My Favorite, Can’t-Live-Without Beauty Products

Beauty and grooming products come and go in my closet. I like to try the latest thing, and there are some orphans in my beauty box I admit.

But I am attached to a few products that I’d be loathe to part with. International Indispensable Cosmetics Association, that’s my club. Here are some items I want to hold onto forever:

  • Retin-A. If  Retin-A is outlawed, only outlaws (like me) will have Retin-A. Nothing compares for smoothing wrinkles and dark spots.
  • Sunscreen, currently Neutrogena Sensitive Skin 60+ SPF. It’s light and very smooth, and about $12. I’ve never gotten irritated skin, or a sunburn, when using this.




  • Mousse (moose!) is the answer for my fuzzy curly hair. Without mousse, my hair resembles a baby chick’s head, without the cuteness. Whatever is on sale and smells nice is perfect.
  • Nail hardener. The best I’ve found to date is Nail Tek II, and it’s under $10. When I let my nails go naked, they peel and break like crazy.
  • Fragrance. I  feel completely dressed after my spray of Prada’s Infusion D’Iris. It is pricey, but a bottle lasts me a year.


What product/s will you hold onto till the end of time?


Stay fabulous,


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