Change Is A Beautiful Thing

Have you seen this video yet? As part of The Beauty Project series, director Kathryn Ferguson filmed five women, all over age 80, on the subject of beauty. The short (three minute) film feels very fresh and honest, and not a papering-over of the real changes of aging.

The theme of the the film, per its site, is: “What does beauty look like after eighty? From keeping your thoughts young to facial aerobics, five older women discuss what beauty means to them.” 

Here are some of the questions Ms. Ferguson asked of the women, and their answers, and my own answers (I would love to hear yours):

“What do you see when you look in the mirror?”
It’s changed over the years.
I see myself.

My answer: Myself, changing ever so gradually but still me.

“Do you feel beautiful?”
I feel attractive, not beautiful, no.
I do if I take care of myself.
Looking beautiful . . . it’s a little shallow, maybe?

“What is your beauty secret?”
Keep your thoughts young.
Eat well and take care of your skin.

My answer: No secrets. Move a lot and laugh a lot.

“At what age did you feel most beautiful?”
My early 20’s.
Around age 40, I became confident.

My answer: Mid 30’s. A great time for my physical self.

“Does beauty fade?”
You have to keep working at being alive. If you don’t, everything fades.
You have to be in love with change; change is a beautiful thing.

Stay fabulous, as you already are,

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A small fashion round-up inspired by the stars of the film:

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  1. I loved this video – statements like "it's the desire to retain things that is so dangerous…" resonated with me. I agree with Curtise about the gal with the red hair – she looks like she'd be a blast to hang out with.

  2. Thank you for sharing this remarkable film my dear! I do agree … we must fall in love with change … and search high and low for the gifts of aging … while we learn to walk away gracefully … from what was!

  3. What a great film, such interesting and beautiful women. I think I'd like to go for a drink with the lady with red hair, she seems like my kinda gal! xxx

  4. How fantastic is this? Wonderful viewing. I love "what you get older, your true character starts to show". How true. Why get botoxed only to lose your true identity? xxx

  5. I don't know if I've reached my most attractive feeling age. I seem to feel better about myself more and more. One of the advantages of having a low self esteem when young!
    My Mum is getting up there in age, and all her beautiful bone structure is shining through. Thanks for sharing this video Patti. Xo JJ

  6. So beautiful! I loved the comment "you have to keep working at being alive" – great advice for all of us. I definitely felt my most attractive around age 40.

  7. I think even if we are okay with getting older and all that that entails, we still have to work with society's ideas of women and aging. It's an uphill battle, one that I gladly take on! Thanks, Patti, for keeping us on our toes!

  8. Oh, man! Excellent video! I now have several beauty icons to look up to! When I hit 40, I finally felt comfortable in my skin and now I just look forward to aging even more. Thanks for yet another thought-provoking post, Patti. I can always count on you!

  9. I absolutely LOOOVE this video. I love these women and I love the music. I also like how they've incorporated women who've had "work" done with those who haven't without judgment of either. These women are all captivating, although I think their age has little to do with it. Am I right in saying they are not Average women, if such a state exists. Thanks, Patti.

  10. All of the women in this video look beautiful! My answers to the questions Ms. Ferguson asked would be:

    When I look in the mirror I feel old and some trepidation about getting even older. I also feel heavy at the moment and think I should lose some weight before doing more customer lingerie review videos for my YouTube channel.

    My beauty secret? Trying not to spend an exorbitant amount of time outside in hot sunlight and harsh weather conditions. I could stand to try some skincare products.

    I felt most beautiful in my 20s but was filmed in my 40s and still post selfies in my 60s.

    Inner beauty will never fade.

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