Visible Monday #132: How To Tame Your Lion

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Teal and white lions, why not? I found this blouse on ASOS, at one of their clearance sales. It’s so cheerful and as I approach Little Old Cat Lady status, it fits my vibe. I wore my denim pencil skirt, Tsubo booties and ubiquitous green bangle. But the lions are the stars:

Every fashion shoot needs a chewed-up birdie cat toy.
The big scary kind of cat.

Now, show us what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Wow Patti you have a lot of people linking up!
    This blouse is so pretty , I love it when you go out a bit your out of your usual self- You always choose right for you !



  2. Thanks for sharing & being part of the fashion show – & chuckling about the little old lady w/ the cat deal, as that is me, now, too πŸ˜‰

  3. would have never guessed that there are lions on your shirt. But such a cool and fresh print! Lovely and it works so well with your taint and hair!!!

  4. An old cat lady is a great thing to be if the cat in question is a lion – no messing with that. Although I am sure that bird would not be so whole. I love the pattern! Thanks so much, as always, for hosting!

  5. That top is gorgeous – love the color and print!! Thanks for hosting the link up!

  6. Our Lion Queen! Please tell me you've worn this with skinnies and flats or bootlegs with heels as well! Adorbs in every way. You should wear this every time you think you can get away with wearing it again! A different kind of "animal print".
    That is an unsusal photo bomb … kittehs must have loved how fabulous you look so much that they laid their toy at your feet in tribute!
    Thanks again, Patti, for your ever-admirable hosting. What would we do without you!

  7. Loving the blouse! I have a perfect pattern for this, just need such cute fabric!

  8. I am all about lions too this morning, ahhhhhhhhhh How crazy is that?

  9. Love the print on that blouse Patti! Lovely. Could see it being 'Summerized' a bit more too, you could wear it with shorts (you've got cracking legs!) x

  10. What a fun blouse. I love both the cats and the colour, and the pop from the green bracelet is perfect. My goodness, I must rush out and buy a chewed up birdie toy. How could I have been so remiss?! Excellent prop!

  11. I like the big cat blouse – England's football shirt has three lions on the chest so good to see you showing your World Cup support!

  12. This is such a fun top – the pattern is fun and cut is pretty fun too.

  13. Well, I am a sucker for a print top! Especially a blue one. I really like this outfit and that blouse is definitely one of the reasons why. So cute. : )

  14. Hi Patti, thanks for having us! It's fun to see all the new faces since I haven't been around in so long. I missed all of the contact and inspiration from blogging. πŸ˜‰

  15. What a pretty blouse, Patti! The lions are of course the stars of it but I like the colour and the design as well.

  16. That blouse really suits you, both the color and the fun vibe. I still love those booties with the black tights, one of my favorite looks!

  17. I love the pattern and colour of the top. Very retro inspired which of course I love.

    Ha ha…keeping it real with the cat toy. ; ) At least it's not a sex toy! HA! That might just be too real ; P


  18. That is a lovely blouse and I always love a conversational print. Blue is definitely one of your best colours Patti. Gorgeous.

  19. Very regal, but light-hearted – lions and daisies! Good color for you, too.

    Now, I wonder where I can buy a chewed up cat toy for my next outfit photo…

  20. Little old Cat Lady Status, now that makes me laugh. But, if it gets you to buy and wear such a fun and perfect blouse for summer, then I'm totally jumping on board with being an Old Cat Lady myself. What a great find, love that blue and fit of the blouse, it works so well paired with your pencil skirt but I'm sure it looks just as cute paired with some jeans.

  21. This is such a lovely photo of you – you hair looks fabulous like that. You look wonderful in this blouse. What a playful print and it's a lovely shape too. As Spashionista has said you have avoided it looking too girly by clever choices of the skirt and boots. It would look great with dark denim jeans too.

  22. Oh that's so fetching on you, Patti. The color, the style, and of course, the print! And the green bangle is the perfect touch – you wild thang.

  23. I love your top Patti, great colour and print. You look lovely.

  24. You do make me giggle- chewed up bird toy indeed!!!! (In my case it would be a discarded hanky!)
    The top is super! In my favourite shade- the lions are classy and proud!
    You look super visible and pretty today!x

  25. Oh, everyone looks so lovely, and so do you in that radiant turquoise, Patti! Your hair is looking awesome, by the way – love the colour.

  26. ASOS always has the coolest things! Love that print but love even more those Tsubos. Been seeing those pop up a lot on the blogoverse but they're a bit beyondmy price range at the mo'. See you tomorrow for my linkup contribution.

  27. Patti, what a gorgeous print! Loving the lions, and the pretty colour. Beautiful hair too! xxx

  28. Lovely look Patti, the cut and the print of your top is so cute! Very nice πŸ™‚ xxx

  29. Hey, great hair styling today? Have you choosen the pipe-cleaner-methode? πŸ˜‰
    Have a good time and thanks for the possibility to share my outfit.

  30. There's something so cheerful about that top. I love how you made it age-appropriate by pairing it with dark denim and a neutral boot. It's a great look for you; brava!


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