Visible Monday #38: Stripes and Sheers

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I’ve made no secret of my love for stripes. I think I have four striped tops, and they remain in heavy rotation. Since I don’t love vivid prints next to my face, I like stripes for interest.

The skirt is a thrifted DKNY find, one of my favorite “fun” skirts. I really enjoy the pleats and the sheerness, as a refreshing change from my dark neutrals. So the overall look is nautical-with-a-twist.

I am trying to wear my new Farylrobin pumps. The delightful Megan of Megan Mae Daily turned me on to this pair via eBay and they are a fabulous bargain! But alas, I cannot seem to find comfort in them, no matter how many insoles and socks I try. So they’ll go back on eBay (sad!), although I adore the style.

I feel just the right amount of Visible in my red, white and blue, and I make a cool swishy sound when I walk (Audible Monday?)  : >

Top: Land’s End Canvas; Skirt: DKNY, thrifted; Shoes: Farylrobin, eBay
I like the long-over-long silhouette in this outfit.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing!!

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  1. I too adore striped tops. I have black and white, heather and charcoal, cram and charcoal, you get the picture. Rarely wear a floral top. You look great!

    Please do come and join my new Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce!

    Art by Karena

  2.  I like how you pull long skirts and I'm sure you have plenty.It's not an easy look but you did just fine.I love strippes myself.Everytime I wear them i feel so elegant.You look elegant ,too Patti and the red color on the skirt is vibrant and but still easy on the eye.

  3.  thanks Debbi – I have tried them, and everything dr scholl's offers  : <  we're just not compatible. such cute shoes too!

  4. In the '90s, I was obsessed with four stretchy little shirts that I had. I was like the girl with the striped shirts. And one day I washed them in the laundry room in the basement of my apartment building … and someone stole them! I had to go cold turkey!

  5. Too bad about the shoes.  Sounds like they fall into the 'special effects' category – to be worn for a few minutes before taking a seat.  They look perfect with the red sheer skirt.  

  6. Patti, have you tried tongue pads in your shoes? It looks like you have a lot of room at the back of the shoe and it could be your foot is sliding forward. Tongue pads help keep your foot back a bit. Just a suggestion.
    I love that skirt on you. It is like it has an inner glow as it is just so soft looking.

  7. "audible Monday" haha  Love this pleated skirt with the stripes.  I saw a pleated skirt I liked a few weeks ago, but did not buy it because I had a fear of having to iron all those pleats just perfectly and I'm not that great at ironing.  Do pleats require much work?  I'm lazy. haha

  8. Thanks for hosting and for continuing to provide inspiration Monday and everyday. Love the stripes. So Classy. I'm imagining you on a bicycle with a baguette in your basket, flying down a cobbled street, with your red skirt and your curls dancing in the wind. 

  9. Stripes for me too, today, although that's hardly unusual for me. Yours look amazing. Thanks, as always, for hosting!

  10. Aww! They are fabulous with that gorgeous red skirt. Sorry they didn't work out. Hope they go to a fabulous new home though! (If they were my size, I would snatch them up)

  11. I know what you mean–I can't get enough of stripes this year, either!  And what a great thrifting find; that skirt is so fun!

  12. loooove the skirt!  and i'm just a tad obsessed with stripes, too.  there's just something so wonderful about them, isn't there?
    i hear you about the painful shoes.  it's so disappointing when a lovely pair just doesn't work out.  but it's better to have comfortable shoes that you actually wear, than a closet full of uncomfortable ones that never see the light of day 🙂

  13. Love the color of the skirt. Wanna buy something similar…for summer. Have a nice week, Patti. Thank you for hosting the party!

  14. I applaud you for going so bold with the stripes! They don't seem to like me as much as they like you. Every time I have ever tried it, it becomes a shirt that hangs in my closet and/or a picture that never sees the light of day.

    Great combination with the red, though!

  15. That skirt is just lovely, and it looks great on you! Too bad about the shoes, but look at the bright side: When you sell a pair of shoes you'll have both room and money for another pair!

  16. Love the long over long silhouette too.  Adding the belt is a nice touch to give shape and finish to the outfit.  I really like the stripes.  Happy Monday!

  17. Nothing beats a swishy sound when you walk! Absolutely! That in itself makes a winning outfit. But you look wonderful! I like the stripe with the dotted pumps and blast of red. 

  18. I just like pleats so much, and you look great in a pleated maxi, plus a cute striped top The belt gives a nice shape to your top too. Are those polka dots on your shoes? How adorable! Such a visible outfit to start the week. Thanks for the link up Patti, always helps me to begin the week with a omph! 


  19. Love how the horizontal stripes of your top complement/contrast with the vertical stripes of the pleats!

    And oh, what a shame those shoes are uncomfortable…they are so cute.

  20. oh no, why did my picture go sideways 🙁  sigh.
    BrknPoet (Visible St. Patrick's Day)

  21. Breton stripes are a big love of mine too – love how you paired this laid back top with that fabulous red skirt – it instantly makes a very dressy skirt wearable for day.

  22. How FABULOUS is that skirt?!  You've styled it beautifully and I agree with Pam….you'll get lots of mileage out of that this summer!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  23. Patti, this skirt is beautiful!!  You can do so much with it for warmer weather!  Love the look!

  24. Bummer about the cute shoes!
    I don't see how you could ever get bored with your closet – your outfits are always very fashionable, colorful, and VISIBLE!!!

  25. Patti–I love your outfit!!! It looks like you should be at a swag party on Nantucket!!
    That skirt is right on trend thios spring with the pleats and sheerness!

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