“When In Doubt I Wear . . . “

I think most of us have outfits and pieces we rely on when we’re style-stressed. That is, for example, when:

  • Yikes, the alarm didn’t go off on time.
  • Upon your entering the house, your S.O. says “We’re meeting my parents for dinner.”
  • You have a cold and know your nose is red.
  • It’s one of those hair days, and a head-wrap is the only solution.
  • And more.

We need wardrobe items that we just know make us look better, feel comfortable and don’t require a lot of strategy. Pieces that give us a boost because of their color, fabric, shape and/or fit. Here are a few of mine:

  • Broken-in jeans. I have a couple of pair of superbly comfortable jeans. For me, that means slightly loose, straight-legged and sans bling.
Like these, from GAP (no heels though).
  • Black or gray soft V-neck sweater. Just enough of a vee to show a bit of camisole. Loose around the arms, sleeves above the wrist.
Something simple, like this one, also from GAP. I have cotton and wool versions.
  • Either a pair of gold hoop earrings or a favorite pendant. Wedding ring, and no other jewelry.

And for an office day:

One-stop dressing, and wash it in the washing machine.
  • Or a pull-on knit maxi skirt, plus black silk tee.
  • Either a pair of gold hoop earrings or a favorite pendant. There’s a pattern, yeah?
This one resembles the beauty I bought at Bella’s shop.
  • Booties! I wear them every day for about half the year, and I never tire of them.
These Vince Camuto booties would make me feel well-dressed on any given occasion.

Nothing can fit too tightly, or rub me anywhere, or need ironing (what?) or skillful accessorizing. Fortunately, dressing can be this easy as long as I keep the staples in my closet, and in good condition.

Over to you, savvy dressers: when it doubt . . . what do you wear?

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  1. Let's see, lately my when-in-doubt outfit uniform has consisted of some kind of denim (often skinny jeans), a blouse in a black-and-white print and red accessories. Lets me get away with wearing yet more black but still keeping a bit of color 🙂

  2. You look glorious in that pink Gala by Karina! I think you make a good point about clothes not rubbing the wrong way- especially on a day you wake up late! xo!

  3. It's faded, flared jeans, vintage style Lucchese cowboy boots, a long sleeved peasant blouse, big hoop earrings and at least two necklaces. I do have several Keef type head wraps for "those hair days".

  4. Cute boots! I wear lots of different styles so my stress day looks vary. Straight leg jeans, chucks, v neck and a blazer are my most go to look though. 🙂

  5. Lovely items. It all depends of course what you have to do. Favourites of mine are my tuxedo for diners (lots of space in the trousers). Or my beloved black skinnies (make every top look good) etc etc. I have a lot of favourites haha.

  6. Almost anything I've made because I'm always comfortable in my pieces. They are always soft and stretchy, usually oversized, and just make me feel good. That being said, I'm partial to long skirts and loose tops that I tuck in just in the front. I throw on my silver jewelry and I'm done once I slide into some sandals or boots. I like your staples, too. I was envisioning you, looking good in them, as I read this!!

  7. I have had my eye on those booties for a while. I like them in the sand color – would be great for fall!
    I wear either boyfriend jeans, a slouchy tee with a belt and oxfords or black shorts with a button down shirt and a pair of gladiators.

  8. Heh. Knowing me, something grey or black. It's much easier for me to phone it in in winter, for some reason, although I've been going to the long-sleeved tee + hippie skirt combo a lot this summer.

  9. When in doubt, I wear a dress. Unless I might be walking around or needing to move and then I wear trousers with a soft comfortable shirt or tunic. Ohhh those boots Patti! Dangerous links ahead. Glad they're outside my budget, but boy I'm oogling!

  10. A dress! Instant polish, no need to fuss with matching tops and bottoms, just pop on a dress, a pair of shoes and some earrings and I'm good to go. (Ideally said dress doesn't need ironing and doesn't cling.)

  11. Depending on the season. Summer and warm weather holidays, dresses and skirts with a tunic. when in Scotland, skinny jeans and boots…most of the year unfortunately, but when the weather permits, I love shorts!

  12. For me it's a white tee shirt, a cardigan or shirt with sleeves rolled up, pearls, skinny jeans and ballet flats.

  13. I like this post and in times of 'style stress' my favourites are – straight leg jeans, a grey marl t-shirt and a tailored jacket.

  14. Like Sheila, a dress is always easiest for me, because it's just the one piece! Boots and a hat in winter, sandals and a hair flower in summer, my usual rings and bangles which are standard, I wear them every day, and I'm good to go! Getting dressed shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming, we all need easy, go-to outfits which make us feel good, every day! xxxx

  15. Hi Patti – fun post. For me it would be a really comfy skirt or pair of jeans and a tshirt. Not really inspired eh? For me the details would then be in the jewelry and shoes..

  16. Dresses! and probably a pair of killer Fluevogs, or some kitten heels. Jeans are never a go-to for me. For jewelry, probably my giant gold hoops.

  17. Whichever jeans are fitting me best on that particular week, nice button down shirt, a jacket if the weather requires it or if I know the restaurant will be cold with blasting a/c, and a neutral pair of shoes (heels perhaps) watch and wedding ring. Always best to keep things simple. xox

  18. Dark wash jeans, a silky tee, a longer knit jacket and BOOTS! Big hoop earrings too. It's good to have a uniform. 🙂

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