How Not To Feel Your Age


It’s an open secret that as we age, we don’t really feel different inside than we did when we were young. We still have our hopes, dreams, and fears, modified by time but still present.

This has undeniably been true for me as I am now just two months away from turning 60. When I was young, 60 seemed impossibly old, the end of all good things. I don’t feel that way anymore. I am well aware that if we measure by seasons, I am in the autumn of my life. But, I’m Not Dead Yet.

Here are some of the ways I “don’t feel my age.” Over-arching all is a belief in staying hopeful, positive, and grateful. You may have some of your own to add to the list; please share.

  • Hang out with people of all ages. I am close to my sister (in her 40’s) and her two teen daughters. I get asked for advice on dating!
  • Shun stereotypes. There’s nothing more aging than talking like this: “Kids today . . . “
  • Listen to new music. I try a new band every day via Spotify. Well, new-to-me anyway. The 1990’s count (hello, Arc Angels). It’s so tempting to keep going back to Neil Young.
  • Get excited. Get really worked up about . . . whatever energizes you. I’m a political junkie, so I get passionate about women’s rights. There are mostly younger-than-me women in the movement but we share a philosophy. It could be something completely non-political too, like rescuing kittens, or learning to cook vegan. Get gung-ho.
So many kitties to love. Source.
  • Don’t be critical. Pause before the negativity comes out. There’s a stereotype of an old person who is disapproving of everything, fearful, negative, and rigid. I won’t be her.
  • Sing. I’m taking classical singing lessons, but I’ve always enjoyed singing. It changes my mood, it makes me feel alive.
  • Wear your hair long, if you like. I’m trying to get back to shoulder length, wild and fuzzy.
  • Wear your lipstick bright, if you like. I love to see a silver-haired (long or short) woman with red lipstick. It looks like she’s earned it, somehow.
Photographer and model Sigrid Rothe.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about what age you feel. Today I’m about 32, but minus the career stress  ツ.

Stay fabulous,

These are a few of my favorite things:

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