Visible Monday #105: Summer Whites, Redux

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I have done the all-white route before, and I do love it for Florida summer.  This time I wore a crisp white shirt with my thrifted Banana Republic skirt (similar). When I say “crisp”, I mean it’s a blend of cotton and polyester that “never needs ironing” (similar). That’s how I roll. ☺

I added a graphic pink scarf for a belt and my emerald bangle, thrifted in NYC and therefore to be cherished. I did put some sandals on before leaving the house, although I didn’t do much to tame the hair. The hair does what it will, you cannot defeat the hair.

I like red lipstick with all-white looks, it makes a nice contrast.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Missed your Visible Monday, but you were looking splendid. All white with that sash in the middle. Lovely. Your hair (always nice) was looking extremely good that day.

  2. Patti, you are radiant and glowing in this look. I love you in white, and your hair!

  3. So cool here. I love your white with the red lipstick and bare feet! Too bad we must wear our shoes, sometimes they look great just carried non-chalantly over our shoulder (emphasis on the non-chalant part).

  4. Patti! You look so lovely in white with the pretty pink-peach touch at the waist. Tiny girls like you wear white so well … lucky you! And thank you for your helpful advice about Disqus … I'm a convert! Have a wonderful week.

  5. You are a braver woman than I to wear all white. I'm too much of a slob πŸ™

    I envy you for your curly mane.

  6. Cool white outfit, very refreshing. Your curly wavy hair looks beautiful. Polyester and cotton is great blend.

  7. Very breezy and elegant! Your hair looks especially pretty. I've also got similar hair that does as it pleases. I no longer try to tame it much.

  8. Sometimes I think you might be one of my sisters from another mother, when I find that we are both discussing the same topics in a post. This time, it's untamed hair. Although yours makes you look like a movie star. I love, love, love this photo.

  9. Movie star beauty…and I'm talkin' back in the day when our icons had that certain panache, such as you do Patti. You look lovely, and I can practically hear the surf.

    Sue xo

  10. You look so lovely out in the daylight! Love the whites. Seems quintessentially Floridian to me. Love the touches of colour as well. They make it. Thanks so much for hosting again this week.

  11. I love crisp white shirts whether it's tees, tanks or button ups. The white on white is a nice look. πŸ™‚

  12. such a fresh and summery outfit, love that red lipstick, you're gorgeous!!!

  13. Wonderful in your white and bare feet splendour, dear Patti.
    So glad to join you another week.

  14. Hey you look that cute angain. I love white clothes and red lipsticks anyway.
    Have a good time.

  15. fresh and gorgeous, beautiful hair and smile and soul! doesn't get any more beautiful! x

  16. I love your hair and honestly, that's the way I'd like to have mine. You look so fresh and pretty in this white outfit. The graphic print belt, the green bangle and the red lipstick make nice contrast to the look.

  17. I love your hair, all these pretty curls! Awsome!
    Your white outfit is wonderful for summer and your red lips fits perfect!
    Great.. no shoes! πŸ˜‰

    Dana, Germany

  18. Now it's the perfect time to go the all white route. You go it gorgeously! I love the white shirt and it's look of a man's shirt. I go the same route today.

  19. White with red lipstick is cool in summer.

    Dear Patti, thanks for the outfit-party every week. Thanks for hosting. I'm still new, but I feel good there and the look at all the different looks make me happy πŸ™‚

  20. Oh, Patti, I just love the all white, too. πŸ™‚

  21. Patti, you look gorgeous! Very fresh, and I love the red lipstick on you.

  22. All white looks nice and fresh! I have such a hard time keeping whites white! You look like you have a laundry secret to share with us!

  23. Linking up for the first time, though I've seen Visible Monday mentioned several times by style bloggers I read. I dig your barefoot look. Nothing says summer to me more than bare feet.

  24. I love your hair! Swept from the side looks good – or is it the wind? I realized that I don't have an all-white outfit. I may have to remedy that situation, because yours looks fantastic!

  25. The first thing I thought when I saw your photo was that I loved your hair.

  26. I think your hair looks gorgeous. In fact it is what I try to go for when I let it go curly. Love the all white look for Summer. So fresh looking.

  27. You look amazing!! I am way too messy for all white. Plus, it looks awful with my coloring.

  28. I love your hair! All those pretty curls…
    White with white a bold move but it works on you so well. If you ever want to part with that skirt, let me know πŸ˜‰
    Happy – almost – Monday! xo

  29. Love the all white; it looks fresh and cool! Gutta have it in florida, I would guess~xoxo

  30. Patti I love this crisp white look! So elegant! Especially the pleated skirt and that flash of bright red lipstick. Very fresh and summery and loved how you accessoried here with the lovely billowing scarf as belt. Your hair always looks wonderful!

  31. You look gorgeous in those heavenly whites, the perfect summer outfit I bet it feels wonderful too. Like you I embrace the creased look wardrobe!

  32. Patti, you never fail to brighten my day. Thank you for this fabulous forum. Love the white outfit, the hair, and the red lipstick!! XXOO

  33. Love the all white look (in fact have it on now, but jeans and a t-shirt)! Yours looks amazing & classy and the pale pink scarf/belt adds the perfect touch – pastel and a touch of interest to break up the eye, but still keep it looking and feeling cool. Perfection! Your hair looks gorgeous!

  34. This is such a fresh and pretty outfit, Patti! You look so comfy and gorgeous – love the hair as is.

  35. I love it! I've recently become a huge fan of white and the way you're wearing it certainly adds to my enthusiasm. The scarf "belt" really adds your feminine signature to this delicate yet grown up and chic look! πŸ˜‰


  36. Patti, you look so so pretty and chic in your all white outfit! I love the pleated skirt, and your sexy hair and red lipstick are the perfect accompaniments! Now I hope you didn't spill anything….Xxxxx

  37. You have beautiful alive hair, Patti! This look is fresh and lovely. Makes me think of Gwyneth Paltrow in 'The Talented Mr Ripley'. And reminds me to get out the red lipstick.. xx

  38. This is sophisticated summer fashion done well. Both the pleated skirt and the shirt are classics.

    The softness of the belt is a nice contrast to the bold white.

    I love the fact that you took the photo bare foot.


  39. I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours. Love your expression in the picture and the white looks fresh and clean. Plus barefoot looks free to have some summer fun. You look comfortable and in sink with your personal style.

    Sorry I wasn't able to link back to your page the last couple of Sundays. I've been away from my computer and made my links with my ipad and couldn't figure out how to do it!

    blue hue wonderland

  40. Patti, I love that we are on the same wave length today (dressing in all white). Your fun crisp look is very refreshing. My favorite are the bare feet, love it! I will inform you right now that probably by tomorrow I'm going to copy your fun crsip look with my white skirt and blouse and find a scarf for the accent (great idea). Wish I could dito your lovely hair.

  41. Love the white on white – not an easy look to pull off, but you did it!

  42. Patti!! You look gorgeous! I love your hair, the outfit and the setting!! Your prettiest picture yet!

  43. Very cool and smart look – the belt is a great touch, but my favorites are the unteathered hair and bare feet!

  44. Your hair looks beautiful as is…it needs no taming! Love white in the summer and your scarf belt and sentimental bangle just set it off. And about no ironing…I am with you, sister!! Debbie @

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