Checklist for a Fab Maxi Dress – What’s Yours?

I am hoping maxi dresses are still in this summer. Ah, who am I kidding, I am going to wear them this summer, in or out. Being of a Certain Age, I have guidelines. But I can’t resist the ease of a long dress and the wonderful leg-cover it allows.

Here are some of the things I look for:

  • A bit of back coverage. I prefer just a nice scoop in the back, not a deep vee that exposes lots of skin.
  • A strap that is bra-friendly, or at least friendly to a supportive camisole.
  • Clean, simple lines – not a boat-load of ruffles
  • Solids, stripes, or simple graphic prints, maybe a subtle floral – but no Hawaiian explosions for me.
Yummy color, forgiving fit, simple cut – is the slit a little daring?
Nordstroms, $78
Simplicity defined! But it would be a fun backdrop for summer
jewelry and scarves. Nordstroms, $118
For my Boho side. I love the airy fabric and Ikat print.
I’d def wear a cami for the neckline exposure.  Amazon, $175

Do you wear maxi dresses/skirts in the warm months? What are your preferences for style, fabric, colors? Or am I already way past this trend?  : o

Happy Friday to all!

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  1. Yup, I'm fond of a good maxi dress and I certainly want thick straps, if not a bit of a short sleeve. I've got one super-flattering black one and one in a butterfly wing sort of pattern in blues and apricots. They've both had a lot of use. In England they're useful because they look summery but can be layered up when it's not actually that warm!

  2. I've been loving the maxi trend for a while, but haven't found the right one. At 5'9" finding one long enough is a challenge. I'm gonna keep looking though! I do have two strapless maxi dresses, but they're both more for the evening. I'd like a pretty daytime one.

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  4. ooh love a maxi….I have the best maxi skirt I like to wear with flip-flops in summer….oh where is the summer……or with boots in the winter!!

  5. I love them–I just have a hard time finding ones that "work".  I have one that is a black background print that is a chiffon material but a long tank style.  I found a gorgeous one today–Diane vonFurstanburg, bright floral print and it has elbow length sleeves!! I can't wait to wear it!
    I really would like more–easy to wear, covers my pasty legs and are cool!!

  6. One more requirement – natural fabric!  Why have a breezy dress in suffocating polyester – bleah.  I'd wear maxis more if I could fine more in cotton.

  7. I was just looking at some maxi dresses yesterday at Nordies. The ones I saw had that new sleeve design with huge slits that expose the arm. I don't like those because they expose my upper arm and they accentuate my narrow shoulders.
    I do love a basic tube top maxi without a ruffle at the bottom. Then I put a cotton cardi or button up shirt (open) over the top.

  8. I have YET to find a maxi dress or skirt that looks good on me.  I just feel frumpy in them.  I think I like them better on thinner women….I can't wait to see the ones you pick out!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  9. The maxi photos are gorgeous; the first is my favorite.  I can't remember a time that I didn't wear them.  It doesn't matter to me if they're a trend or not.  I love how they feel and look!  

  10. Maxi's are still going strong- I see them on folks all over Seattle. And I like how maxi skirts as well as dress are modest, mobile options for style. That last dress (not sure why its designed for a boob show, lol) is my pick-what a stunner!

  11.  In complete agreement with this. I'm short so I wear shorts. Maxis are a no-no.

  12. Oh I love the maxi, I've yet to figure it out on my figure. I think it's finding the right waistline for me.Can't wait to see how you rock one. By the way did you see some of the ones Nicole Richie was wearing on Fashion Star, so cool.

  13. I've been getting a lot of wear from mine on our travels even though it's not summer yet. I was a bit nervous the first day I wore it, but having included it in my carry-on-only wardrobe, I couldn't afford not to brave wearing it. And I started noticing other long skirts here and there in Bordeaux, expect I'll see more in Paris. There were no others the day I swished mine through the streets of San Sebastian, but like you, at a certain age, I've decided I don't mind. And mine is quick slim in profile, conservative in that it's navy with slim white horizontal stripes. The best thing is I don't have to flash my bare white legs yet, nor do I have to wear tights in this transitional still-a-bit-cool-in-mornings-and-evenings time.

  14. I love maxis and will probably still wear them even when no longer in style.  They are great for summer because you can go hose-less and not have to worry about bare legs in the office.  They are cooler too than pants or shorts because they don't stick to you and you don't stick to seats.

  15. Oh no .. you are right in full swing!  I love maxi dresses and actually prefer maxi skirts even more.  I feel free, light, breezy, young when I wear something that swirls around my calves.  Give me some strappy sandals and I'm ready to go!  The third dress is my favorite because it has sleeves (to cover my not so great upper arms.)

  16. I associate this with vacations, pool/beach.  Beyond that I think it's not really my style.

  17. Not a good style for the petite. When you're 5'1", you look like you're wearing the living room drapes.

  18. I agree with your checklist..and for me, the material needs to be lightweight and cool!  I recently purchased three maxis and i plan to wear them everywhere this summer!

  19. I'll be wearing my maxi dress this summer for sure – I've had it for two years, and I think it's taken that long to trickle down to where it's more everyday wear as opposed to being a trendy look. 

    I also love maxi skirts and intent to keep wearing them! I can totally see you in that first dress, Patti.

  20. Love maxis, they are so cool and cover the legs that are not quite as unmarked as they once were.  Black is great or a Hindi print.

  21. I have slowly decided that I don't really like the way maxis feel on me–cloth around my calves…but I do like the second one you've pictured.

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