Visible Monday #141: Re-Cycling From My Closet

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I’ve been shopping in my closet for a month or so — since two new dental crowns in one week maxed out the cards! And with New York City coming up next week, I want to save some $$$ for thrifting there. So, I’ve been recycling my pieces.

Like this no-name black lace top (similar), purchased at the Revolve consignment shop. It’s completely sheer so I wear a short-sleeve tee under it for the office. The J Jill trousers (similar) are from the fifty-cent rack, and the GAP belt is old. It’s fun to be creative with what I’ve already got.

I think I prefer the unbelted look. Skinny G is getting really Fatty-G, isn’t she?

Now, show us what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Looking cool and elegant. I like the long lines without belt! Recycling our closet is always great for our creativity. A few restrictions can get that mind buzzing! Recently I took my favourite jewellery away on a trip, and was slow unpacking it, and I've found all sorts of new combinations with the remaining nonfavourites.
    I wrote a post with you in mind but missed the deadline…argh! Here it is anyway…very visible…
    Xo JJ

  2. Shopping your closet looks great on you! I do it regularly and it never gets old. Sounds like we'll be going with you on another NYC adventure. Can't wait!

  3. Your long sleeved black lace top is gorgeous! I decided not to post my lingerie and fashion outfit photo here, but there are plenty on my blog you can see.
    I just added the link to your blog "Not Dead Yet Style" to the permanent links
    on the front of my blog. The blog links there are in alphabetical order.

  4. I love both your looks Patti. With the belt is my favorite. Lots of fun in NY

    Joly Look

  5. Patti, you look so effortlessly chic in this! You rock the black/white so well! Ha, Skinny G is not Not-So-Skinny G!

  6. Hello, Patti, and thanks again for hosting. You're looking spectacular and fall-fashionable in black lace … unbeatable with cream wide leg trousers. Just excellent for the cooler days to come, yes? Speaking of unbeatable … KITTY BOMB! Nothing better.

  7. That's EXACTLY what I've been doing lately too – shopping my own closet. I'm trying to be strong and stay away from thrift shops. I feel a closet purge coming on. You are going to have a FANTASTIC time in NYC as a reward for your self-restraint. I love your hair here, and the lace top is hard feminine.

  8. I think ai like this outfit with a belt, but a different one. (Don't ask me which one then… I can only criticize, not bring solutions…. No styling abilities…. Should I should up then? OK! I will.)

  9. That is a really great lace top Patti! I love visiting your linky as there are always such great blogs on it! Wishing you a great week & thank you for hosting! Ax

  10. What a great lace top! It's so fun to rehab what you own already. Sometimes I have to turn to Pinterest for inspiration because I see things only one way…

  11. You are the coolest, Patti. Recycling from your recycled closet is THE way to go. And you look stunning. I luv the black lace pattern showing up over the white trousers. Both looks, belted and sans, are good, each gives a different vibe. Personally I prefer the more relaxed version. But who cares what I prefer?! You're always the best boss of your ensembles.

  12. Funnily enough I liked it more with the belt Patti (a look I can see myself wearing as I have cream wide leg trousers) – but to be honest you look wonderful every way you wear things! The neutral tones are really gorgeous πŸ™‚

    Have a wonderful week!

    Catherine x

  13. Palazzo pantas and black lace perfection, dear Patti.
    Thank you for this friend gathering
    Love, love your hair, so Carrie Bradsaw

  14. That blouse is gorgeous and it looks lovely with the pretty off-white trousers. Love the Leaf Pendant Necklace also. So cozy and chic today, Patti. =)

    Happy Monday Beautiful!

  15. Good Morning Patti, you look very pretty (but the nice cat needs a starvation diet πŸ˜‰ )
    Have a great new week and a nice travel to NY πŸ™‚

  16. Count me in for Team Unbelted. And those trousers are fab! They do all kinds of wonderful things for your silhouette. Thanks fro Vis Monday. Will be linking up tomorrow for sure!

  17. Great look! Love the color combo! Also, in love with the leaf pendant — perfect for Fall.

  18. Yay to shopping our closets!! The best prices in town! Love your flowy pants. You look sweet.

  19. This is one of my favorite looks on you, Patti! I love the cream trousers with the black lace – chic but also soft and feminine. Thank you for another great Visible Monday! I am off to check out the participants. xo

  20. Patti you look gorgeous and elegant as always. I have always had a bit of a thing about grey cats so I am smitten xx

  21. Love this either way, lace is always elegant and the wide leg pant suits you so well.I am a great believer in shopping the wardrobe first.

  22. Fantastic look Patti, I love the lacey top with the wide pants, so stylish! Thanks for hosting πŸ™‚ hugs xxx

  23. Wow, Patti…no wonder you enjoy shopping your closet! What a great outfit. Thanks for the post.

  24. Patti, closet shopping is still one of my favorite creative outlets. It's always so much fun to recreate from items we already own, and this outfit is the perfect example. New York City Again???? I'm quite jealous, sounds like so much fun. I really think a bunch of us (blogging friends) should meet up there someday.

  25. Dearest Patti, you know, lately I've been recycling my clothes more than usual, because I have plans to do a major bag purchase and I need to save for this reason. It's actually so much fun to style your own clothes in different ways ! That lace top is superb and I love this look. Thanks for hosting your link up, I always join with great joy. Maybe joining also with another look I wanted to show you, of course linking twice πŸ˜‰ Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies

  26. Skinny G is HUGE!!!! We used to have a cat like that- he was called Nero!
    I like your leaf necklace, so pretty and it is set so well against the pretty lace top!
    Thanks for another VM! Always fun!x

  27. Well, I beg to differ, I like the belted version! You have such a gorgeous figure, Patti, and I think wearing the belt shows it off. Black lace is always gorgeous, and you really suit those elegant wide-legged trousers.
    Oh Skinny G – who cares what size she is, she's gorgeous! xxx

  28. I agree, I like the unbelted version best as well. LOVE that easy looking long over long look. The proportions are perfect!

  29. Ha ha! That cat's name is really a joke right??? ; P

    You do the wide leg pant better than anyone else.


  30. There's not much point to shopping if you only wear your clothes once. You look lovely, as always, and I continue to marvel at how inexpensive your stylish pieces are!

    Stop by the blog and enter to win a SUNNYband πŸ™‚


  31. You look lovely and no-one would know it's not expensive pieces that you've just recently bought!

    PS – I like the belted look to define the waist a bit more. Much more flattering, I think.

  32. I love your way of recycling, Patti! This is beautiful and I join you in the black and white trend! Thanks for hosting!! Have a great week!

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