Visible Monday #150: Karina Dress And The Good Life

Announcing! A feature I know you’ll like. Every First Visible Monday of the month, we’ll have a special edition of Visible Monday, sponsored by my friends at Karina Dresses.

There’s nothing like a Karina dress for making me feel all pulled-together, feminine, comfortable, and ready for anything (today – movies, pub, college basketball, life is good). This is the Ruby in Gilded Floral. It’s got a higher neckline than some of Karina’s pieces, three-quarter sleeves (my favorite) and a shorter hemline.

Like all Karinas, it’s soft, washes in the machine and never wrinkles. You cannot wrinkle this dress, I dare you. Made in the USA, in Brooklyn (the new Manhattan). Karina creates good jobs for locals and she runs an ethical, peace-loving business. Love her, and her dresses.

Finishing touches: a vintage bronze necklace (similar) and my old Aldo boots (sim).
Dressed up with a velvet shrug (similar), and more casual with a cotton vest (sim).
Take advantage of a generous discount for Not Dead Yet Style readers:
$30 Off Any Full Price Dress  – GIBP30
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And, enter to win a Karina dress of your choosing. The winner will be selected at random on March 16, 2015. All you have to do to qualify is fill in your email address below, and leave a comment on this page. That’s it.

Come browse with me:

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