on shopping trips with me, is another story.  He is a shopper.  He worked at Nordstrom one summer and ended the summer with a wonderful wardrobe and absolutely no cash. When his older brother got his first real job I sent the two of them out to get some work clothes because I knew that younger son would steer him right.

  9. Ha, "Let's." Around here, it's "I need new shorts; will you get me some?" And that's actually fine with me, since I like shopping and my schedule is much more flexible than his anyway, and he travels a whole lot for his job. Left to his own devices, I expect he'd do it all online.

    He lives in shorts when he's home. The more pockets the better.

  10. My husband dresses casually most of the time – jeans and T-shirts for work – and shops a lot  like yours does. (He doesn't wear shorts very much, but he likes long pants that look just like the shorts in your picture.) He expects to find what he wants quickly by going to just one or two stores, and a few items will hold him for a long time. He streamlines the process by ordering his favorites online. I'm not in love with shopping, but I like more variety in my wardrobe, and I'm very sensitive about the way things fit, so I devote a lot more effort to the process.

  11. My guy only shop about once every 8 years-no kidding!!!
    I buy his clothes and most of them,he doesn't like, so most of his clothes are also thrifted!

  12. It's not so much that Gorgeous Husband wants to do his clothes shopping fast, well, he does… but it's more that he wants it mega-cheap.  However, he is willing to scout out new shops for me to go into.  Quite the explorer, my man, as long as it's for me, and it doesn't take too long!
    Rosemary  from

  13. It's not so much that Gorgeous Husband wants to do his clothes shopping fast, well, he does… but it's more that he wants it mega-cheap.  However, he is willing to scout out new shops for me to go into.  Quite the explorer, my man, as long as it's for me, and it doesn't take too long!

    Rosemary  from

  14. My husband likes to window shop and browse and browse… but I can't stand it! I am more like the traditional man when it comes to procuring items, it is more like a hunt and when I make the kill I want to go home and prepare the outfit. I prefer shopping online because I battle impatience and it is not getting better with age, unfortunately. 🙂

  15. My husband does indeed shop like this unless it's a new suit and that is a long drawn out process that involves me.  Does your husband every shop with you for clothing?  I like having DH's opinion.

  16. Just to say we don't all have men in our lives. Some of us have women.

  17. I guess my hubby is the exception – he is like me: loves to shop and we generally go shopping together for either stuff for him or stuff for me or both.  He's a little more modern than me taste-wise though.

  18. husband shops twice a year, once at the winter clearance sale and once at the summer clearance sale
    it takes about an hour and he looks at price tags not clothes
    it drives me insane

  19. Oh, this post made me laugh! Mr. Frump appreciates a little help when he shops, but not much. (I lurk nearby, to offer moral support and a second opinion. I'm also much better at finding sizes. Why is that?)  It is amazing how quickly he can be in and out of the store. He's not exactly a fashion plate, but I call his personal style "adorably rumpled," and I wouldn't want him any other way.  I draw the line at shopping for him, though. I can barely handle shopping for myself! 
    You are SO dead on about the difference between men and women.

  20. My husband shops twice a year, for new coloured dress shirts, and maybe once a year for a new suit (he's a suit and tie guy). For casual clothes, it's specific shopping, like you have with your DH. Otherwise, I buy him stuff here and there when I find it, but he loathes the "grazing" approach to shopping. 

  21. Well, he's normal!  Most men I know are the very same way!!  They want to hunt it and bag it quickly!  That is why I rarely take my husband shopping with me…he doesn't get it!

  22. Ironically, my husband seems to have more clothes than I, but only wears about 10% of them.  He doesn't like to shop at all (he'd rather take a punch to the gut than go shopping), but if he needs something, he just goes and gets it.  There's no standing in front of the mirror, turning and checking out the tush.  Gotta love that about men! 🙂  Hugs pretty girl!  ~Serene

  23. This had me smiling all the way through the article. I was informed the other day that my hubby just threw out another pair of jeans. Is that a hint?? haha
    So, this weekend we'll be hitting Sears, the best place for Levi's.

  24. My husband is also very tall and skinny so he has a tailor who makes him shirts and suits, and at one time a nice coat. I've talked him into changing the style of his shirts and trousers, to a more modern cut, but he chooses the colours himself, although he is colour blind!   When he goes shopping for casual wear he often buys multiples and has the exact same comment: That'll do me for another year! But he does spend more than 20 minutes, mostly because his size is never in the shop, they have to dig it out from some dark corner…

  25. Muy husband has me order him 5 new shirts for the office twice each year, once for spring, once for fall.  Always the same styles.  Pants too… always the same style in the same brand.  No stripes or plaids, but perhaps one Hawaiian shirt for ugly shirt Friday.  If I can't find what he wants then he goes online and makes the purchase in less than 20 minutes.  Also five plain colored t-shirts and 3 plain colored shorts for the week-end wear.  Three plain sweat pants, with pocket in back for his wallet but no pockets in the front… ai ai ai…. No way can I have him purchase any clothing for me because he would dress me in all frilly, flowery frocks with lace at the collar.  He's a mess!

  26. Le monsieur does enjoy browsing for clothing occasionally, but he really doesn't purchase often. It has to be something he really thinks he needs, and preferably on sale. That said, he never throws anything out either until it's falling apart. He'll wear his button front shirts until they're threadbare, and ignore all entreaties that it's time for the donation pile.

  27. My guy acts like he could care less about shopping and I probably do a lot of "pre-shopping" for him, but in the years I've known him he's taken more of an interest in how he looks. He likes looking good, but finding things that fit Tall, Skinny, Broad shouldered Hubs is nigh impossible. I have done alterations, done the buy this pair of jeans in all the available shades since they fit. Finally this past weekend I had to go and make him try on a bunch of jeans because some pairs were too big/hole-y. 

    Simply put, he likes choice, but he hates wading through to find the right stuff, so I pull like a stylist might and let him narrow down his choices.

  28. I either shop for my hubby or go with him. He's pretty easy. 

  29. I wouldn't say I enjoy shopping but I'm nosey so I like to see what's out there. Mr TNMA is not a fan, though. He didn't buy anything – apart from two globes! –  when we were in New York recently

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