Visible Monday #110: Drunken Zebra

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Here’s a sassy Saturday outfit for an afternoon movie (chilly in there). The knit maxi skirt is via Old Navy; it’s not an heirloom piece but it’s great for running around town.

The blouse I love: I found it at Monk Vintage Thrift Shop in Greenwich Village, for $10. I could have sworn it was silk, but it’s polyester.That’s OK with me, because I am a truly lazy laundress. The pattern resembles a drunken zebra, or confused piano keys. It’s actually designed with long tails in front for tying. Happy thrifter, me!

My Colour of Cocktail sandals are getting a lot of mileage. Ditto my trusty green bangle.

Inside the Monk. Just drop me there for a couple of hours . . .

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. haha…drunken zebra. God, you are too funny! Thanks so much for including the link to Monk – I actually hang out on McDougal St, like, all the time – it's my #1 favorite go-to in NYC, and I can't believe I never noticed Monk before! I'm SO checking it out next time I'm in the area πŸ™‚

  2. I could spend hours in that shop, it looks such a treasure trove.
    Love that funky shirt and the subtle but sexy tie at the front. x

  3. I was sure I left you a comment yesterday evening (Dutch time), but I didn't log in with D.
    Again then… The blouse is lovely and a very good buy. And I am glad to see your lovely shoes again.
    Had some trouble linking up to Visible Monday on my own blog yesterday. But that is fixed. Linking up.

  4. Oh Patti!! I keep trying to comment on your outfit, but I get totally distracted by all the fabulous blogs I want to explore. This Visible Monday thing you've created is AMAZING!!! I wish I had more time. I must say that I love your narrow maxi. I love them and have several I think I'll wear forever. Love the graphic shirt with the green bangle, too.

  5. Hi Patti,

    Your blouse is gorgeous and what a great price for it. The whole outfit is so cool.

  6. Hey, Patti! Pretty blouse … I thought first about piano keys, but so see the Drunken Zebra. So cute, as always. About a bazillion ways to wear it. (I see you channeling Audrey this winter in black skinnies or tights, this shirt untucked, and little black flats or loafers.) What a happy buy!
    Thanks again for asking us all over!

  7. Excellent find! I'm finding myself drawn back more and more to simple black, white, and grey pieces. Color is wonderful, but neutrals will always hold my heart.

  8. I love the description of confused piano keys! Beautiful top! The fabric looks very luxe and the top looks great tied over that maxi skirt.

  9. Oh, Patti, I would love to be dropped off at that store for a couple of hours too!! I am also a lazy laundress. LOL. And deja vu, I just posted about something that's easy to run about town in.


  10. Hi Patti!
    Ah, the joys of thrifting! I go in with an open mind, since I never know what I may come across. Love your blouse ~ I'm really beginning to like animal prints. Your skirt looks really comfortable!

  11. I love that blouse, its cool how it has the zebra print going in different directions. Great score.


  12. Hi Patti, you look pretty good for a dronken zebra haha. Great find. Lovely to see those nice shoes again.
    I have to create the link on my blog to Visible Monday tomorrow morning. Computer is down and editing does not work on my iPad. Grrrr.

  13. Love the print. We were thinking along the same lines with our posts. My dress is from Old Navy. Old Navy is a great place to get the basics at a reasonable price and snazz up with great finds.

  14. The title of your blog post made me smile, its the perfect name choice for your blouse – I mean that in a nice way though!

  15. I love your crazy zebra. But wow! Doesn't that shop look like the best thing ever. Two hours at least. Thanks so much for hosting once again.

  16. Hi Patti-Really loving your zebra top, it's a lovely find and goes great with your maxi skirt! Have a good week xx Sharon (sorry if this is duplicated, I'm having trouble leaving a message! Not sure if my previous one has gone through or not!)

  17. Hi Patti-your zebra blouse was a really lovely find and it goes so well with that maxi skirt! Have a great week xx Sharon

  18. Hi Patti-love this zebra top, what a great find and it goes so well with your maxi skirt! Have a great week xx Sharon

  19. I think you must float in this outfit, it's so silky (polyestery) dreamy. I love the little pops of colour and the front tie.

  20. Good morning pretty Patti, lovely drunken Zebra…
    In this store I would spend many hours ..
    Thanks for hosting. Have a great week πŸ™‚

  21. Patti, I love that blouse too, plus I love your creative description of it. You are the queen of thrift shopping. I actually adore the entire outfit, it is definitely one I would borrow or copy from head to toe.

  22. Patti, the title of this blog post cracked me up! Give that zebra another martini, it looks great!

  23. Monk Vintage Thrift looks like a place I'd like to visit on my next NYC trip. The 'drunken zebra' is quite the find and looks great with the maxi. Very visibly vibrant!

  24. Love your Outfit!! very stylish and comfortable!!

    I found you at Pam's!

    2013 Designer Series

  25. What a fantastic 'put together' looking outfit for running around town. Love the 'drunken zebra' description too! It made me smile. πŸ™‚

  26. I just love these long soft grey skirts. Aren't they just the most comfortable practical thing ? I have one from Marshall's. Love the tie top with it.

  27. What a great blouse on you, you look beautiful. I will have to check out that shop next time I'm in the Village. I am going to attempt to join your Visible Monday party for the first time. I hope I do the link-up correctly!

  28. Such a cute blouse. I would have snatched that right up, too, for $10. I don't mind polyester at all when it's mimicking silk. Easy to care for and durable.

  29. The blouse is a good find and I'm all for polyester too! Animal print looks great with so many things and I love your shoes!

    blue hue wonderland

  30. Hi Patti!
    That is a nice piece, this is so versatile!
    I will have to remember Monk in GV when I go to NY!
    Happy Visible Day and you are splendid my friend!

  31. How I envy your ability to wear a maxi – especially that one! I love the shirt as well. It works perfectly with the skirt. πŸ˜‰
    I went to the movies this weekend, too. I wonder if we both saw the same movie?


  32. The print on the blouse is fabulous, Patti, and the soft shape and tie-front are very you. You look long and lean and lovely – with great shoes!
    I would LOVE to go shopping with you in the Monk – since it's named after me, they should give me a free gift, right?! xxxx

  33. I love the outfit!!! The blouse is just stunning–what a super deal!

  34. Patti, I can't believe my eyes. Seriously! I discovered and hunted down a vintage drunken zebra blouse last week and it came in the mail yesterday! When I saw your drunken zebra blouse I was thinking, how did she find a vintage shirt like mine!!!!?? πŸ™‚ You look awesome! xoxo

  35. Love that top. I just bought a pair of zebra ankle boots on sale. Loving anything zebra right now.

  36. I really like this blouse a lot, Patti…would love to visit your thrift store…hope to get to NYC someday soon! Very stylish!

  37. Patti,
    Your posts always get me motivated to go to the thrift stores! You find the most wonderful pieces at killer prices, even in the big cities, where I would expect things to cost way more. Looking beautiful, as always!

  38. Love it all – you loook great! I also have a zebra print shirt I must wear more often!

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