Visible Monday #129: Last Gasp For Black

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I just posted yesterday about leaving my black clothes behind in anticipation of hot days ahead. But I couldn’t resist a swan song, with this black and navy outfit. And it is cold in my office, I gotta say. I keep a portable heater and a wrap in there!

This knit top has fun detail at the back. I bought it at Ross, but don’t know the maker (similar). The denim skirt is from Old Navy (similar), a real go-to piece that works all year and for most occasions. Medium blue tights add a scrap of color.

I love this locket, purchased at a vintage store in the East Village for about $12. Isn’t it strange how much affection we can have for the least costly items in our closets? Can’t buy me love, no.

The skirt is really dark denim, but shows black here.
Woo-hoo, a view from the rear!

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Love your top Patti, you can style it so many different ways πŸ™‚

  2. Late. Again. And sorry, yet again. Thank you for all, Patti, but special thanks for leaving it open just a little for us latecomers.
    You look so chic in this combo. Black, cobalt and a peep of white … our modern leading lady scores again! Every element works like a charm. I'm playing with some black this summer … join me?

  3. Late to the party πŸ™ but I still wanted to sneak in. Love your dress and locket. Yes, some of my favorite finds have been crazy low prices! ~An

  4. Doesn't everyone look fabulous this week! And I love that top. What an interesting back it has. Love it! Thanks so much for hosting xxx

  5. That is the coolest top, Patti. Very chic indeed. I'll have to remember that in my refashioning arsenal…

  6. I love the detail on the back of your sweater; it's such an unexpected surprise! And I can't resist a great Beatles reference. Thanks for getting that little ditty stuck in my head πŸ™‚

  7. Very chic top! I adore lockets! I have a simple silver inexpensive one that (I made) X-man buy me when we were teens and it's my fav πŸ™‚

  8. I gasped at the sight of you in this fabulous frock Patti! You look fantastic and I adore the tights and booties. It's true, I seem to give the most love to things that have cost me just a couple of bucks too. Don't you hate it when they chill offices so much? So happy Visible Monday is getting so much love:) xoxo

  9. A very classy outfit. It does look like black on my computer. Great detail on the back of the top. Love those blue tights with it. And *wolf whistle* look at those gorgeous legs!!

    β™₯ carmen

  10. LOVE this outfit Patti!!! You look faaaabulous! Very slightly 80s, but for all the right reasons πŸ™‚

    Catherine x

  11. I love your outfit, the colors, the details, you look gorgeous Patti.

    Joly Look

  12. What a great sweater…I love the back.
    I wear black all year long and just bought a thin black tee I plan on wearing a lot this summer.
    Your hair is looking so great!

  13. I'm a first timer at Visible Monday! Found your link at Over 50 Feeling 40. Just noticed that I made my title too long. Hope people are interested in the fact that I am "Jumping on the Spring Trend Ba" ha ha. Blogging is SO humbling! Thanks for providing this opportunity to share!

  14. I just wore summer black yesterday! Didn't get a chance to photograph and post it, unfortunately.

  15. Wow! Love that sexy little slash down your back. Gorgeous! x

  16. Beautiful Patti, you are looking ever so Slim and Elegant in that Tunic Sweater Dress. Love the peek-a-boo back. The dark blue tights look lovely with it.

    I linked up not one but 2 Visible Posts for you today. =) I'd love for you to check out both of them. Thanks and Happy Cinco de Mayo Monday!! <3 Ada.

  17. LOVE the back of this! You always do have a lovely element of surprise up your sleeve.

  18. Glad to join you another week, dear Patti.
    Always glorious.
    love and sunshine

  19. Patti, you look great! King would say that regardless of the weather, or the is 'in'. Hope to link up with VM before the deadline. I'm having photo delays due to the incessant rain here.

  20. It's a beautiful swan song, Patti- but there is always summer black! I hope you don't mind but I linked up today- not an outfit but an inspirational dresser/shopper/superstar!

  21. I love the detailing on the back of your top! I like wearing lighter colors in the summer, but I have a black cardigan and a black blazer that I leave at work. It's cold in y office all year long!

  22. Love that top! Simple yet elegant. And that denim skirt looks like my holy grail of denim skirts- knee length and pencil shape. Don't know why I've had such a hard time finding one. Also love that you're visible coming and going!

  23. Patti- Love your look – beautiful as usual! Today is my first time joining the link up – so glad to have found you!

  24. This looks great and it seems classic Patti. I was really anxious to put away black for the season and pretty much did so a couple of weeks ago. A pair of black flats sneak into my outfits once in awhile but I have put the black sweaters and skirts to the back of my closet. Having done that I spot people, such as yourself, still wearing black and think oh that looks good. Maybe I should not totally abandon it for the season.

  25. Love your top Patti, its very beautiful and it looks great on you. Thanks for hosting. XO.

  26. What a cool blouse – I love the shape and the slashes of white! Will be linking up shortly! Thanks as always for hosting, Patti!

  27. That's a nice little peek-a-boo. And you looking like the model that you are. I love black all year round. It sets off colorful accessories so well.

  28. Patti, I love this outfit. Great silhouette and black and blue together is a wonderfully stylish combination. And the dark colours offset your beautiful blonde hair. Just gorgeous.

  29. You look fantastic, Patti! I used to think I didn't like Ross clothes (without ever really shopping there), but since trying it I always find lots of things I like.
    I wait sooooo long for our short warm weather season…and then happens? Then our office is cold and I have to take cardigans to wear over my cute summery outfits I am so excited to FINALLY get to wear. haha

  30. That top is super fun! Is there only the cut-out in the back or on the sides as well? Because is that a sliver of white I see on the side? Regardless, it's a fabulous ensemble to use as a swan song although I'm with Pam – I wear black all year long! See ya tomorrow with my linkup for Vis Monday!

  31. How true that very often the pieces in our wardrobe that we love most weren't very pricey at all!

  32. Brightly coloured tights just do great things to an outfit. Love the surprise detail on the back of the top. Thanks, as always, for hosting Patti. x

  33. Interesting back detail! Many thrifting trips have definitely taught me that some of the best loved items don't cost big bucks!

  34. The tights look brighter than navy! That dress is seriously gorgeous on you, the back-detail is super cute too!x

  35. You look fab, Patti ! I love your top and I do agree with you on the love we have for some not expensive items we have in our closet…I always say I have feelings towards my own things ! Kisses and thank you for hosting Visible Monday ! xoxo

    Fashion and Cookies

  36. What a cool top! With those boots and the denim skirt, you look like a denizen of the East Village – total street cred. I love lockets. I have one I almost never wear, but now maybe I'll remember it.

  37. You look very elegant and chic with just the right touch of fun!

  38. I've been seeing those swing back sweaters and tees all over the place this season. They are so flattering and versatile. Love how you paired it with the pencil skirt. I think this would be a great piece to through on in the summer evenings.

  39. Back details are all the rage this spring/summer. Love the statement leg!

  40. Ooh, I like the alternative view, Patti! That top has a real Mod 1960s flavour, very cool. And you have great legs!
    I've linked my girls (or most of them, couldn't quite fit everyone in the crop) for my photo this time – visible, beautiful and loads of fun! xxxx

  41. What a very classy outfit! I'm going to use you as my role model tomorrow and let my hair do its own thing instead of trying to straighten it… should save me a lot of time getting ready, too.

  42. Ξ™t's always nice to have little details at the back of a outfit. We usually care about the front part and neglect our backs. Thanks again for the opportunity you give us.

  43. Love that outfit Patti! I love nave and black together ! You look absolutely gorgeous πŸ™‚
    Hugs Beata

  44. You look beautiful, as always, Patti…I could NEVER give up black, tho…

  45. First of all, your hair looks fantastic! It always does, but it really looks amazing this week! I love the detailing on that sweater – black is my favorite color and it's the details I love the most πŸ™‚ Great outfit and looks fabulous on you!

  46. You look gorgeous, Patti…your hair and makeup are beautiful! I confess…I wear black all year long, but you picked a great look to go out on!!

  47. I love navy and Black together! Done right this color combination can look so luxurious – and you definitely did it right, Patti!


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