My (New) Favorite (Cheap) Makeup, and Renee Zellweger’s Face

I admit it’s hard for me to stay faithful to any one makeup. I like to try new products, and I like variety, and I am under the spell of advertising. Yes, I am influenced by the shiny pages in the lady-mags.

My latest number one favorite is Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation, in Porcelain/Ivory.  I’d been using an Avon BB cream and I was happy with it until I stopped by the in-store Sephora at JC Penney. There I sampled a creamy full-coverage foundation and I was impressed by the difference in my skin tone. I don’t remember the brand, but it was spendy.

So, on my next trip to the drugstore I picked up this makeup:

It comes in nine  shades and sells for about $8. Good value!

I’ve worn it for a week now, and I love the finish. It is matte but not dry or cakey. It corrects for my pink undertones. It lasts through the workday with no touch-ups. It slides on nicely over my Olay moisturizer/sunscreen. And it’s $50 less than my previous full-coverage foundation, hello.

I do combine the foundation with a pricey Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit (recommended by several of you here). So I have a high-low face.

Speaking of faces, Renee Zellweger has been getting a lot of press for her “new” face. Apparently, she’s had some face-changing procedures. I cannot abide all the criticism of her choice.

Women in the public eye are derided if they age “naturally” and reviled if they fall for the latest in plastic surgeries. It’s a no-win, and what has to change is our view of midlife women. Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams said it better than I could in this article:

 I am eternally dismayed at a culture that obsesses so profoundly on bikini bodies and lineless countenances that some really strange results continue to happen to people who try to hang on to what they once were.

Love your face today, and stay fabulous,

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  1. I have been using this foundation for about 4 years, since I like full coverage as well. I tried one by MAC called Pan Stick, and I liked it, but it was $30 and only lasted 3 weeks until it was gone. So back to good old Maybelline. Enjoy your trip!!!

  2. Glad you've found something cheap that works.
    I feel sad for Renee, it must be awful to have to be constantly scrutinised . Thank goodness I'm a nobody! xxx

  3. Personally I like your line better about a "No-win" situation! I actually think Renee looks fine now…just different.

  4. I am a bit like you I try any make up and if they look nice in a magazine even better , i will try this foundation some time and see how I go ! Best wishes.

  5. I bought super-cheap Wet n' Wild Coverall Cream Foundation in my local drugstore simply because it is not tested on animals. I assumed it would be horrible – but for $3, I could afford to give it a shot. I LOVE it! It is absolutely the best foundation I've ever used. I ran out and bought more immediately because it's so good I want to make sure I have a lifetime supply.

  6. when you drop body fat and age, your face changes, I know this from experience. That looks exactly like the changes in Renee's face. She looks real and beautiful and I hate the judgement and speculation that comes with women as they age. She is beautiful!
    I struggle constantly with cosmetics and like you am also a sucker for advertising. I have wasted great amounts of money on this venture. 🙁

  7. I think I might try this out …since I also have very pink undertones and I'm not into spending big $ on makeup. I like it when it has a sunscreen though since my lotion doesn't.

    I'm sure Renee had a brow lift and her eyelids done, and honestly that is her business. Who are we to judge?

    Granted, as an actress, when it changes her appearance that much it could cause problems for her since people simply will no longer recognize her. That happened to the actress from Dirty Dancing when she got a nose job.

    Have a fun trip! : ) May the thrifting fairies be at your side.


  8. It is so difficult to find good make-up! How great to find one at the drugstore. Score! As for Renee, my mother has always had those Renee Z. Type of heavy eyelids. As she got older she actually had to lift her eyelids up to apply her eye make-up. Even though many people suggested she get her eyelids "done" she resisted. She knew she wouldn't look like herself any more. Maybe Renee just got tired of the mascara hassles.

  9. Patti! I'm loving a good foundation too! It makes me feel so put together! I was really surprised when I saw RZ in the news and her face looks completely different. But worst of all, I just don't see a lot of happiness in her eyes…..but then again, I don't know her so maybe she's marvelously happy! It's so unfortunate that ANYONE (man or woman) feels pressure from themselves or someone else to look a certain way. If we are fortunate, we will ALL age….it's a privelege, not a curse. Hugs to you sweet friend!! Serene

  10. I like trying new products too, and I always go for the cheapie mass-market varieties (SuperDrug over here is fab – have tried and love the in-house skin care products recommended by Vix). Thanks for the link to the Salon article – nice to see a truthful and thoughtful piece on the subject. If anything, I find that Zellweger's look makes her look her age.

  11. Love your blog and read it regularly. My only regret about Renee's choice (and it's clearly her choice) is that she now looks pretty much like everyone else, and her previous look was so charming and cute and her. I know several people, though, who've had the drooping eyelid procedure, and I think in their cases it was partly a comfort thing. Enjoy your well-deserved break!

  12. I think so many people are remarking on RZ's surgery because she changed some proportions, like eye shape, that we're wired to unconsciously use for facial recognition. So it's a little cognitive shock. I honestly would not have recognized her in the main recent pic that was being floated around. I've mostly seen comments along the lines of "she looks good but she doesn't look like her". Later on I saw some other pictures from the same event where it's more clear who she is.

  13. Good to know you've found some make-up that works for you and doesn't break the bank
    Renee Zelwegger – of course, whatever she has had done is entirely up to her, but naturally people will comment, because she looks like a completely different person. I wouldn't have recognised her. That isn't just ageing, or minor tweaking, and it isn't that she looks unattractive, it's just that she no longer looks like herself. Which is a shame. xxx

  14. I find that I grow tired of expensive make-up at about the same rate as drugstore make-up, so I figure why not go with the drugstore make-up?

    As to Renee — the last time I saw her she looked much heavier than she'd been before and now she looks like she's lost some weight, overall I think she looks pretty good and not like she's had major surgery. To be honest, I don't care if she's had surgery.

    If you want to call out sexism — when was the last time you saw an NFL football player 10 years past their prime? Talk about sorry looking ex-celebrities!

  15. I've been using a Clinique CC cream that I've like a lot, but that mousse looks pretty good! I like double duty products with moisturiser and sunscreen. I wish everyone would leave Renee alone. She just looks mostly older and thinner to me… And like maybe she got her brows lifted. Which I think is actually considered a medical procedure in some cases.

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