What I Wore: Big Trousers!

When I first wore these pegged trousers, many of you suggested I try them with a tucked-in top, to show off the details. I hear and I obey. ☺ 

Today I wore these ASOS trousers with an old Anne Klein print blouse. I think the look is good, but not the very best for my long torso. It’s a l-o-n-g walk from my waist down to my lower hip.

Wearing the blouse un-tucked is better for my proportions, but risks looking a little mumsy. I went half the day tucked, then freed my blouse after lunch. I’m OK with both, but prefer a true slim tunic top with these pants.

I am not ambivalent about the cool shoes by Colour of Cocktail – love these. Ditto my rose pendant from Bella’s Etsy shop. I get an “A” in accessories!

Guitar growing out of head: optional accessory.
Runs the risk of dowdy, if not for the killer sandals.

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Have a marvelous weekend!

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  1. I have never seen you look dowdy. Ever. (And I have the long torso thing, too. It can make tucking into pants so very tricky.

  2. Hey. Shades of grey are my favourites at the moment too. And some color spots. Great. Have a good time.

  3. I agree with your fashion "consultants"–You and your pegged pants look fabulous with the blouse tucked in. Hmmm! I never tuck in. Maybe I should consider it. Thanks.

  4. I much prefer it tucked in. We all have our hang-ups and we all know what to emphasize or hide. But honestly I don't see a long torso when the top is tucked in. I see a very well put together, modern woman. Love this look on you. And you are right, the shoes are terrific. Spotted them right away.

  5. I am in the tuck camp! Patti, you have the most gorgeous figure, and tucking in really shows off your long legs and small waist. I have a long torso too, and find creating a higher waist through tucking and/or belting evens out my proportions a bit. (I have to be careful not to look all boob though…) Enough about me – I love these trousers on you, and the flats are really pretty. Dowdy, my arse! xxxx

  6. Love that blouse! My preference is definitely tucked in, with une femme in that I think you look more balanced. Great shoes!

  7. If you are short-waisted (like me) I would think that high-waist trousers would look smashing on you, especially loose-fitting ones with a crisp front pleat. Worn with platform shoes barely visible under the hemline your legs would look a mile long. Just thinking out loud…
    I like this outfit and the second styling looks really breezy and still gorgeous. Fantastic sandals. (I'm on a blogger break, shouldn't be here, heh) I need a headpiece like that!

  8. I need to get one of those guitar head pieces! You look great! ~Ann at Tarnished Royalty

  9. I think I like it tucked in, you have a great figure. Your sandals are adorable.

    blue hue wonderland

  10. Patti. It is extremely difficult to make you look dowdy. Both looks are fab.

  11. I like the top out look better. Perhaps tucking in scares me as I have an apple shape. And a very short waist, so at my current size,tucking in makes me look very,very lumpy. All boobs and gut. I can pretend the bulges aren't so large with top out. lol.

  12. I actually think you look nicely balanced (at least from the angle photographed) with the top tucked in. Either way, that pop of pink on the shoes is fab with the black and white.

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