What I Wore: Blank Slate

I wanted to show off my secondhand finds, but I stopped before I was fully cooked today. One of my co-workers said “I didn’t recognize you – you look so plain!”

I do think the silk blouse (from a local consignment shop, $6) has lovely details. The ink wool blend trousers are by Etcetera, a pricey brand (new here), and I found them on the fifty cent rack at Molly Mutt Thrift. Score.

But my work friend was right; this outfit’s a blank slate crying out for accessorizing. Next time, I’ll add a short necklace and some colorful shoes. Any suggestions from you are most welcome!

Nothing wrong with this look, it’s just a work in progress.

Have the best day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. Well, you look beautiful, elegant and classy, Patti, of course you do, but yes, I think some splashes of colour are required – shoes or jewellery. xxx

  2. I say "simple, understated, elegant"…but certainly not plain! Debbie @ ilovemylemonadelife.com

  3. If you feel good in your outfit that's all that matters! You certainly look gorgeous. x

  4. The blouse is beautiful and the outfit looks lovely on you. I agree that colourful shoes and/or colourful necklace would be a different look and just as nice.

  5. You don't need to add much!! The shirt is beautiful, and your hair and makeup look perfect. Maybe a shot of color with the shoe, although an open-toe shoe with a bright nail color would do the trick. That and a bracelet or two, maybe. I think you look wonderful. XXOO

  6. I think that blouse holds its own with its cool asymmetric design, so the outfit doesn't really need much else. Well, maybe some colorful shoes. : )

  7. lol – love this idea. You want "plain", well, here's VANILLA!

  8. I think that there are days when a blank slate is good and that we should not always accessorize. This is a classic look and adding anything at all, should also be a classic item. Perhaps only a pair of gold hoop earrings.

  9. Well I beg to differ Patti, this look is beautiful as is. I love the clean lines, the detail on the shirt and the simplicity and minimal look of the outfit. Your hair and make up 'lift' the look and stop it from being bland. Of course you could add a necklace or earrings but really this perfection in my books.

  10. A marvelous almost choker style necklace – but rather flashy would look great with the outfit. You've got great blonde hair/light skin but the all white blouse is just a bit draining by itself. You always look marvelous, just needs a tad of color between your blouse and your smiling face! (all this – IMHO – humble !_ Thank you always for the great blog and the group of us gals who also interact with Monday

  11. I have been on the white/cream blouse brigade for a few months now, and I approve of this shirtage. Maybe next time, ALL white! (all the cool kids are doing it). Really shock her.

  12. The lines of the outfit look really great on you and it does look like you but unfinished. That's a really good reminder for me because I often forget the accessories and struggle to find what I am comfortable with. I think you are right and colourful shoes and some colourful jewelry would be a good idea but I think you can still keep it fairly subtle, like a short necklace that matches or complements the shoe colour perhaps.

  13. I like it just as it is…I would not change a think…it is chic and stylish. I love it on you.

  14. Glad you like my advice and it was sweet of you to comment on my appearance. Thank you, been there and back.
    Cheers, M-T

  15. I just love this blouse on you. In fact, the whole outfit is chic and classic. Those lovely cuffs bring attention to your hands, so some great rings would set them off nicely. If you do a necklace, do something small and close to your neck (no pearls, please….too much of a classic good thing) like a strip of leather (saddle leather would be lovely) with a great piece of murano glass jewelry attached. Not-too-large hoop earrings in gold or silver, depending on what works best w/your skin tones. With the cut of the trousers, you need a heeled shoe or wedge.

  16. I wouldn't add much besides earrings.
    Every wardrobe needs a blouse that can stand alone. When you're late getting out of the house or everything is in the laundry you put that on and off you go.

  17. ah, ok…they keep the AC turned very low here in Arizona – in other words, most places have it set to no colder than 78, due to the cost of electricity. Most people keep their homes at 80. I'm a wimp from Massachusetts, so I keep mine at 79 or 78.

  18. I spend nearly every minute in air conditioning! In fact, my office is icy.

  19. I just don't know how you can wear a long sleeved shirt and WOOL PANTS in Florida! I find the heat + humidity there in summer worse than the heat here in Arizona.

  20. I LOVE that blouse! I always wear jewelry (I SELL vintage jewelry), so I would add chandelier earrings OR a pendant necklace that nestles in the throat, and a big ring. That's it. And yeah, an interesting shoe would be good, too.

  21. I like this outfit as is, it's so elegant and sophisticated. I wouldn't add to it. If you DO add to it, I would imagine an entirely different vibe, also great, but different.

  22. Yeah, a fun necklace, or scarf, or shoes… Even a fun purse would some excitement. So funny she called you out about about being plain lolzzzzz She's used to you really bringing it!

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