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The delightful Bill Cunningham features this jacket today in his On The Street video for the New York Times online. It’s a military style jacket in army green/tan, with leather sleeves, and he’s seeing it all over the city. (Bill’s videos are the highlight of my Saturday mornings.)

I haven’t seen the jacket here in the ‘burbs yet, and I’m not sure if it’s for me. It is a little edgy and a little funky, which I like. But maybe too masculine for my style? I’m not buying yet, but I’m watching for Fall.

What say you all?

A very boxy version, ASOS, $217
I like the shape of this one better. Veda Jones, $450 (ouch)
Fab blogger of The Fashion Blanket makes her own!

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  1. Hmm, I just don't find this appealing. I like a little bit of tough in my ensembles, but think there's just too much going on here for me.

  2. This is not my taste, but I can picture using the jackets as a statement piece over a white shirt and black pant, as one of the ladies that Bill photographed did.

  3. I like it – it is good to dress down an outfit if you do not want to look too girly

    Will try my best for Visible Monday! It is so nice and warm in Montreal!

    Take care

    Ariane xxxxxx

  4. I think I'd like it better with a leather body and fabric sleeves.  I have short arms and fabric sleeves would leave the possibilities for altering the sleeves to be the right length easier.

  5. You know, you could come close to the same look with a leather jacket (do you have one?) and an olive drab vest, which I KNOW you can find in a local thrift store.

  6. Those pieces are really great! Somehow those jacket costs very expensive and I won't spend my bucks for that though it's really stylish! I'd rather go for the last one – make my own diy jacket or go on thrifting somewhere on the net.

  7. I would make this and wear it in a heartbeat.  I would cry when I had to put it away for the season.  I adore this look.  I upcycled an army jacket by adding sweater sleeves and it looks great.  Leather would be even better!

  8. I like the look, though I would have to try one on to see if I think it is for me…I haven't seen any here, but it is really, really hot outside!!  I would like to purchase a leather jacket this fall if I can set aside the funds!

  9. love, love, love the look.  that being said, i'm always leery of chasing the next "must have" look/item etc (not that i don't succumb to it myself at times). it just seems once the masses have embraced a trend, the trend setter is on to the next "must have," and we are left eating their dust.  ya know what i mean?!?  then again, military jacket + leather = classics.  p.s. it's always fun to mix masculine jacket w/feminine other stuff 😉

  10. I like them. I think one would suit my style. I like the cut of the second one better, but the colors of the first. I think I'd have to stumble across the perfect one.

  11. I have a winter jacket with leather sleeves which I love. There is currently a good one at Zara if you want to try the trend inexpensively.

  12. I've seen it around,too.But i'm not sure.It seems too trendy for me.I think ,I'll pass.but just for the sake of it I would be intriqued to make my own.

  13. That top jacket is totally me, but I would never pay full price for it. I don't like to go over 100.00 on a jacket. Very cute though. 

  14. Just looks silly to me. If you're short you don't want 'busy busy'. The first photo is OK but I see no reason to go gaga over it unless one is a complete fashion victim! It's not terrible but it's not actually a GOOD look.

  15. Not my style either…I think I would really have to see it feminized more whether by color or paired differently.  I love that Bill Cunningham though.

  16. I don't wear leather coats often- to stiff or something, but while this look is not for me, I like it. Tracy, the Closet Shopper sported it since winter, she's got a leather free version of it on a trench coat and it does look downright chic on her. Off to visit NYTimes and see Bill's picks! 

  17. I like the look of these jackets and I'm tempted to try them but I know they're really not my style and I wouldn't be very comfortable wearing them.  I wish my style were a bit tougher, but it's really just not.  ;-(

    Hope you're having a great weekend, Patti!

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