Visible Monday #98: All-White Before Memorial Day, I’m Doing It

Welcome to Visible Monday #98! If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the easy how-to.

I don’t follow the colors-for-seasons rules. I love ivory in the winter and black in summer. But in Florida, we start summer in April anyway, so – exempt! ☺

This outfit shows we can do all-white without looking the least bit bridal, or Good Humor man. The knife pleated skirt is Banana Republic, thrifted for a few dollars (similar on Etsy). It’s very rustle-y, love that. I replace my white tees a lot, and this is a new one from Target. Thrifted pink sash, green bangle, and my Anne Klein platform sandals (similar) finish off the look. I don’t own any white shoes yet, do you?

Crochet sweater from JCP for the icy cold office, and for modesty with clients.
Happy to report there were no coffee mishaps today.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple!

  1. Whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
  2. Include a link to Not Dead Yet Style somewhere in your post.
  3. Go to the bottom of this post and click on this cute little link:

In the “Next Step”, you crop the pic (easy tool) you want to display, and you’re done!

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  1. I don't think with fashion we have to follow rules anymore, it's all out what you want to wear and your style. I love the white on white, looks so classy on you.

  2. Well, aren't you a vision in white! Patti, thank you once again for hosting.

  3. Love it! Breaking the rules is all the right thing to do with fashion I believe. Looks great. Thanks so much for hosting.

  4. The simplicity of the all-white is fabulous – you just shine in this, Patti! Thank you – as always – for hosting "Visible Monday" – I always think of you when I'm dressing and being "out there."

  5. Yup, you did it, and you did it so well! (Was there any doubt?!) You have a figure, Patti, that looks amazing in all white. So few of us can do that, but you look beautiful and fresh. Smarty pants!
    I'm "on quest" for a specific white sandal … haven't found it yet, but there's the thrill of the hunt. Visible Monday will be the first to see them.

  6. This is a lovely outfit, Patti – so fresh. I get The Fear when wearing my white embroidered shirt – well done for avoiding spillages πŸ™‚

    I did have white sandals, but my feet were so pale they looked strange. I'm more a fan of nude-shades, like your shoes.

  7. You look so beautiful in this! I think anywhere it's hot is definitely exempt from the whole color-for-seasons thing. It's still hot here in October, so there's no way I put away my summer clothes just because it's Labor Day.

  8. SUCH a rebel yet Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!!!!!!! Plus you don't have white shoes .. Nude shoes help this STUPID rule!!!!!!!!!!!! pippa

  9. I love the all white with a splash of color. You wear it well. I don't have any white shoes. I'm too conscious. I wear a size 11 shoe!

  10. Patti, You look so very pretty in white. I love how you have created interest with the different textures and design lines. The crochet sweater is gorgeous, and the sharp edges of the pleated skirt keep everything crisp and fresh looking. I have one pair of white shoes…don't wear them all that often, but I do like them with certain outfits.

    Thanks for hosting Visible Monday!

    Sue xo

  11. Yes to white all year round! You look gorgeous and glowing in your white look.

    That skirt is so beautiful. I hope I can find one like it on one of my thrift shopping adventures!

  12. Lovely, Patti! I mustn't look too long for fear of spilling something on you from here – I admire your coffee-mishap-freedom more mightily than you know. πŸ™‚ Thanks for another awesome Visible Monday!

  13. You look so fresh and pretty in your white on white (and not at all Good Humour man!). I love that open weave sweater. Thanks so much for hosting!

  14. This is one of your best looks, Patti. All White is perfectly Beautiful. I love the Pleated Skirt & OBI Belt. Looking great. =)

  15. You look so beautiful in that lovely white outfit, I love the crinkle skirt and the look is so summery and stunning on you dear Patti.

  16. This all white look is so pretty! Definitely suits you well. Who cares about the Memorial Day rule – let's break rules!! Lovely look!

  17. Bwa-ha-ha, I updated my browser so now I can comment here again!
    I love you in white, not Good Humor or Bride-like at all. (I'd like to see the Bad Humor Man.) And I like how the white contrasts with the temptress behind you, although I know that is an incarnation of you as well.

  18. Patti, I love breaking rules or simply ignoring them as well. I love your white on white today, it's refreshing and classy. I also think you the tan wedges are perfect for this ensemble. I own a few white pairs of shoes but haven't found any new ones for this year.

  19. This is a great look (like always) Patti! I don't normally wear all white myself either but did for Sylvia's 40+ Plus White challenge. I really like how your paired this with the pink belt and your nude heels. I do own white shoes but rarely wear them since they are so stark to me.


  20. Patti, you are soooo cool and sexy here. All-white suits you and I love both looks, with and without the sweater. Also, Visible Monday just continues to grow and be amazing!! Thank you for this platform, both for the weekly discipline it encourages and for the wonderful opportunity for connection that it provides. You are fabulous. πŸ™‚

  21. You look great in this. I'm so jealous of women that can wear all white. It totally washes me out. You are positively radiant in it.

    Also lovin' the wild painting behind you. I guess that is you, the tiger woman ; p

    You might be wearing all white but with that devilish grin it looks like you have been up to something.


  22. I'm not normally a white shoe person, but I own 2 pair- one a comfy and very Celine-esque (read fancy Birkenstocks) white sandals, and some patent white leather wedges- both are cool and have been worn already. I love the skirt on you- somehow it reminds me Great Gatsby style that you need a cloche hat and a long string of pearls.

  23. Love the look (and the mischevious grin) with the sweater.
    I would have stayed white for maybe five minutes. Patterns hide many woes.

  24. Hi Patti!
    I ' m all white as well minus the hat!
    I love all that white on you
    Very pretty

  25. Patti, that knife-pleated skirt is a wonderful find. I am so jealous of your ability to wear white. I rarely wear it because I'm so messy, and there's nothing like a spot on white to trigger a fit of OCD πŸ˜› I've gotten a few inexpensive tops from Target, too, including a white tee with a sheer panel.

    P.S. I will never own a pair of white shoes. I hope…

  26. A lovely, polished look. Are white shoes a thing since I've been away? I haven't owned a pair since my early 20s!

  27. You did white clothing before Memorial Day, and I did white shoes (& accessories). Clearly great minds think alike :).

  28. White becomes you and your red lipstick really finishes off this look. I'm especially taken with the second photo. I have very few white items in my inventory and I think I may need to change this after seeing you 'shine in all-white' today.

  29. The white ensemble is very refreshing. I have some white patent wedges.

  30. Patti you rule breaker! Just kidding–I no longer follow those outdated rules either!

    I agree with replacing your white tees a lot–one of the advantages of a Target–they are so reasonable to replace! xoxo

  31. Love you in all white. So fresh. Plus don't you just love a swingy skirt?

  32. It is a brave woman who can do all white, and therefore you score full marks. Not because of the labour day thing….because of the red wine and spaghetti sauce thing.

  33. I love the fact that nowadays we can wear whatever we want whenever we want! You look great in your all white outfit…but I'm glad that you stopped at the shoes, as your nude platforms are perfect!

  34. Living in Florida I wear white all year. You look terrific in white, especially with the glorious red lips. πŸ˜‰

  35. Love your outfit. I think it was last year that I read but had seen it even earlier, that white is in all seasons. I stopped following the May rule last year. It's a matter of shades and fabrics to pull off white all year. I love white. Love mixing shades of white, too.

  36. All white looks great! White shoes would be overdoing it, so the nude ones look good. Did you see the movie Something's Gotta Give? I loved Diane Keaton's all-white wardrobe – it looked so classy. And she got to date Keanu Reeves! (Too bad she ended up with Jack Nicholson – not my cup of tea.)

  37. wow that outfit looks great on you Patti, all white is hard to pull off! xxxx

  38. I forgot your question – yes, just found a nice pair of comfy white wedges w/ black toe caps and wedge. They look great w/ my b&w dresses!

  39. I like this outfit! I can't wait for next Monday so I can start wearing all my summer whites! I am having so much fun with my spring dresses, I want to wait until Memorial day to break out the summer whites.

  40. You look lovely in your white on white, Patti! This is a beautiful ensemble for you!!

  41. Patti, you look particularly beautiful in these pics. The all-white outfit suits you perfectly, I love the skirt. I don't own much white clothing, partly because I am clumsy and spill a lot, and partly because I think it washes me out, since I am so pale. But I might rethink, after seeing you looking so stunning…
    PS. Next, please could you recreate the look in the artwork behind you? That tigress within needs to be released! xxx

  42. I have white shoes but not much else white–I love it but I'm a dirt magnet. I've been on the search for an eyelet peasant top.
    Love your outfit–so fresh and cool looking!
    And I love the exotic lady looking over your shoulder!

  43. I've been doing white-on-white lately, too – but I love your take on it! You're epitomizing Florida Spring with your flowy skirt and sandals. Once again, you look delicately beautiful.

    I do own white shoes. I also own Mr Clean Magic eraser to clean them! πŸ˜‰

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  44. I LOVE LWDs and yours is gordeous with the pleated skirt! It's the perfect length on you with sleeves, so hard to find these days. You look wonderful!

  45. I've been wearing my white beads, necklaces, etc. I just can't wait until the Memorial Day rule! Love the white. I recently thrifted a similar skirt in a vintage version and I can't wait to wear it. But maybe I won't have to… Debbie @

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